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It Takes a True Master to Turn a Strong Mistress into an Eager Sub! Collin was the man for the job and Jackie was the dominant woman who needed taming, Spirited into a dungeon, Mistress Jackie soon finds herself in a battle of wills with Master Collin, and she soon realizes it will be a losing battle for her. Not only is his will stronger, but Collin will soon introduce her to a series of sexual devices designed to teach her submission, devices no woman could resist. From the celebrated Dom and and author of Gift of Her Submission.

Chapter One

In the dark room, there was stillness except for the loud, thumping bass lines that pulsed through the room.  A spotlight shone down just in front of Jackie, emphasizing the cold stone floor before her.  Curtains hung along the walls, hiding most of the toys that were normally visible.

Annoyance and arousal set in from the pounding music that sent vibrations straight to her swollen pussy.

The room smelled of cinnamon and violet.  Jackie knew in this particular club that the tops could create a full scene with their bottoms through utilization of incense and a mixture of candles.  Obviously, someone had been doing their homework since they’d focused on two of her favorite scents.

Jackie lay on her stomach on a wooden table, spread eagled and filled with a smooth, huge cock that arched her hips upward, giving perfect access for anyone to come behind her and fuck her ass. Her chin rested on a padded leather headrest that forced her head into a natural tilt downward.

Her legs were attached to boards that could swivel at the request of the top, thereby granting them access to whatever orifice they wanted to fuck.  “Ugh.”  She was so not an anal sex person unless she wore the strap on.

Her breasts swung freely between the two padded boards that were specifically designed so that someone could attach nipple weights or clamps to the breasts of the submissive.  Or they could press the velvet covered board upwards so that pointed nipples brushed against the material to cause extra stimulation.

Jackie struggled against the bonds but the leather cut into her flesh.  She was naked except for the black hair tie that held deep burgundy hair in a straight braid down her back.

Sweat broke out on her brow.  She closed her eyes and tried to remember what landed her here in the first place.

The memory of fighting Collin to avoid this was still fresh in her mind.  “You’ll submit to me the way a good submissive in Dominant’s clothing would.”  Glaring at her through thin slits of his eyes, he practically growled the words when he reached for her hair and tugged her to her knees.

Jackie hated him for it though her body certainly responded.  Her pussy was wet when she walked into the room, it always was when she faced a man of his stature and had been given an opportunity to put him at her feet; his rightful place.

She’d seen him outside the club with a buxom brunette and he was on her leash.  Still dressed in a suit that molded to his body, he followed the smaller woman around until they’d disappeared into a private room.

It took Jackie a moment for reality to sink in.

Powerful men needed a release from the rigors of corporate life.

Of course her nerves needed him, needed to control him.

He’d approached her later that night.

She’d agreed to meet him and play with him for an hour.  Seeing him down on his knees, she kept her composure about until Collin stood.

His sheer size and height too her breath away.

His full height towered over her by a good food.  Barefoot, he was a solid wall of muscle, dressed only in black leather pants and a huge cloak that flowed over broad shoulders.  In the florescent light, oil gave his skin a sheen that emphasized every muscle, nook and cranny over his well built frame.

Dark lashes swept over perfect silver eyes that held no fear.  His lips were pursed together in a thin line that begged for kisses if she ever allowed herself to succumb to those desires.

It was a rare submissive that made her crave their taste.

His sheer size alone was an unfair advantage.  But Jackie had her share of men his size and brought them to their knees, begging for her dominance.

Tonight however was different.  She felt it in her stomach the moment their eyes met.

The moment she commanded him to kneel in her dominant voice, he ignored her.

She stepped closer, reaching for his shoulder.  The spark from the connection was instant when she touched him.

Lust stirred in her belly like nothing she’d ever felt before.

But she was denied her wish when she attempted to push him down on his knees.

Instead, she was met with resistance.

She retracted her touch and glared, her voice awash in coldness.  “I could leave.”

“You won’t.”  He spoke as though the statement were fact.

She huffed.  Turning on her heels, she spun around and headed for the door to the room.

