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Well, sort of. Finally finished “Forced Pleasure’s second story so I’ll share an excerpt here momentarily. I finished this story last week and am letting it rest with one of my beta readers who understands BDSM very well as she’s a very talented spanking bottom and Scene player. She’s also my handler at DragonCon and someone who even though she doesn’t read romance, I respect her opinion because she reads me 😉

The trouble I had with this story was the pacing in the second piece. The breakdown is this. In Forced Pleasure, Francine is hard at work so much that the stress is killing her and she needs release, preferably from her boss, Micah since her boyfriend Nick (also her Dominant) is out of town. The two toy with each other until Micah discards her. She ends up at the local Goth/BDSM club to lose herself in her body and sexual delights only to meet Gawith. He’s practically a babe to her, at the delicate age of 25. She’s got it on good authority that he loves cougars and she aims to please.

Only her Dom and boss show up to crash the party and resolve things.

In the second story, “Submit to Him” (working title) Gawith’s spent time with Francine, Micah and Nick and are all happy until he meets the submissive woman of his dreams. Also older (slightly younger than Francine) and into more edgier play, she pushes his heart body and soul like no other submissive could. Until the night when things go wrong in a blood play scene and Gawith freaks.

Can he recover what he lost before that point and regain control of more than his heart and hers? Or will Samantha see the age difference as something huge?

Couple of things to note in these stories: One, I have two heroes smoking pipes. That’s partially due to my hobby and partially due to the sensory value they can add. No weird sex shit happens with the pipes though.

Second, in the first story, since it’s based on someone I love and admire a LOT, I wanted the bondage to fit her more. And I wanted a more “homemade” feel to the BDSM for those of you reading this who would like to try without having to spend money. Tight tops and skirts are great restraints as it form fitting lingerie 😉

Here’s an unedited excerpt from “Forced Pleasure”

