The Opeth Pack

Does fate control our destiny? Or can we choose another path? Are the wolves put here to suffer, or to guide mankind? Will they be the savior humanity needs, or are greater powers at work trying to subdue humanity?

Jozsi wanted his mates, but the responsibility that came with them meant he’d be forced to lead a dying wolf pack.

Lukina and Ilona have been lost since Jozsi left Hungary ten years ago. 

Now, the pack is in disarray and the current Alpha is losing his mind, bordering on violence. 

How can both women convince Jozsi to return and take his place as the rightful head of the pack, and in their hearts?

Grab the first installment of the Opeth Pack and follow the fight against destiny now!

After slaughtering Katarina’s brother and father, along with a handful of other wolves who tried to abuse them, Nicholaus realizes his true darkness and decides to leave Hungary to keep his lovers safe from him. Relocating to Albuquerque, New Mexico, Nicholaus made a life for himself where he controlled the shots until the Opeth Pack messenger shows up with one of his lovers, requesting his assistance back in Hungary.

Katarina’s other lover Krystyna has done something bad, but what, