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Another short flash fiction piece.  Enjoy!

The little redhead spoke in a light, fluttery tone.  ‘If you come closer, I’ll show you what I want to do to you.”  She nuzzled his neck.

Breathing in the scent of lush green forest and earth, Reinhold stroked her cheek, a finger sliding over the softness of her skin.  “But they’re angry at me.”  Reinhold lifted his head from her lips.  The redhead faery sat in his arms, a tiny figure with porcelain skin and blood red hair with pert breasts and a sweet, curvy ass.

“I don’t care. You’re mine, sweetheart.”  She nodded, nuzzling his chest with her mouth.

He nodded, his grin widening to reach his eyes.  “I want you, little fae.  You’re perfection in my hands.  You’re sweet and loveable and wicked.”

Her lips curled upwards.  Taking his hand in hers, she slid off the couch and pulled him down the hallway into a room.  She pushed the door open and stretched out a hand. “After you, my wolf.”

Reinhold stepped into the room. His sight as a wolf adjusted to the candle lit darkness.  A bed sat in the center, surrounded by candles of varying sizes and scents that overwhelmed him at first.  Sweet scents perfumed the room, jasmine, lavender, sandalwood.  He inhaled deeply, feeling her hand at the base of his hips.  After a moment, the different aromas began to calm his fears.

The faery stepped past him and turned to face him.

Reinhold followed her closely, keeping her body beside his to feel her warmth, her arousal.

Katiera had told him to go with the flow, to be accepting of his little fae; she was a gift.  A sensual, magical gift that could lighten the wolf’s mind and help his aura.

He needed that.  Being around his Essence had given him a newfound strength, time spent with his Mistress Crissy had given him…what?

He still had to figure that out.  The time spent between the two had been sparse.  But he cherished the moments with each of his dominants even as he rebelled internally towards them.

It wasn’t right, humans telling a wolf what to do. But Lynne and Mistress Crissy held a lot more than typical humans did. And for a young pup, Katiera had a wealth of wisdom.

She was truly someone he trusted with his entire heart. So when she told him to come visit his little fae, and stay for tea and sex, he didn’t disagree.

Clutching his hand, the little fae led him to the bed, settling herself down on the comforter with daintiness that he didn’t miss.

Patting a space beside her, she urged him towards her.  “Please?”  She rubbed her naked thighs with both hands.

He couldn’t stand it much further.  His cock hardened.  Every nerve and muscle in his body tensed, ready for something more than standing around.  His body was on fire, she’d only kissed him moments ago.  Her lips tasted like cherry and vodka.

Then, perfection.  Soft and pliant, her lips were moist and gentle beneath his.

Taking his tongue inside her mouth, she let his hands glide over her breasts, pinching the nipples to hardened peaks until she’d cried.

“You hurt,” she grinned.

“You like it,” he nipped her face with his.

She bit along the line of his jaw.  “I do indeed, my sweet.”

His voice dropped to a hushed whisper.  “This is for you.  Just you.”

She nodded in understanding.

His heart swelled with pride.

She climbed on top of him and began a slow, sensual movement that picked up into a rhythm.

Both enjoyed the sensation of skin against skin, her bobbing up and down on him, their lips meeting for rough kisses that were sure to bruise.

He broke out in a slick sweat, panting, moaning at her tightness.

She cried aloud, impaling herself harder and harder on his prick.

His balls slapped against her, fingers digging into her flesh.

She jolted up and down wildly on him, swirling her hips around, mouth hanging open with each his every thrust.

When she came, he did too, wrapping his arms around her slender waist and burying his head in the crook of her neck.  “I love you, little fae” he whispered.

She pushed him back and remained on top of him.  “I love you too, sweet wolf.”

A few hours later, he woke to the sound of loud pounding on the door.  His little fae had remained on top of him, legs stretched out alongside his.  The contrast of her blood red hair against white skin brought a smile to his face.

“Come in,” he threw the sheet and blanket over them.

Two large men appeared, fully dressed in jeans and work shirts.  “You’re on our little sister.”

The faery tensed her thighs around him.  Meeting his gaze, she narrowed her eyes.

He rubbed the back of her head and forced her to rest against his chest.  “Actually,” he cleared his throat, “She’s on me. And she started this.  Now unless you have business,” he growled in a whisper, “leave us.  She’s sleeping.”

The larger one of the two arched an eyebrow.

“I would fear for my health, if I were you both.” Reinhold motioned with his eyes at the large black knife on the bedside table.

Eyebrow backed off.  “Fine.”  He scowled before turning to leave.  His brother joined him and shut the door behind them.

Yawning, Reinhold’s little fae stirred, her mouth moving against his bare chest.

With a yawn, she looked into his eyes.  “Are my brothers giving you any trouble?”

He shook his head. “No sweetheart.  Nothing I can’t manage.  They’re only human.”  Stroking the back of her head, he ran his fingers through her short curls, playing with the baby hairs at the base of her skull.

She arched against him and reached between her legs to feel him inside her.  “This could be fun.  Do me,” she shot him a wicked grin.

His cock stirred to life again inside her. Hands cupped her bottom and pulled her tighter against him.  “Anytime.”

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