The smoky aroma of pipe tobacco wafted through the air, tickling Francine’s nose. Her boss, Micah had been at work all day and well into the night he’d worked on reports for a client. She’d stayed with him in order to catch up on work she’d missed and ended up forming the nasty habit of working late alongside her boss.
His office was next to hers and the door had been left partially cracked open. The building itself was old enough that the stale, yet reliable scent that let anyone old enough to know that the structure had been around at least 100 years.
San Francisco had plenty of buildings like that.
Francine adored the older architecture and often told her mate, Nick about the fascinating landscape and building styles she saw in the City by the bay.
Nick would laugh and wish he could see the same sights as she, but work kept him away from her. His job as a programming tech took him around the country and gave him interesting stories.
Many of those stories became tales Francine wrote about on a story site she ran in her spare time. No one was aware of her proclivities. If Micah knew he’d have to fire her, much of his business was funded by the religious right.
He didn’t agree with it any more than she did but those nut jobs had money and paid his bills as well as hers.
So, she used her voice to lure strangers, often those of the highest ‘moral’ character, onto her site to give her money that paid for a comfortable lifestyle.
Francine let out a sigh, leaned back in her chair and set her heals up on the oak desk. She crossed her hands behind her head and closed her eyes for just a moment, listening to the sounds of old jazz while pipe smoke slowly filtered in from Micah’s office.
What she wouldn’t give to waltz right into his office, strip him and fuck his brains out.
She needed a break, a bad one.
He’d been working her to the bone for the last few weeks and it was starting to grate on her nerves. Combined with the fact that Nick was never home and her boss was a very attractive man, her hormones had run amuck.
Imagining the norse god of a man running all that thick blond hair over her heated skin made her sweat, the imagined feel of rough fingers caressing her nipples made her pussy weep and breath come in pants.
Even as tired as she was when she finally did get home, she still had to find energy to break out the vibrator, anal plug and nipple clamps while fucking herself to sleep.
In her fantasies, Nick had come home and tied her to the bed in her sleep. He’d stripped off what little clothing she wore and forced her ass up in the air.
Then he’d lube her up and take her from behind while she was forced to suck off her boss.
Light bondage was something she wanted to try with Nick but hadn’t had a chance to yet, he’d not been around long enough.
As it was, they couldn’t keep their hands off one another.
She sighed again and felt the material of her top rub against her breasts.
Micah chose that moment to step into her office. “Frankie, I need some food. Do you want anything?”
She swung her feet off the desk and leaned forward, propping her chin on her hands. The look in Micah’s eyes spelled more than want for food.
Those dark blue eyes held a gleam of something dark that begged her to stand and strut across the room, hike up her skirt and tug him against her with one thigh.
Instead, she looked at him, watched him run a hand through waist length hair he kept loose. It splayed over his chest in contrast against the dark maroon shirt he wore.
Black jeans hugged his hips.
She licked her lips.
He cocked his head to the side, “Frankie, food?”
She shook the lust from her mind and focused on him once more. “Oh yeah. Sure. What did you have in mind?”
He blinked. “Probably sushi or Mexican. There’s that all night joint in the Mission. We can go together, stretch our legs or I can just send out for it.”
She yawned. The aches in her body were starting to get to her. “We should probably go for a walk but what time is it?”
A glance at the clock on her computer let her know it was too late to be in the Mission. “Order out. We can stretch our legs going downstairs and getting the food when it arrives.”
He nodded.
The office on Market had a great view overlooking the street and during the day the sound of the various cable cars could be heard along with traffic and the flowing crowd, especially during the winter holidays.
In fact, Francine slid from her chair in a graceful move that let her stretch and show off a little thigh at the same time. She became very aware of the intense gaze on her.
A quick turn had her facing the window. With one hand she thrust the window open and felt the blast of cold air against her face.
Her nipples beaded in response.
Though she had to wonder, was it from the cold weather or the heated stare on her ass?
A hand landed on her shoulder.
She spun around and found herself staring into Micah’s dark blue eyes. The light in the office made the appear so much darker, like the depths of the ocean. The curve of his plump lips looked inviting enough to bite.
The set of his jaw was firm but his smile was pleasant.
“Have to be careful,” the dark tone in his voice reverberated throughout her body. “the old wood in these windows isn’t heavy but the panes aren’t as solid as newer glass.”
“Oh I know how to handle wood,” she let the innuendo slip out before she could stop it.
He chuckled low, a throaty sound. “Is that so?”
Wetness filled her core. Was he flirting back with her? The depth of his voice sent a shiver up her spine she couldn’t ignore.
His smile softened. “Come on, let’s go outside for a bit of fresh night air. It’s needed. Besides, I need to let the office air out a bit.”
She nodded again. “Yeah it’s a bit smoky even here.” She couldn’t ignore the fact that she could smell him even through the thick Latakia tobacco that clung to him. She wondered what it would smell like if she buried her face in his silken locks while he buried his cock in her.
Again she shook the thought from her mind and focused on something other than the fact that Micah was standing so close she could smell him.
The desk, that was it. The ding on her email client sounded and drew her attention to it, rather than the empowering feel of standing so close to her boss.
“You should be more careful, Frankie. I’d guess that boyfriend of yours isn’t taking care of you very well if you’re this jumpy around a coworker.”
“I doubt you’re the reason I’m jumpy, Micah.” She lied. “Besides, you’ve never been the coworker type. You’re more the…encroaching boss type.” She let the lust drip from her voice in hopes that he’d take the bait.
A perfectly blonde eyebrow rose. “Encroaching? Sounds like grounds for sexual harassment lawsuit I’d rather avoid.”
“Oh please,” she laughed, “a man like you has never cared for the worries of others.”
He chortled and stepped away. “I beg to differ. I care for the right worries.”
Francine fought to avoid a snicker. She’d seen the way Micah was with other attractive women. He’d been the smoothest talker possible, made sure to keep his hair back from his gorgeous face. Long blond lashes fluttered when he spoke about his business to them, and even more when they laughed.
Women had always fallen for him.
Yet he’d pushed them away.
The thought made her wonder.
“Still,” he cleared his throat, “this doesn’t solve our little problem. Come.” He set a hand on her shoulder.
She almost came from the sensation of his hand on her. It wasn’t skin on skin contact but it had been so long since she’d known Nick’s touch.
This was enough.
The delicate way he held her with just one hand oozed power. Hell, just his presence, she believed, oozed commanding.
“Let’s go. Just a few flights of stairs after I order food. You want the usual.” It was a statement.
She nodded. “Indeed.” Micah released her and turned around.
Francine licked her lips. She could practically taste the Latikia.
Maybe it was time for a seduction. Her body needed the release. Her pussy ached for fulfillment in the form of something thick and cream filled.
She was willing to bet Micah had that in spades.
She followed him down the flights of stairs, watching the way his hair swished over hips she’d love to hold while riding him.
The fact was, she couldn’t keep her lustful thoughts to herself. By the time she realized she’d grabbed hold of his shoulder, it was too late.
She found herself staring into his deep blue eyes.
“You want me.”
It was another statement. He was good at stating the obvious.
Her lips were dry and unconsciously her tongue darted out to moisten them.
The corners of his mouth curled upwards in a delectable smile.
She did indeed want him with every fiber of her body.
He lowered his mouth to hers but didn’t quite touch her. “Tell me you want me, Francine. Tell me.”
She didn’t want to admit that, he knew she had a boyfriend she was very much in love with. But her hormones weren’t going to satisfy themselves. “I do.” Her hushed whisper matched his.
“Good.” He backed off and laid one hand on the wall by her head. “Then we’ll settle this. After dinner.”
“But,” she started.
He turned and walked away from her. “Follow along, Francine. This will be more fun if you obey me.”
Her body thrummed in anticipation of what he might have in store for them if she actually allowed him to follow through.
They reached the bottom flight and his heels clicked along the marble floor. Just as she watched him turn the corner, she stopped.
What was she thinking?
She was practically married.
Not like it mattered to her body.
A hand grabbed her wrist and yanked her against the wall so hard it almost knocked the breath out of her.
She started to voice a protest but a pair of lips, hot and heavy, sealed over hers in a very aggressive, delicious way. Hard and fast, a tongue plunged between her lips while fingers dug into her hip hard enough to make her cry out.
Every nerve stood on attention as her eyes widened. She realized that Micah kissed, nipped and nibbled her mouth with his eyes closed.
Trapping her against the way with his body, he pressed himself into her so she could feel the throbbing need between his thighs. His tongue probed her mouth again and stroked hers, caressing it, coaxing it into his mouth.
She gasped into another kiss that left her breathless.
The smell and taste of smoky pipe tobacco had been mixed with caramel and vanilla, probably from the scotch. Underlining the heady adult aromas was the heady scent of male, potent and pure.
Her knees went weak but she urged the muscles in her thighs to wrap around him and squeeze. Hard.
Micah moaned, sending vibrations along her spine.
Her breasts ached, nipples beaded into tight buds that crushed against the fabric of her top. She was wearing too many clothes.
So was he.
Then, he stopped.
She whimpered again and slumped her shoulders, aware of the lopsided grin she wore.
The serious burn in his eyes clued her in on his mood. His arousal was no longer pressing against hers and that was probably a good thing. She wanted badly to jump him now.
“It’s time to get some fresh air.” He turned and pushed his way past the glass door with her in tow.

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