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Hello Readers,

I thought today I’d talk a little about the world I built for Siddella’s Surrender, since it’s the release I”m featuring this week, and the followup will come out next week. The book itself isn’t high fantasy, but I did build a fantasy world around Siddella. The plot is the basic romance plot, hero and heroine are at odds even though the sex is great but Siddella and Frika, of the Black Angus. The type of society I set up here is one that’s fairly dystopic (if that’s a word) in that the great equalizer, Technology, has actually caused a rift in the inhabitants of the UnSeelie Kingdom. Traditionally thought of as the Kingdom of Darkness and sensuality, a carnal kingdom in that the faeries who used to rely on magic now rely more on advanced technology.

Three classes of Faeries exist due to the forced will of the CyberMage.

The CyberFae – Mechanically, technologically enhanced Faeries who rely very little on natural magic in favor of the tech that has turned their bodies into cyber beings, more machine than man.
The Menace – Faeries who either rejected and rebelled against the tech, or who rebelled halfway through when they realized what it would do to them
Everyone else – Those who weren’t strong enough to survive the “upgrade” or those who were not high enough in society to be used for anything other than fodder. In short, the non ruling class.

The world itself is harsh, computer run and very technically enhanced. The idea for this story came from a Combichrist song and video shown below.


Combichrist has a very tech feel to their music since he’s considered Aggro-Tek. Or Aggressive Techno Music.

In that video and the one for Sent to Destroy I pulled elements out of the somewhat dystopian society and threw them into my world of Faery.

With this story I was hoping to pull more of the science fiction/fantasy crowd into my world and show I could write more than just contemporary erotica and paranormal romance. But I can’t write high fantasy and traditional science fiction tends to bore me. So I wrote stories that crossed genres and focused on the character development, sort of the way a lot of anime does.

I DID want to create a world i could use again the same way sci fi/romance author Kayelle Allen has with her Tarthian Empire. I hope you enjoy the conflict between Siddella the Thief of the Low Court and Lord Frika, of the Black Angus

Erotic Fantasy Romance with Bondage

Buy Siddella’s Surrender for $5.99

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