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The Romance Writers of America held their National Conference this past week.  I missed this year’s event but next year I plan to go, especially since I’m speaking at the Passionate Ink RWA party/meeting.

Info about this year’s conference can be found here.  It was in Fabulous New York and I SO wanted to go!

Honoring excellence in publishingNext year’s conference will be in Anaheim CA.  Look for me there as both an author and an editor.

And as I’ve stated on Twitter, I am aiming for my agents to help me win a RITA award.  Why you ask?

Partially because I’m male.  A RITA would to me validate my acceptance into the genre I actually love so much.  It would validate that my stories follow RWA’s guidelinens about the Romance Genre (found here) And lastly because it’s an excuse to gloat haha!  Seriously though, those finalists of the RITA and Golden Heart award are some of the hardest working people in the industry along with some of the best new and upcoming talent.

The list of finalists can be found here too.  A lot of hard work goes into putting out a novel, and not just from the writer’s end.  The editors are also deserving of a pat on the back, slice of chocolate cake and a hell yeah, so on my behalf, congratulations to this year’s finalists and winners!

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