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Friday Flash Fiction – Tangled Knot of Love

Back story for those who want to know more about Reinhold and his past issues. ~~~ Reinhold paced. “Did that deal close?”  Picking up his cell phone, he glanced at his email Katalin took the phone from him and slipped it in her pocket. “Yes,” she sighed.  “Don’t be gay.  The money’s there.” Reinhold reached […]

Friday Flash erotic Fiction – Riding On

Yeah, I wrote  a m/m piece to satisfy my own curiosity and prove I could expand past just BDSM and paranormal romance.  Let me know what you think! ~~ Sweat dripped off Jason’s brow.  He wiped a damp washcloth over his forehead, smoothing back dark curls from his eyes.  Turning in his chair, he saw […]

Friday Flash erotic Fiction – Lost and Found

Those familiar with my Reinhold stories from earlier need to know it all started via Friday Flash Fiction thanks to Maura Anderson Wiping his brow, Reinhold ran a hand through his hair.  He’d worn his black suit today with dress shoes.  He readjusted the ponytail he’d had his hair in.  A sword had been strapped […]

Friday Flash erotic Fiction – Fae Troubles

Another short flash fiction piece.  Enjoy! The little redhead spoke in a light, fluttery tone.  ‘If you come closer, I’ll show you what I want to do to you.”  She nuzzled his neck. Breathing in the scent of lush green forest and earth, Reinhold stroked her cheek, a finger sliding over the softness of her […]

Flash Friday erotic Fiction – Dance of Tails

I wrote this not too long ago, hope it entices you 🙂 Dance of Tails Black and blue lights flashed everywhere while loud music pumped in large bass speakers.  Bodies swayed back and forth, some aggressively; some moved slowly with the beat driving them in different directions. Sweat poured off Tanya’s body while she swayed, […]

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