Undead Souls MC

She’s ready for some peace. He’s desperate to save his sister. Can they survive vamps, fae, and bikers long enough to win each other’s hearts?

Hell-bent on saving his ailing sister, Jonas, the thief of the Undead Souls Motorcycle Club is searching far and wide searching for a half-ling in order to harvest their blood.

But when arrives when he meets a sexy vampire-fae, he’s shocked to discover she’s hauling valuable cargo; he’s shocked when an undeniable attraction clouds his laser focus.

Bone weary of the constant threats on her life as a trucker, Tempest needs one more payday to retire into a very peaceful lifestyle.

Except hauling the Queen’s motorcycles makes her a prime target. When biker gang violence forces her to ally herself with the very MC originally trying to seal her cargo, she meets the one vampire who ticks all the annoying boxes. Cocky, yup. Smart-assed, in spades. Drop dead gorgeous? To a flaw. Can she trust Jonas to protect her and her cargo, or will he turn out to be another dirtbag biker who breaks her heart and shatters her dreams?

Riding Tempest is the harrowing first installment in the Undead Souls Motorcycle paranormal romance trilogy. If you enjoy heart-driven heroes and gutsy heroines, then you’ll enjoy Sascha Illyvich’s fast-paced tale.

Grab your copy of Riding Tempest and hold on for the ride of your life!


Riding Myst – When the Undead Souls are tasked to retrieve Princess Myst, daughter to the Queen of Faery, they find themselves embattled in Faery politics and up against a formidable foe, the Queen’s personal guard; Firebrand Faery MC. The dealers of death have it out for the Undead Souls but are both sides being played? Can Cristin save his MC or will they finally be hauled off to wherever vampires go when they die?

Riding Rayne – Having taken a sabbatical from the Shadowlands Charter of Undead Souls MC, Rayne must return to find the being responsible for attempting to murder the Queen of Faery. If he fails, his club will be forced to kill him by order of the Queen. When he discovers that the murderer wasn’t only responsible for attempting to kill the Queen, but had also poisoned the King of the Shadowlands, the game changes. But his life still hangs in the balance if the killer escapes.