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Yeah, I wrote  a m/m piece to satisfy my own curiosity and prove I could expand past just BDSM and paranormal romance.  Let me know what you think!


Sweat dripped off Jason’s brow.  He wiped a damp washcloth over his forehead, smoothing back dark curls from his eyes.  Turning in his chair, he saw the younger man lying naked, legs spread apart to give a delectable view of his rosy ass cheeks. Cum still dripped from his asshole but he didn’t bother to move or ask for a cloth to clean himself.

He said he wanted to savor the feel of this one night stand.

Damn, Jason thought to himself. Strong thighs tensed, relaxed and shifted, changing the angle at which Keith’s ass rested.  His flaccid cock lay pointed down between those cheeks, still heavy and dripping with his release.

Just moments earlier, Jason had his hands all over that lean body, tugging at the younger man’s hair and pumping his seed into him while Keith jacked off.

Gripping his hips, he’d shouted his release into the warmth and tightness of Keith’s ass.  There was no kissing, no hugging, nothing perceived as feminine or sweet.

The two men had met earlier in a bar earlier in the afternoon, downing cheap Japanese dollar beers before out that the both of them had that same smoldering look of desire and lust in their eyes.

Once inside the room, they flipped on the AC in a weak attempt to counter the sweltering heat of New Orleans.

That did nothing to alleviate the lustful feeling in the pit of Jason’s stomach or the throbbing of his cock once Keith stripped down to nothing.

Tugging the zipper of his black jeans down let his cock fall forward.

Desire raged full on in Keith’s light green eyes.  He quickly gave Jason the once over, licking his lips.

Jason smirked.  “You gonna be a good bottom and suck me?”

Keith didn’t respond.  In an instant, the other man’s plump lips caught Jason’s cock and sucked him hard, fast.  Jason didn’t let Keith take his time, pounding into his face so hard that his balls slapped against the other man’s chin.

The room filled with the scent of lubricant and man sweat, and in an instant, Jason was buried balls deep inside Keith’s hot ass.  One hand on the man’s muscular hips, another on Keith’s swollen cock.

Throwing his head down at penetration, Keith’s panting and willingness to bareback seemed like too good a thing.

Still, Jason didn’t mind the other man’s masculine scent, dragging it into his nose like a cigarette.

Biceps flexed, fingers tensed and dug into thick muscled ass, balls slapped against skin.  Looking down, Jason saw the muscles flex in Keith’s back.  The motion made him thrust faster, harder.  The two pumped each other off, grunting and groaning before release hit.

Then it was over.  Just like that.

The AC finally kicked on, startling Jason.  He turned towards the AC, muttered a silent curse and then stood up, cock still heavy with need.  He was tired but had been on the road a long time.  Biking into town only a few hours ago, he didn’t know what to expect other than trouble.

Picking up his sunglasses off the desk, he slid them on. Zipping up his jeans, he glanced at Keith, peering over the rims of his glasses.

The other man was asleep.

Youth had it so hard.

Jason cleared his throat and picked up the keycard.  “Hey Kid, I’ll be back later.  I need a beer.”

M/m erotica from Sascha Illyvich

Keith didn’t say a word.

It was just like him, Jason thought.  The youth who tried to live too hard usually burned out the quickest.

Jason couldn’t help but want to stick around and do something to stop what he’d recognized as a self destructive pattern in the other man, but it wasn’t his problem.

Nothing to do but go get that drink and hope the kid had some cash to pay for the room.

Jason yanked his shirt on and buttoned it up before shoving on his boots.  He grabbed the keys to his bike and started towards it.

The sun beat down on his brow, reminding him of the intense heat New Orleans was famous for.  The air was thick with the smell of gumbo, booze and the wet heaviness humidity brought forth.

Remembering he still had the keycard to the room in his possession, he tossed it on the doorstep and turned towards his bike.

Looking at his watch, he realized it was time to move on.  No use in wasting time on stupid youth, right?

Besides, he had a date with someone in Houston.

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3 Responses

  1. Love the musky masculine details. “Still, Jason didn’t mind the other man’s masculine scent, dragging it into his nose like a cigarette.”

    Interesting, though, for your “first” foray, you’re picking it up after the fact … and not before.

    I’ve read your m/m with the threesome scenes. Here, there’s just not a female.

  2. It’s actually NOT my first foray, I just needed something different and for SEO purposes, to show I AM a versatile writer. Years ago I couldn’t sell m/m if you paid me. I could sell lesbian and kink all day long, plus contemporary but gay I could not do. Odd hm?

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