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Thought I’d post a few pictures from recent DragaoCONs.  I didn’t get to get too many this past year because my phone crapped out much of the time, but I have photos from previous years of people who repeated their costumes.  Some of the things people spend money on are amazing!  The time put into the costumes seems endless and the reward, well you’ll have to see.


DragonCON 2009 Warning, I’m not the best photographer of all.  In fact, I suck quite frankly but my friend Kayelle Allen got a ton of photos from the previous years at DragonCON and those photos are amazing.  She’s much better at that sort of thing than I am.  The variety of costumes though isn’t limited to just science fiction/fantasy, hell we saw Lt. Dangle from Reno 911 there!

My purpose the last three years has been to promote myself, Sizzler Editions and be on panels.  I think after this last year I’ve firmly established myself as an erotic author expert, being on the panels with Kayelle Allen, Kiernan Kelly, Shadowdance (BDSM Panels) and other wonderful people.  This past year I was enthusiastic to know one of my new friends is Gigi, a staffer who helped me out tremendously in planning for next year’s DragonCON.


The official count of the convention lists around 50,000 people but I’ve been around that many people.  (It’s overwhelming!) but I’d say the numbers were closer to 90,000 people.  Yet, you’re constantly around your closets, geekiest and in some cases, kinkiest friends.

The fun is in trying to navigate the different tracks, get through the large crowds and still see everything you want to see.  I spent a lot of time outside smoking cigars and drinking with friends, new fans and old ones while talking about my books, their favorite authors, what brought them to DragonCON and more.

I have to post the next picture for my friend Stella Price as she and I are both avid Venture Bros. Fans.  But she’s hardcore!  This past year she spent most of her time at the Venture track!  He and Dr. Girlfriend were represented as was 21.

This is probably THE convention I look forward to all year long actually. Thank Goddess for my handler and roommate, Meowwl, for all her support, help and in keeping me calm after dealing with so many people…

2012 is going to be badass…

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