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Hey Folks,

I’m coming off an editing project by one of our new, talented Sizzler Editions Authors and wanted to share the latest for those following along with my author career.

As many of you know, about two weeks ago, I finished “Dark Knight” as an intended submission for Decadent Publishing.  I’d had some success with my earlier 1NS books, talked things over with the agent of awesome, Saritza and then decided to give them a few more.  So, here’s the plot:

Best Selling Romance Novelist Mark Knight is stuck, and tired.  The rut he’s been in has hindered his creativity over the last few weeks such to the point that he’s behind deadline (aren’t we all?) and unable to really find his muse for the next book in a series.  That is, until his friend Jason (You’ll recognize him and Siddella from Menage Bound)

Katherine “Katie” Harpner is recently divorced, tired, stressed and in need of a drastic change.  Her friend convinces her that the 1NS service can grant her every fantasy, including a special one involving Fiji, meeting a stranger and giving her a chance.

When the two meet…

Let’s just say Katie giggles a lot.  Sexy giggles.

I hope this story does what I want it to, for the muse I wrote it for.  And I hope the folks at Decadent Publishing enjoy it enough to publish it.  I’m still waiting to hear back on Paula’s Craving, so hopefully I’ll have those two plus a third once I write another 1NS later this Spring.

Oh, in case it’s not obvious, I’m VERY fond of curvy women.  Just like Mark Knight.  Perhaps…a tiny sneak peak.


He made his way back into the kitchen.  Looking at the time he realized he needed a drink.  Madam Eve promised Scotch, a few bottles of wine, juice, water and of course food.  Once he’d poured his first drink, Mark brought the glass to his lips and started to take a sip when he heard a soft click.  The door opened.

As Mark started to sip, the most gorgeous woman walked through the door.

He stood, half sip in hand, staring at her.

“Hi.  You must be Mark.”  She stepped in, gently shut the door behind her and looked at him.

“Either that’s really good scotch or you’ve never seen a woman before.”

The haze he’d been in shook off and Mark swallowed the gulp of whiskey he’d just taken, coughing from the burn down his throat.  “No,” he poured a glass of water, took a drink, then set the glass down.  “Just not used to seeing a truly beautiful woman walk through the door.”

He swore he saw round cheeks turning red.

Dark brown hair fell around her face, framing it and giving it a fullness that reminded him of the moon.  Vibrant, perfect.

She had to have some Indian in her if he had to guess.  Smooth skin bared and showed cleavage that hardened him instantly.  Her tight fitting jeans hugged luscious curves and showed off firm legs he hoped would wrap around him later this evening.

The most intriguing feature of her though, remained her eyes.  Sparkling green emeralds, wide with…an emotion he couldn’t name, blazed brightly in her face.  Hell, her perfect mouth had his cock standing at attention but he couldn’t tear himself away from her eyes.

“You’re either using that as your pickup line or…”  She stepped forward. “I’m sorry, it’s been a long flight.”

He nodded and watched her with predatory precision.

Jerky movements became smoother as she made her way toward the kitchen.

“I’m Mark.  How about I pour you a drink.  Then we can sit and relax.  This is…a little unorthodox for both of us.”

She nodded, dropped her suitcase by the couch and made her way to the bar stool across the counter from him.  “I’m Katherine—Katie though.”

“Pleased to make your acquaintance Katie.”  He hated how ‘fake’ he sounded just then.

She must have picked up on his thoughts because she giggled.

Music to his ears.  This woman could be…

No.  It couldn’t be that simple.  Nothing ever was for a writer.

He shook off the thought, extended his hand like he had manners and waited.

“I’d love a drink,” she reached across the marble counter, gripped his hand in hers.

A firm, yet feminine handshake greeted his, made his cock harden even more.

She ran fingers over her ear, brushing back strands of hair he imagined had to be silken smooth.  Hell, it looked perfect, framing her face, softening her features.  It also drew attention to her lips.

Perfect lips, her moth a veritable dessert all its own if he had to guess.  Which, he hoped to taste shortly.


The roughness in her voice reminded him of honey, slow, dripping over a woman’s body while he licked it up and devoured her, enjoying the sounds of her need in every breath.

He again forced himself to focus.  This was a match making service.  They needed to establish if they even had anything in common, and a drink was the ultimate icebreaker.  “Scotch?  Or do you have a preference?  We’ve been fully stocked.”

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