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About two years ago I made the foray into writing m/m erotic romance and tried my hand at writing one. I had written gay erotica before and usually based those off fantasies but I needed something more outside of how “I’d” behave if I were more active in my bisexuality. I was lifting weights at the time and wrote a semi-typical story involving two hot men.

Ben is a manager at a local bar and taproom as well as a student at Laney College Often he spends his time in the gym and lately has been spotting Eric, the well muscled guy from across the room. Dare he go after the other man and risk embarrassing himself in case Eric’s not gay? Or does he take a chance in life and go after something he wants?

Here’s an excerpt

Music thumped a beat while people milled about between sets and exercise equipment. The fans in the four corners of the room were on full blast even as the wind blew chilly outside, bringing in with it the smell of ocean air to mix with sweaty bodies and antiseptic cleaner.
Ben finished his last set of bench presses, pain in his chest letting him know he had definitely pushed himself to the point of muscle failure. He stood, stretched his arms out to his sides and tried to catch his breath from the intensity of his workout. Looking at his feet, then back at the bench, he nodded at his efforts to increase his strength before heading out of the gym past several others who were in various states of lifting weights.
Water. He needed water badly.
Exiting the room, he turned to the right, bent over and hit the faucet for a blast of cool water that hit his parched lips. He guzzled a ton of refreshing fluid before standing up, brushing his sweat covered tawny colored hair back with one hand and walking back into the gym.
Then he spotted him.
Every time he’d seen this Adonis he swore it always felt like the first, the awe, the wonder and the thrill of excitement that went thru him.
Curly dark hair, a smile as bright as the sun and pearly blue eyes that held a promise of wickedness had captured Ben’s attention.
His name was Eric; he was in his early 30’s and in excellent shape. His large muscles rippled with each graceful movement of the bar whether he curled or squatted. It seemed the heavy equipment were definitely under control by a man who knew his way around a weight room.
Thick legs accentuated a thin waist. The beautiful V of his back was just the right size for Ben; he didn’t like his men too large or too skinny. Olive skin held the sheen of sweat like a second coat that belonged to deeper fantasies Ben couldn’t express here. Of course the man probably had killer abs to match his firm ass.
Ben wanted to approach him, but the fear of rejection crept into his mind.
Is Eric gay? They’d made small talk here and there but nothing came of it. Ben couldn’t tell if Eric was interested in men or women. His main thing seemed to be body building.
Today of course, Eric had to be in the gym on a similar day as the one they’d first seen each other and the memory of that meeting brought his mind to wicked thoughts of pumping in and out of the man’s tight asshole, rather than pumping weights. It’d been a harmless encounter but Ben had felt the sparks when his hand had brushed Eric’s reaching for the same towel unexpectantly.
“Damnit!” He scratched his head at his own silly fear. The worst thing that could happen was… Well, outright rejection.
Ben hoped he was secure enough in himself to deal with rejection based on lack of attraction but what if Eric had some issues with queer men? He couldn’t help it, the last couple solid relationships he’d been in had fucked with his head in a bad way.
Of course this being Oakland California, anything could happen. The city was next door to San Francisco, which Ben considered the queer Mecca.
For a split second, Ben stalled before entering the exercise room. Eric looked up from the tricep extension cable and their eyes met. The breath caught in his throat sent a rage of heat through his loins.
Eric grinned brilliantly, flexed his muscles and then returned back to his set.
He must be supersetting the weights.
Ben stepped into the room and watched, his hazel brown eyes mesmerized on the slow, controlled movement in Eric’s arms as the muscles contracted and then returned to normal. When Eric completed his set, he dropped the weight and did five more reps for a complete superset.
By now the bulge in Ben’s shorts was painfully obvious. He sat down on the vinyl covered bench just inside the doorway and pulled his tank top out of his shorts to cover himself up. He wiped beads of sweat out of his eyes and inhaled a deep breath.
Ben another few steadying breaths and he managed to looked around, trying his damnedest not to look in that gorgeous man’s direction. Of course it was a total failure, how could he not look?
“Okay, what to do… what to do?” frustration was creeping into his hushed voice.
He’d been in the middle of finishing up back work today; pulling heavy weights around that most of the gym attendees couldn’t fathom before Eric showed up and decided to waltz into his fantasies.
True fatigue set in. Slumping over, Ben realized it was time to go home. He had been in here for over an hour already and was beginning to lose proper form anyway.
Ben stood, let his shirt hang down past his agonizingly swollen cock and walked over to the computer to log out. Glancing briefly over his shoulder one last time, he watched in amazement as Ben squatted close to 400 lbs on the rack, the pressure from the weights putting extra emphasis on his oh so tight ass.
Definitely time to leave.
The walk home was short, he lived across the street from the college where he worked out What he wondered was, why would someone with a physique like Eric’s waste time in a college weight room when he should be somewhere else training with more weight, surrounded by hard bodies like his own. Would those bodies be women or men Ben wondered?