One hand clamped down on her shoulders, pressing a thumb and forefinger into her neck.  “You’re here to learn to submit to your true nature, Jackie. Not to be a flake.”

Pressure on her neck forced sickness into her stomach.  Her vision blurred.  Then her world went blank.

When she awoke, Jackie discovered she was able to move her head around enough to see they’d moved to a different room in the club.

The light went out.

Startled, Jackie sucked in a breath.  Her nipples brushed against something that irritated the taut peaks into hard points and sent waves of pleasure in a line down her spine.

Rocking her hips onto the phallus, she clenched her muscles together in attempt to relieve the pressure in her pussy.

It didn’t help.  The phallus had an extension of some sort that brushed across her clit with every movement she made.

She raised her head in frustration.  “Damnit!”

The door behind her opened, calling her attention back to the present. Her head spun around just enough to see the cloaked figure enter the room, his bare feet padding against the stone tiles.

“Good evening.” His voice was cool like water laced with ecstasy.  Just those two words spoken had her skin itching with desire as his voice was the only other thing in the room that vibrated against the walls and her body.

His tone resonated deep within her body.

Squirming against her bonds, she spoke with a whine. “Let me go.  I’m a Mistress.  This is not proper for me!”

A hand caressed her calf.

Jumping, she tensed but didn’t move.  A mistress had control over her body.

Fingers crept further up the length of her calf.  “Very nice, Jackie.  You’re a very gorgeous woman.  Especially when you’re trussed up like this.”

She strained harder against her restraints in effort to get him off her but it was no use.

He had her bound so tight that the leather cut into her flesh.  Heat pooled around the affected areas.  If she struggled more, she’d cut open flesh and bleed.

Or cum.

The stupid phallus irritated her pussy with every attempt to move.

“While a lesser woman would take the compliment, I’m demanding you release me. It’s policy to—“

A hand landed on her ass, echoing throughout the room and silencing her.

Her head jerked up.  She swore smoke fumed from her nose and her eyes had flames dancing in them.

The hand caressed her backside.  “I did not tell you that you could speak.”

Her body jerked and her breath hitched in her throat.  Ire built inside her, pooling low in her belly and mixing with angry desire.  “You don’t tell me anything.”

SWAT!  Five more spankings landed on her ass.

Throwing her head back, she cried out from the sting.  Warmth radiated from her ass and made lust swirl around her belly.  Her pussy clenched around the phallus in anticipation of more spankings.

The man sighed heavily.  He stood in front of her, waving a finger back and forth.  “No more of this nonsense, Jackie. You are not a mistress anymore. You never were.”

The heavy beat of the music matched in tune with her heart beat but didn’t slow the buildup of aggression rearing throughout her.  “I never identified as anything less than a dominant.”

“See.” he paused.

A hand slapped her across the face, echoing loudly in the room.  The sting of his hand burned her flesh.  Blood rushed to her ears where his hand connected, warming the area instantly.  Tears stung the backs of her eyes.  She sniffled but wouldn’t acknowledge that he’d hurt her.

“That was for disrespecting a command directly. If you’re a mistress, you’d know better.”  Collin’s tone was more than angry.

It was time to shut down. She had no business in this place with this person unless she was on the giving end of punishment.  Let him get his kicks first and then she’ll leave with her dignity in tact.

She sighed.  “Fine.  Let’s get this over with.”

The man stepped out from her line of sight.  “It’s not something we’re getting over with.  It’s an ongoing thing, training you to be the woman you’re meant to be.”

Her mouth hung open at the sight of him.  He’d removed his cloak and tossed it aside with a whoosh, revealing stomach muscles that were meant for nibbling on while she worked her way up his impressive chest with her mouth until their lips met and she shoved him down to his knees to satisfy her need to subjugate.

He took a step forward.

Jackie looked up and down his frame until their eyes met.

There was definitely something predatory about his gaze that reminded her of an animal on the prowl.

She swallowed the lump in her throat.  This wasn’t going to be easy.  But she would steady her emotions and keep everything in check just like she’d been taught to do growing up. The memory of her mother doing her father’s bidding constantly made for a painful one.  She would not lose the control she had spent so much time mastering.

The snap of fingers near her ear brought her back to reality.

