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I spend a great deal of time customizing soundtracks to my stories, even if they’re as short as this one. On the playlist for this story were songs that were less aggressive and more in line with setting up a sensual tone. The FLir, out of LA is a shoegaze/electronica band and their first album Please Please Please reminded me of slow sensual movements like in sex.

To get the urgency of Alex’s character and the issues he suffered, I jammed a bit of Godsmack, mostly because Alex’s character tends to suffer from workaholism and tends to run on empty. Much like I do. Caitlyn was timid but she’s a sexual being, one who only needed the correct guidance from someone she trusted and loved.

At $2.95 how can you NOT resist the sensual temptation?
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  1. This is so awesome. I loved Caitlyn. Alex was so sweet and romantic, The chemistry between him and Caitlyn was electric…I don’t read much contemp. Romance but I’ve gone back and read this short story several times already. I just love the love-making scene it’s what fantasies are made of. Also I believe Music and writing go hand in hand, One inspires the other.

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