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I’ll be attending and on panels at this year’s DragonCON in Atlanta, GA.  I leave early Thursday morning and won’t return until Tuesday night late.  Beauty of this convention is all the fascinating people I’ll get to meet and see.  Oh and let’s not forget the parties 😉

For those not in the know, DragonCON is the largest science fiction/fantasy convention in America and has gone on for twenty five years this year!  Held every year in downtown Atlanta Georgia, sprawled out between four hotels, this convention has something for everyone,

Seriously, between panels I’ll more than likely be found on the Hyatt Smoking section by the bar.

motherfuckin bad ass authors

Joining me this year for panel participation are the following lovely authors:

Stella Price, Kiernan Kelly, Marie LaCroix, Stephanie Burke, Susan Sizemore, and possibly Oceania.  We’ll be out signing books for fans, talking about WriteSEX, doing writer education panels and checking out all the hot cosplay and things to see over the course of the weekend between four hotels.

The entire weekend will be jam packed with all sorts of reader and writer debauchery 😉  I can promise that. Oh did I mention I’m teaching a singletail workshop for the Kinky geeksters among us?  Yeah, that’ll be fun.  I have a friend who is going to be my demo dolly and if she’s busy I’ll just have to beat Marianne Lacroix!  I’ll be sure to take a lot of pics from this year’s DragonCON and post them!

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