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I have no flipping clue how to start this blog post so I’m going to go simple.


One word. Dragoncon. Hellz yeah I’m going! And to top it off it is my first dragon…con. I’m getting my dragon cherry popped! LoL. Hindsight, maybe I should have started with that. It’s kind of funny. But whatevs.


So for the big awesome fun part of the post: where can you find me? I say we make it a scavenger hunt! Are you in?!? Can YOU DIG IT?!? I think I’m sleep deprived or drank too much coffee. That or I’m running on the fact that a certain person gave me a two and a half hour notice that I was going to be writing this post. Who knows!


I say we do it!


For a prize the winner gets a…$25.00 gift certificate from Visa to spend where ever they like. They still have those right? Plus! A book. Hmmm. How about one of Sascha’s? I bet he would LOVE to donate.

Whatever, you’ll be getting a prize so here we go!

First task: Get a picture with Sascha Illyvich. It’s what cell phones are made for.

Second task: Get Stella Price OR Kiernan Kelly to autograph some part of your body (remember to bring a Sharpie!).

Third task: I will have Vampyre Kisses bookmarks with me, ask me for one.

Fourth task: Go to Stephanie Burke and get a flyer, postcard, bookmark or business card. She should be handing something out for free.

Fifth task: Lastly, get a picture of whoever you think as the best most craziest costume on. If your in it the better if not that’s ok too.

To make it a TAD easy on you, you can find us at these events:

Friday August 31st – 10 PM – WriteSEX/Tantric Tentacles
Saturday September 1st – 10 PM – Kirk’s Communicator – Where should I submit?
Sunday September 2nd – 4 PM  – Down and Dirty Marketing
Sunday September 2nd – 11 PM – BDSM 201
Monday September 3rd – 1 PM – 50 Years, The Future!


Events I will be at for sure:
Saturday September 1st – 4 PM – Vampires, Demons and Werewolves—Oh, My!
Sunday September 2nd – 3 PM – What makes a villain?
Sunday September 2nd – 11 PM – BDSM 201
Monday September 3rd – 12 PM – Steampunk 101

On Monday send me an email with the pictures of all the stuff you got and pictures with people. We will do a drawing that following Saturday and pick a winner out of everyone who got every item on the list.

Editor’s Note – Sascha may donate, but it won’t be a book.  It’ll be something much sexier…if you can catch Sascha.

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