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Dark Sensualities and Primal InstinctsBack from Frolicon but still in Georgia!  I’m here for another day and a half to de-stress from such an exciting, emotionally exhausting (in a good way) liberating convention.  Imagine having several hundred of your closest, kinkiest friends around who are bi, gay, straight, poly, cis(wtf is cis) etc and just having a LOT of fun we couldn’t have otherwise.

The joke for me is this:

Discover on Thursday that writers track panels are in room 622.  the same room as the Atlanta Swingers party that night…so we start off with hilarity only to realize that we’re spending two whole days in this room.  And in between at night, the Dark Room Party.

Watch where you sit LOL!

Hanging with author Shakir Rashaan was a blast as always.  The 50 Shades panel was awesome in that someone brought us drinks, so we got our drink on while shit talking the book, giving out the good points and what that author has done for us as erotica authors.  We got to celebrate Shakir’s new contract with Zane, and Simon and Schuster, which was awesome.  My news with Red Sage, talk contracts, writing tips, publishing tips, Male POV, chop it up writer style basically.

There was cigar herfing involved.  I’d say about 50 or so cigar smokers gathering on the deck to partake in what the brothers of the leaf call Herfing.

Talk of JR Ward’s Lover at Last book release happened, in relation to NY not taking on the GLBT or M/M market, talk of WriteSEX happened, pimping yet again the ability to make money in erotica if you’re smart about your business plan and author platform.

I can’t mention the sexy parties, but let’s just say, they were sex!

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