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I’ve begun loosely plotting  Saint in Sinner’s Eyes, which features Max from Burning for Derrick and his love interest, Shayla.  Max is a current spy, working on taking down the organization that caused his brother Derrick to retire in the first place.  He’s got an in and is near the head of the organization, but for one thing stopping him.

The girl.

It’s always about the girl.

Perhaps this is the plot I’ll work with, but I don’t know yet.  I haven’t sat down to plot out the story but I CAN tell you thanks to exhaustion from YNOT Summit and Celldweller, I’ve got the romantic interest figured out.

Max and Shayla’s past have kept them apart as he’s always worked on the side against hers.  Sort of.  But every time they come together, it’s hot, it fulfills a need and then he’s out before she can even ask if he’ll stay for breakfast.

Max realizes she’s a danger to not only his operation but his heart.  He’s gotten close before to other women and they’ve only stabbed him in the heart, leading him to believe that like his brother, he had no value.  His ultimate goal is to basically either get burned from the spy business (like Michael Westen) or go out in a blaze of glory.  At least he’ll have done something meaningful with his life, rather than going off to see the world and have adventures like some playboy.

Shayla sees the desperate need in Max for him to settle down.  She’s trying to pull him away from her current contract, else he should die at the hands of a very dangerous man.

I don’t know if Shayla’s a human or what.  Max is a puma.

So far the playlist for Saint in Sinner’s Eyes stacks up like this:

Devildriver – Clouds over california

DevilDriver – Sin and Sacrifice

Celldweller – Switchback

Celldweller – The Last firstborn

Celldweller – Stay with Me (Unlikely)

Celldweller – Unlikely (Stay with Me)

Celldweller – Fade Away

Celldweller – One Good Reason

In Strict Confidence – Emergency

In Strict Confidence – Set Me Free

As I add or remove songs, I’m sure Dream Theater or Sevendust will show up.  Maybe Cold…who knows.  But those songs so far give me the impetus to knock out a solid plot for the story that should hit around 60k or so. 

Like Burn Notice, Saint in Sinner’s Eyes will have plenty of heat.  Look for a chapter or three in August!

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