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Paula'sCraving_bannerI’ve been finishing up this quarter’s blog tour with a hopeful eye on the results, spreading the romance stories all over the internet because connecting with readers is what being an author is partially about!  Well that and writing those great stories of course.  This weekend I’ll be at the San Francisco Center for Sex and Culture thanks to Cecilia Tan’s invite for her writers retreat but in the meantime you can check out some of the other stops I’ll be at online. 

September 12th – Laura Kaye’s place
September 17th – Cindy Spencer Pape’s slot for Naughty Author Chicks!
October  4th – Chrissy Szarek – Paula’s Craving and more
October 6th – Kate Hill’s Halloween Hop

October 8th – Nine Naughty Novelists (Pushing ENDANGERED and Torn to Pieces
October 12th – Romance Junkies
December 2nd – Jessica Subject (she has a thing for bad boys…)
December 4th – Liz Crowe

This takes us into the final quarter of the year with a few spots left.  I’ve been a busy little bee haven’t I?

So far it’s been a tough, grueling year for me as a writer but the stories coming out for you lovelies will astound and amaze you I hope!

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