She looked at him.  “Collin why are you—“

Two fingers pressed against her lips.

Jackie stifled the urge to bite his fingers.  Or worse yet, suckle them.

Those same digits traced the curve of her frown and caressed her chin.  “You look so pretty tied up and helpless.  I wonder,” he paused and tapped her forehead.

Jackie made an unladylike noise.

Collin retracted his fingers.  “How angry are we at the betrayal of our body?”

Control.  The word echoed in her mind repeatedly.  Inhaling deeply, Jackie let out a slow breath.  “I’m fine.”

Collin laughed.  “Your eyes betray you. How aroused are we?”

He disappeared from her view.  The press of firm fingers along her spine made her arch her back into the board on which she was bound to, sliding the phallus deeper into her pussy.  The extension pressed against her clit, forcing a small moan from her.  She gritted her teeth.  “I’m not aroused.”

“You lie.”  He didn’t bother to be sweet.

Two slender fingers dipped into the crevice of her ass.

Jackie squirmed only to realize it was futile.  Each movement brought her more in contact with the phallus, plunging it deeper into her and spreading her open.  The stimulator on her clit rubbed harder against her nub sending tiny tremors through her.  She wanted to scream, but kept repeating the word control in her mind.

It seemed to steady her nerves.

Jackie chose to focus on the pounding beat of the music thrumming through her body rather than the fact that he’d just slid his fingers inside her sopping cunt.

“You’re soaked.”  His hand splayed out over her cheeks while his thumb prodded her asshole.

“Fine.”  She rolled her eyes and sighed.  “I’m wet.  What are you going to do? Rape me?”

Collin snorted. “As if I’d have to result to asinine behavior to get laid.”  He pulled his fingers from her.

Her body shook from lack of contact.  Nipples puckered against the soft velvet palate beneath her.  Sweat dripped down her brow into her eyes. Jackie scoffed. She heard a familiar sucking sound.  Her chin rose defiantly.  “What do I taste like?”

“Perfect submission.”  He spoke as though it were a matter of fact.

Jackie smirked.  “What does that taste like?”

Collin stepped in front of her again, setting his hands on his hips.  He fixed his gaze on her, narrowing his eyes.

Jackie couldn’t see the colors of his eyes against the florescence.  She simply saw the two beads and shadowed face.  But she felt his presence.  Powerful like a wolf protecting its pack, he resonated that power in him.

How annoying.

The one thing Jackie prided herself on was her ability to pick out other submissive men.  Collin had approached her as one last week though he’d been at the end of a leash held by a very attractive, full figured brunette.  She held pleasure in her eyes as did he at his disposition.

And now he was lording himself over her like he was a god.

Collin stepped back, his feet padding along the stone floor loud enough in the silence between the songs that she could tell that he wore no shoes.  “Oh well.  Time to begin your new training.”

Thumping bass kicked in a military staccato that reverberated throughout the room and through Jackie’s body.  Those little tremors from the phallus inside her sopping pussy increased.  Her breasts rubbed against the cloth.

She cursed herself and her arousal.

Glaring at Collin, she watched him walk away.  The seductive sway of his hips pulled at something low in her belly.  He retrieved something from the wall and brought it into the light.

Her mouth dropped open.  She saw the huge number of tails on the flogger.

He swung it once through the air and it cut with a loud whoosh.

A chill went up her spine in anticipation of where he’d strike her first.

Collin walked back to her and disappeared from her sight again.

She strained her neck to see him out of the corner of her eye just in time to see the tails of the flogger cut through the air and smash into her ass.

She screamed more from clitoral stimulation than the sting of buffalo hide warming her cheek.

She made an attempt to reach back and rub her ass but the leather dug into her skin, reminding her of her restraints.

The whoosh signaled he’d swung again.

Before she could brace herself, the flogger landed on her thigh.

Heat raced from her thigh outward.

She didn’t get time to recover before Collin brought the flogger down on her ass five more times on the one side.

Panting, tears now stung the backs of her eyes.  This didn’t hurt, she reminded herself.  She was in total control of her body and its responses.

Not him.

