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When I started writing the world for Siddella’s Surrender and Siddella’s Submission, I had to create a bible of sorts for the world. This was a first for me due to the fact that I don’t actually read science fiction or fantasy. In fact, as genres alone they bore me. Usually the parts about too much world building and technicality of things gets in the way of the story along with a dry sense of style many writers have. I prefer the erotic fiction genre for a lot of reasons, mostly the character connections and I suppose in secret I’d admit to being a bit of a pervert!

It was a first and even funnier, the world I created in Siddella’s books was actually created two years ago when I started the Covenant of Wolves series. That book btw is in my agent’s hands right now and should find a home soon I hope! Keep your fingers crossed!

With the help of author Stephanie Burke, I was able to start thinking about rules and how the world itself would work. I don’t know much about the Faery kingdom other than my little magic study but was able to piece things together form research and reading a lot of Laurel K. Hamilton books. I actually LOVE the Merry Gentry series. But to blend a few different genre types together and NOT be able to pull one or the other elements out and still have a story that makes sense was the important thing otherwise I’d piss off the readers of both genres.

Some of my favorite authors are fantasy romance writers. Susan Sizemore is an author on my TBR list but Susan Kearney I’ve read a lot of and her books keep me interested and it’s the lack of details in the world building she has and the strong focus on character growth that pulls me in.

Moon Fever - Featuring Maggie Shane and Susan Sizemore

I was able to create scenarios involving the technology surrounding the new, darker version of the Unseelie kingdom. New angles on BDSM could be utilized even though I’m slowly moving away from BDSM stories as a whole. I could create weather that’s surrealistic in the Unseelie, and I have. The electric snow written about in the first Siddella book is an example of this concept of uber technological advances gone awry in a magical kingdom.

So tell me, do you read dark fantasy erotic romance?

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