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If you’re anything like me you’re probably trying to wind down your year with a fairly clear slate so you can spend time with family and loved ones.  Note, the two might not be the same LOL!photo belongs to original author, not mine

I took a nasty fall the other day and screwed up my left knee, but thankfully I sit all day when I write/edit.  On the current docket, I’ve finished Paula’s Craving, and am letting it sit for a few days while I work on Dark Desires.

I won’t lie, Dark Desires is taunting me most of all because I wrote the story for a dear friend years ago, and somehow the only real plot I could come up with was that she needed to take a risk on the two guys who happen to be courting her and playing her dangerously seductive game.  The friend in question I based the heroine on wanted something sexy and dangerous, and in 20k tops I had to come up with something that doesn’t quite fit romantic notions because she’s not a romantic notion person.  No flowers for her, bring the whips instead!

The problem was, this story was one of my hotter pieces, I mean it really melts the pages!  I’m very proud of it, and the inspiration behind it.  In fact, I’ll share an excerpt where Raven is seated between her two hunky employers in her favorite Goth/Industrial club after they rescued her from a very boring Christmas party.


Cover for my first contemporary erotic romance out from Total E-bound
Cover for my first contemporary erotic romance out from Total E-bound

Setting down in a booth against the corner of the stage, the two men flanked her.  She took another sip of her scotch and let it soothe her racing nerves.  What could they possibly want with her?

Romyn sat on her left, Alex on her right.  Both men kept their eyes facing the outward dancing crowd but their hands remained on her.

It became difficult for her to breathe.  Confined. “I need…”

Alex looked at her with a stare hot enough to make the liquid between her thighs creamier.  “You should relax.  You work so hard for my company and we just wish to show our appreciation.”

His voice rumbled low in her ear and made her skin itch.

She had to get out of these clothes.  Smoothing the cloak behind her, she kept one hand on her drink and the other at the hem of her skirt.   Perspiration dotted her forehead.

Eyes facing forward, she watched various people dressed in semi sheer to almost see through clothing, body parts hanging out with the obvious exceptions for men.  A few women wore tops that let their breasts show way too easily.

Some women danced with other women as though in captivated lust filled love, others danced with complete abandon to a song that talked of love until death.

She licked her lips.  Raven did like the female figure.  But her appreciation ended in the bedroom.  Love was for fools.  This lesson she knew well.

The men flanking her seemed more interested in her body.  Good, because she had no heart to give them.

Romyn’s fingers slid down her arm until his thumb reached the pulse in her wrist.

Alex’s hand somehow found its way onto her stocking clad thigh.

She squirmed and pressed her legs together.  You could always say no.

She scoffed at the idea.  Raven never turned down a good fuck, especially if the two men were as powerful and capable as Romyn and Alex.  A part of her realized she needed to feed off the lust, let it build inside her and contain it until she could get another fix.  If she was truly human, then she would emulate her favourite demon, the succubus.

Alex looked questioningly at her. “Something the matter, Raven?”

His voice pulled her from her thoughts.  She took another sip of her scotch and shook her head.  “Nothing I can’t fix.”

Yet she sat between these two men like she was the one up on the cross being ogled for sins she had yet to commit.

Romyn’s fingers continued circling her skin, sending shivers racing through her.

She shot him a glare.

He didn’t move from his pose, leaving his profile to her while working his hand over her flesh in such a simple gesture.

Normal women wouldn’t be aroused.

Raven was far from normal, she remembered.

She was so not normal that she was sitting in a gothic dance club with her boss and his silent partner, letting them both paw her like a pet.

She rather liked being in this position.  Perhaps she could have some fun at their expense.

Setting her glass down on the table, she took Alex’s hand and slid it higher up her thigh.

“You’re playing with fire,” his voice roughened against her ear.

Rough, calloused hands caressed her inner thigh.  Drawing little circles over her skin, he slowly inched up her skirt.

She grinned.  “You’re the one playing with things that burn, Mr. Wolfe.”

“Then burn me.”  His tongue flicked along her outer ear while his voice sent another wave of ecstasy through her already heated skin.

The snap on the back of her skirt popped.  She jerked against the hand remaining at the small of her back and heard the masculine laughter she would always recognize as Romyn’s.

Deep, male, thick with desire, his laughter affected all of those around him, but right now it managed to drown out the heavy beat of the music.

Romyn’s tongue swirled around her neck.  Teeth sank into flesh.

She writhed against him, closing her eyes and mind to everything but the feel of Alex’s hands crawling up her thighs and Romyn’s lips pressed against her neck. “Does it get hiked up those lovely thighs, Raven?  Or do you stand and let it fall to the floor?”

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