The flogger came down on the other side of her ass, catching cold skin and shoving the phallus deep inside her pussy.  “Do you like that?”

She moaned in pleasure and agony.

The tails of the flogger trailed lightly over hot skin.

Tingles raced up her body.

The flogger came down again on her back.

Jackie clenched her teeth, straining not to yell or come. She swore she had more control over her body than this, but the flogger swinging against her ass forced her to clench her muscles together around the phallus.

Her hips arched upwards and down one last time before the sensation that had been building low in her body started to work its way throughout her limbs.

The sound of the flogger hitting the floor alerted Jackie to a change.  Crying out from not getting the release her body so wanted, she strained her neck to see Collin wearing an unmistakable grin.

Clapping his hands together, he walked towards her.  Setting a hand on her thigh, he stroked her warmed flesh.

She shivered.

“Very nice.”  Collin ran a finger lightly up her calf and traced a pattern over the back of her thigh.

She squirmed and tried to arch her hips into his touch, hopeful that he’d plunge his fingers or dick into her wet hole.

His voice dropped a few notches.  “I like that you’re responsive.”

The weight of his upper body pressed against her ass.  The wood table creaked with more contact.  His mouth touched her back, tongue snaking out over her skin to lick beads of sweat from her.

He was warm, almost warmer than the redness in her skin from the flogging.  Hot breath blew over her skin.

Tender lips pressed into her backside.

Jackie shivered against him, pushing her hips up to his mouth.  This relieved some of the pressure against her clit.

Sadly, his hand forced her back down on the phallus.

A scream tore from her throat when orgasm hit.  Her body shook and blood rushed throughout her body down towards her wanton hole.  Lips quivered and thighs trembled with the first wave.  Throwing her head back, Jackie cursed aloud.  Her eyes shut tightly. She dropped her head against the padded leather headrest.

The tremors passed after a moment.  Tension fled from her body but she was still irritated. Glaring up at Collin, she saw the satisfied smirk on his lips. When had he moved?

“I see,” his smile widened, “you’re a slave to your body already.  Good.”

She scoffed.

“Has it been a long time?”  His tone dropped when he spoke.

The oily slickness of his voice caressed her body like a satin sheet, smooth and fluid.

She refused to answer him.

Sucking in a deep breath, Collin exhaled slowly.  Stepping forward, he set a hand on Jackie’s head.

She tried to shake off his touch even though her body wanted more contact.  Control, she whispered again.

Irritated, he grabbed her head harder and yanked her to his gaze. “You will recognize me as master before it’s all over.  But fight if you must.”

Jackie’s eyes widened but she quickly forced a neutral expression over her face. She realized she was overpowered.  Fine, as she said earlier, remain in control and get this over with.  “What do you want from me?”

Turning away from her, Collin walked towards the wall.  “Your utter submission to your true nature.  But,” he spun around on one heel, “you’ll fight me all the way I suppose.  Which is fine.  We’ve got time.”

Jackie wanted nothing more than to scream obscenities at him until she was hoarse but realized it wouldn’t do any good.  Just the mere thought of identifying as a submissive made her sick.  But Collin seemed to have the patience of a saint.

Damn him!

And he’d made her cum too.



Chapter Two


Gritting her teeth, she looked at him angrily.  “I am not a submissive.”

He stepped closer.  An eyebrow rose.  “Oh but you are.  You’re a liar and everyone around you knows it. The fact is Miss Jackie,” he spat the words out with a modicum of blatant disrespect in his tone, “you’re a liar and a submissive in denial.”

Struggling against her bonds, Jackie felt ire rise up in her. Bile burned the back of her throat at the way he’d spoken words she’d ignored for the longest time.  Her father always treated her mother like a submissive.  Submissive women were walked on, stepped on. Door mats.  They were useless, powerless.

Collin bent down so that they were eye to eye.  His lips pursed into a thin line.  His voice was a menacing monotone laced with knowledge of what he spoke.  “Ever stop to think that all that control you hold onto so well is causing you pain?”

“No.  No!”  She shouted the words at him in hopes that he’d hear her when they were only two inches away from each other.  “No damnit no!  I am not a fucking submissive.”

