Undead Souls MC

Coming Soon, Riding Tempest!

Half Fae-Half Vampire trucker Tempest needs this last haul to get paid and retire from a life of running the roads in Faery. Her only worry? Protecting the cargo she’s delivering to the Queen of Faery.

In order to save his ailing sister, Jonas, the thief of the Undead Souls MC must find a halfling vampire-faery for her blood. His luck comes up when word arrives that one such faery is hauling valuable cargo, motorcycles with multidimensional travel capabilities that can aid the MC in returning to their realm. Can he convince Tempest to help his sister while remaining loyal to his MC?

Tempest needs one more payday to stop hauling cargo on the violent roads in Faery. Biker gang violence forces Tempest to ally herself with the very MC originally trying to steal her cargo. Can she trust Jonas to protect her or will he turn out to be another dirtbag outlaw who breaks her heart?