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Image property of the owner, not meSince I led the way with promotions on a contemporary erotic romance I thought I”d get into what it is and then list some of the books that inspired me.

Basically Contemporary Erotic Romance is a story with no paranormal, futuristic or science fiction based settings what so ever. Stories take place with “real” people in the present. Much my work falls into this category but Caressing Caitlyn (among others) specifically falls into the category. To help me define the genre better I read a lot as I had a very specific idea of what romance novels were about. Thankfully, that idea had been shattered shortly after my foray into writing.

When I first started reading romance, some of the books i picked up and devoured were the following:

Naughty but Nice: Bare Essentials by Jill Shalvis Her writing was and still is tight. The story was enjoyable and the characters memorable even 9 years later.

I Brake for Bad Boys Collection by Lori Foster, Janelle Denison and Shannon McKenna. Can you believe I’ve been reading these women for the last 8+ years and they only get stronger as writers?

The Ultimate Seduction by Janelle Denison. I still remember the cover and my copy is sitting in my father’s garage or storage unit.

When Bruce Met Cyn by Lori Foster. I was sitting in my room in Hayward when I actually read this one. Rumor has it that Cyn is based on a mutual friend. Having talked to Lori a few times online I wouldn’t doubt it. I’ve since then picked up Back in Black, My Man Micheal and Servant: The Awakening by her.

The list could go on as I ransack my old mind but this is the basic idea. I think each of these women not only contributed to my development as a romance author but to the community at large. So as you read Caressing Caitlyn, hopefully you’ll agree I was inspired by the right mix of love, sex and romance!

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