It didn’t matter. The man was an enigma until Ben made a move, or not.
* * *
The mid day sun hung high in the air and a cool breeze from the bay kept temperatures comfortable for the most part. The streets were busy with midday traffic while people milled about the campus and the streets of Lake Merritt district of Oakland. Laney College was set near Lake Merritt, a manmade lake that provided tons of people with a jogging and walking trail while others found the lake to be a sanctuary.
Ben needed to visit the lake and sit for awhile. He had a lot to think about lately and this was his most favorite spot to do so. The serenity of the water always helped sooth his mind and clear his senses.
Recently his boss had offered him partial ownership in the nightclub he worked at in downtown Oakland. The raise in pay would certainly help in the tough economy. Rent was being raised all around to compensate for vacancies and it was becoming increasingly difficult to find comfortable living near the downtown scene.
The only thing was, he’d have to go back into the corporate side of things.
His skin itched at the thought of having to play straight with other men just for a buck.
This was California after all, where mainstream wasn’t like anywhere else.
Then there was his mother who had been on him all last year to finally get over this “gay fad” and settle down with a nice woman. Except that out of the women his mother had practically shoved down his throat, all but one had become fast friends with him the moment they had met.
“You’re gay!” Alisha and Katrina had both remarked with a hint of distaste in their voices. Rejection was rejection, no matter where it came from, lover, friend, Mother; it all hurt the same in the end.
When he tried to play straight and kiss either woman in front of his mother, it felt so awkward that he almost threw up. Katherine had been the only one of the three that had understood after hearing that his father left his mother for a man.
“Fuck,” it always made him bitter to remember.
Ben reached into his pocket and pulled out the key to the main door for his building. Pushing the heavy oak door open, he stepped inside the 1920’s style building and inhaled the scent of incense. Someone was always burning something nice that reminded him of lilac and dark fruits.
Thinking back on things, his life wasn’t bad. He had a good job, a few close friends and a roof over his head. But…he sighed and plunged the key into the lock to open the door. His life was dull. All he ever did was workout or work. And sleep.
Ben made his way into his apartment, threw his keys on the dark cherry wood desk and looked at the stack of papers waiting to greet him. His studio was a modest size that allowed him plenty of space as a single. His shoes echoed loudly against the floor boards when he made his way into the kitchen.
Opening the refrigerator, he pulled out a pre made muscle smoothie, complete with whey protein, frozen fruit, milk and yogurt. It’d replenish his energy, help supply him for the coming hours at the bar and help him sleep as well.
Quickly finishing off the smoothie, he wiped his lips with the back of a hand and headed for the shower.
Mildly hot water cascaded down his body, ran in tiny streams across his smooth flesh. He always enjoyed watching water rivulets run down the length of his arms, chest and thighs. He wasn’t vain, but he knew he looked good.
Reaching for the soap, he lathered up a healthy handful of suds with the bar and ran the pine scented soap all over his arms, shoulders and abs, wishing that someone else was doing the rubbing.
Eric to be exact.
Hopefully Eric would be the kind of lover who would pull the shower curtain back, smile with those luscious lips and step in between himself and the spray. His huge frame would block the water while splashing over what Ben imagined were rock hard shoulders and a broad back that tapered down to his slender waist.
And the beautiful cock hanging between two thick thighs would be half erect and heavy with need before Eric leaned forward and took his face in large hands and hungrily pulled their mouths together.
The kiss would seem like it lasted an eternity as firm lips crushed against Ben’s, a slick tongue parted said lips and delved in with just enough force that hardened Ben’s cock further just imagining it.
The two men would brush against each other, balls swaying back and forth amidst the spray of hot water and the scents of masculinity and pine heavy in the steamy air.
Hands would caress unyielding skin, knowing that each man took excellent care of his well being and kept himself from growing old and becoming run down.
Ben stroked his cock with the image in his mind. He looked down his own body, his dick pulsing with need, balls drawn up tightly against his shaft while unsteady knees wobbled beneath him.
“I can’t believe this. I’m not even sure he’s gay!”
Still, the pressure in his balls would need to be relieved despite the stark reality that the fantasy may never come to pass. He wasn’t quite sure why this guy mattered so much over others he’d fantasized about, maybe because he was real and touchable. Not like the movie stars or magazine models he could only hope to dream of.
Closing his eyes, he gripped the handle of the washcloth rack and pumped himself harder, faster. His moans soon became grunts until he shot out a load against the tile. His sexual tension was relieved but not his doubts. That would be harder to get rid of then a raging hard-on.
A few minutes later, the spray still blasted his back. The thick cloud of steam had helped him to relax even as his mind wondered about Eric.
Oh well. Ben finished showering and turned the water off. He had to prepare for work tonight at the club.

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