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Started off oversleeping, there’s a shock since I think Attilia and I ended up in bed around 6 AM.  The dark room party was fun, ,hanging out and eating with handler and Attilia was a pleasure as always but my handler had been up for two days so I suggested she go to bed despite having to figure out our little hotel snafu.  If the guy

who screwed up isn’t dead…well he might be.

Shared a cigar with Attilia, shared a beer or two with her, then off to bed.  Saturday morning the fine folks at I Smell Sheep called to remind me we had an interview, only I wasn’t going to get downtown that fast so we rescheduled.  I grabbed food, books, showered, caught a ride back downtown and meandered through the crowds to get to where the interview was to take place.  It was brief but I met the find ladies, got a few pictures with them and picked up information as to when the interview will go up online.

After the interview, food time.  Lots of costumes yet I had NO ability to take pictures for the most part.

Then we did the cigar herf. This one wasn’t as large as Frolicon’s, but I only marketed this TO the fetish crowd. Next year, thinking maybe of doing it daily for those that couldn’t make it.  I managed to steal some time and a few pics of some of the hotness, and once again show my reign as Bad Boy of Romance, Prince Sascha.  The con itself is so huge, massive and fun but it’s tiring.  So much to do but spread over five hotels.  I spent most of my time either at the Hyatt or the Hilton.  The Hilton had us on the EFF track and that audio should be up soon for four of the panels we did, the other two didn’t/couldn’t record audio for legal purposes due to the nature of what they were discussing.

It was great to see Kayelle Allen again after not having seen her in a few years.  She’s someone I respected and thought of as a marketing mentor until I met my publicist but our time was too brief.  I tend to disappear from panels even though I’m moderating because between the booze and shit ton of water, the heat in a packed room doesn’t help.

Saturday night panels included our marketing panel and an LGBT panel that had low attendance but a really comfortable feel.  The marketing panel was pretty packed though.

Also, we talked about Ditter.

Once done, more time spent finding a place to either smoke a stick or find my handler and get back to the hotel.  But she usually shows up at some of the concerts while I disappear and mingle.  I honestly can’t remember WHAT happened last Saturday night.  It must have been that good 😉

I’m pretty sure I ran into my lovely friends Bill and LaDonna, had to hug them both and congratulate them on getting married.  They’re SO cute together!  Also, apparently I’m going to be LaDonna’s maid of honor…so I need to find a dress for that.  I cannot thank them enough for both their support, love and care and pimping of my books on and offline!  They truly are amazing people and great actors with big dreams I hope they reach.

This year I had copies of Heavenly Bodies to pimp out, which LaDonna helped me with, but we also brought copies of My Sexy Valentine – the first print anthology I edited at Sizzler Editions.  I signed a few copies, sold one or two, and have back stock for anyone who wants to read hot stories from Em Petrova, Ike Rose, Daisy Harris or Sharita Lira.

Now I have to get back to editing blog posts and writing, think I hear a glass of bourbon calling 😉

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