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If you all saw the article on Yahoo talking Borders Liquidation then you know things are changing.  The industry giant had a deal that fell out earlier last week when the buyers backed out.

What this means for readers?  Honestly, it’s going to suck for those of us that love bookstores.  However, Jean Marie Stine, publisher of Sizzler Editions suggests that a resurgence of mom and pop bookstores may occur.  This is obviously a good thing for us as writers as it gives us a lot more access to numerous smaller markets to sell our books because of the relationship building between authors and store owners.  Plainly put, the larger authors can draw in audiences to help small businesses grow.  The smaller authors may not have the draw at first, but local authors or authors that travel (like myself) can get around to meet more of our audiences without having to go through a huge chain of command.

My heart goes out to the 11,000 employees of Borders stores and I’m a little (well a LOT actually) disappointed by what liquidating means.  Books will get returned, shredded and the waste I don’t even want to imagine.

But readers aren’t going without.  Kindle, the Sony E-reader battle will continue as technology advances.  The iPad and other devices will continue to develop new and old readers as prices continue to drop.

Ultimately it’s a toss up but I’m going to have to run with it.

In the meantime, you can get most of my books through Amazon’s Kindle store.  Check them out here

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