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It looks like I’ll be in Atlanta again to attend DragonCon. There will be a Fetlife panel and I’ve been asked to be on it as an expert so that should be fun. We’ll cover what Fetife is, why and how to use it effectively, from what I understand. I need to find the other folks on it who are going to be on the panel with me.

It should be interesting. On the writing front, I’ve been busy taking a day off! I had heart trouble last week and needed to relax a little so I hung out over the weekend, spent time with some friends and tried to relax. Today’s word count is a little over 1,000 words on the BLAZE, and slightly under that on my erotica piece for Renaissance E-books.

The problem in both cases that I’m having is the soundtrack is lacking. I can’t have overly emotionally heavy music involved while I’m writing because the feel for the Harlequin BLAZE stories is not one that’s heavy and dooming. Not like it would be for say, Blood Bound. So we’re listening to random stuff while i write and hoping that it’ll work out for the best as I delve deeper into Sam and Lisa’s tale.

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