Collin stood up fast and slapped her with the palm of his hand.

The pain registered over her cheek before she realized what he’d done for the second time tonight.  Tears stung the backs of her eyes again and threatened to fall down over her cheeks.  She would not show him fear, nor would she show him tears.  Those were reserved for when she was dead.

And even then it was a stretch to see if she’d cry.

Collin rolled his shoulders and relaxed his stance in front of her.

She had trouble staying focused on him with the tears in her eyes.

He drew in another long breath.  “The hardest lessons for us to learn are usually the ones that are closest to the truth.  I’m going to release you in a moment because I have other things to do than deal with whiny bitches.”  He walked around to her side where the flogger was and picked it up.

Brushing it over her skin lightly, he fluttered the tails over her.

Jackie’s body responded to the softness of the pointed tips by breaking out in goose bumps.  A cold shiver ran through her.

He stood in front of her now, a wild stare in his eyes.

She ground her teeth and glared menacingly at him.

“Submission is not weakness.  I’ve seen how you play with your submissives and you mistreat them, make them beg, bring out their true nature even as you abuse them. And yes,” he knelt down in front of her, his brows knitted together in a straight line, “what you do is abuse.  It may not be rape and torture type of abuse, but it’s only giving them half of what they deserve.”

“They’re not lovers for Christ’s sake.”

“That’s right.”  He gripped her ponytail and yanked her head back.

Jackie’s mouth hung open.

His jaw ticked.  He stared directly at her.  “They’re humans who come to you seeking fulfillment on some level.  And you’re only giving them half the equation.  You’re no better than a whore as far as anyone in the Scene is concerned.  Think about it.”

With that, he dropped her head and spun around on one heel.

“You bastard,” she struggled against the bonds, ire coursing through her at being called a whore. “You fucking coward, come back here and free me.  Then tell me I’m a whore!”

The door behind her opened. “It’s better for you to come find me when you’re ready to begin training and start giving.  You’ll know where to find me.”

He sounded angry. What a fool.  She was the one who had a right to be pissed.  She’d just been called a whore and told that she abuses her submissives. “Fucking asshole!”  She screamed at nobody in particular.

Just like that, the restraints eased.  Blood circulated to her extremities, returning feeling she wasn’t aware she’d lost.  Her skin tingled like a million needles had been pressed into her flesh at various points.

She cried aloud in frustration.

A chill ran through her.  When she felt she could move again, Jackie slid off the table, aware that the phallus had been slicked in her cream.  She knew someone would come in and disinfect the entire room to protect against disease but she almost wished she could do it herself just to busy her mind and chase away the nonsense Collin had left her with.

“Fuck!”  She slid off the table and found her clothes folded in a neat pile by the door.  Skirt, boots, panties, corset and a note had been left atop a towel. Rose petals had been strewn about her clothes and the note.

Touching her thighs, calves and ass, she still felt the intense pain of the flogging she’d endured earlier.  She was still in one piece.  Her breasts begged for attention, nipples still taut from earlier agitation

She glanced back at the table and then down at her clothes.  Heaving a sigh, she straightened her shoulders and struggled to find her pride.

She would not walk out of here a submissive.  Nor would she let anyone see her marked thighs though she knew she’d be sore in the morning.

“Ugh,” she clenched her fists and looked at the floor.  She still had to deal with Collin soon.  They weren’t coworkers but worked in the same vicinity and often crossed paths. Though, neither acknowledged the other except here in the club.

Taking one last look around the room, Jackie leaned against the wall to steady herself.  Picking up the towel, Jackie wrapped it around her, covering her breast and hips.  The towel barely reached the tops of her thighs and if she bent over, the entire world would get a show of her still slick pussy.

A quick shower and several minutes later, Jackie had been dressed and heading back to her estate.  Tomorrow was another day.

She hadn’t bothered to read the note but instead stuffed it inside her duffel bag that housed her numerous toys for club night.

When her head hit the pillow, she passed out from sheer exhaustion of the evening.  Her body hit the softness of her bed like a lead weight. All of the pressure from Collin’s biting words would not keep her up.

No ma’am.

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