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Back story for those who want to know more about Reinhold and his past issues.


Reinhold paced. “Did that deal close?”  Picking up his cell phone, he glanced at his email

Katalin took the phone from him and slipped it in her pocket.

“Yes,” she sighed.  “Don’t be gay.  The money’s there.”

Reinhold reached for Katalin.

She swatted his hand away.  “No.  Come on, let’s go.”

He shoved his hands in his pockets.  “Where are we going?  I have promotions to do, you know.”  Heaving a sigh, Reinhold followed closely behind Katalin, watching the sway of her skirt over her very curvy ass.  He licked his lips but remembered his promise to her.

No sex until he’d de-stressed.

He’d pondered begging for one microsecond but realized no true Alpha would ever beg for something like that.  Besides, Katalin would just bitch at him anyway.

Katalin pulled keys from her purse and slid inside the driver’s seat of her Mercedes.

Reinhold slid in the passenger seat.  “Where are we going?”  Reaching into his pocket, he retrieved the Bluetooth headset and set it into his ear.

“To see someone who can help you.”

His shoulders stiffened.  “I don’t need help.”

Katalin stated the car and pulled onto the freeway.

“Yes.  You do.  You’re a stressed Alpha and it is affecting everything.  Those two deals closed.  That book is in edits now and the manuscript behind it has cover art finished—“

“But there are—“ Two fingers pressed over his lips.

Katalin revved the engine.  “Shush.  It’s been handled.”

Slowly, her fingers whispered over his rough whiskered face.

The drive was silent and led them far from the city.  Occasionally, Reinhold reached for Katalin’s pocket where his phone was but she slapped his hand away and glared at him.

Katalin reached over without looking at him and pulled his tie loose with one hand.

He started to adjust it.

She slapped his hand away.

He glared at her.  “Remember who is Alpha, little girl.”  His tone was curt.

She grimaced.  “Fine,” she stuck her tongue out at him. “But let me do what I need to do, k?”

He sighed and nodded.  The car came up to a large two story Victorian style house that had been repainted recently.  A few kids played in the yard along with an adult male who was very tall.  Reinhold wondered who they were.

When a female came out of the front door, it hit him.

He turned to Katalin.  “You brought me here?”


Reinhold squinted as the full figured female made her way towards the car.  Katalin turned off the ignition and opened her door.

Reinhold followed.

“I knew you’d come.”  The sweet voice echoed the woman’s expression.  “How is he?”

Katalin grinned.  “A bastard as always.  But he’s in need of you, Kathy.”

“Hey!”  Reinhold got out of the car and stood tall, keeping a weary gaze on the dark haired female with thin black rimmed glasses.

“Hey yourself,” she sashayed towards him after hugging Katalin.  “Come this way.”

Reinhold started to offer his hand to her but backed off.

The dark haired woman’s eyes narrowed.  “Don’t mind him.  I told you, it’ll be fine.”

He let out a long breath.  “Okay.”

“Tea, Katalin?” Kathy pulled Reinhold past the two kids and rather large male into the house with Katalin in tow.  The door shut behind them.

Pulse beating loudly, Reinhold looked around at the furniture, a mess of papers, books and things scattered as one would expect in a house full of people

Kathy led them to a large couch.  “Have a seat and I’ll be back in a moment with tea.”

Katalin took a seat, crossing her legs.  Reinhold looked at Katalin.

She smiled, her eyes beaming with amusement.

His brows furrowed. “Little girl, you’re amused.  Why?”

“No reason.”  She giggled.

“I need to check my email, sweetheart.”  He moved but Kathy appeared and set a cup of tea down before Katalin.

Kathy took Reinhold’s outstretched hand in hers.  “Come with me.”

Reinhold took her hand in his and was led down the hallway into a dark bedroom.  “Sit,” Kathy patted a space beside her on the soft bed.

Reinhold sat at the edge of the bed, keeping an eye on the door.  “What’s up?”

Kathy reached for his Bluetooth device and removed it.

“What are you doin—“  Two fingers pressed over his lips.  She tilted her head and smiled.

Her fingers slid over the tie, undoing it and removing it from him.

Reinhold stood, confused.

Kathy brushed her fingers over his cheek.  “I feel it here,” she reached behind his head and freed his hair from the tight braid.  She set the braid on the nightstand beside the bed and sat down.  “Remove your jacket.”

Reinhold did as he was asked and set it aside.

Smiling, Kathy leaned back against the bed and stretched out her legs.  “Come here.” her arms were open.

“I don’t understand.  You’re—“

“A sensualist.  It’s okay,” she patted her lap.  “You’re not going to back away from me now, are you?”

Reinhold shook his hair out and nodded.

“Good.”  Kathy picked up a wooden brush from the nightstand.  “Ready?”

Reinhold inhaled and let out a long, slow breath.  He moved closer to Kathy, cautiously laying his head down on her warm thighs.  “You’re soft.”

Kathy snickered.  “I should hope so.  I’m a woman.”  She began playing with strands of hair, running her fingers through them, brushing them slowly.  Her touch brushed his face occasionally and lingered.

Reinhold closed his eyes and opened himself to her magick.  Slowly, with each brush stroke, with each touch, he felt himself sink a little deeper into relaxation.

A few moments later he opened his eyes to see that a beautiful redhead joined them.  She sat beside them, her hand in his.


“Right here my prince.”  Katalin appeared in the doorway, kneeling before the threesome and resting her head on Reinhold’s thigh.  “Where you always need me.”


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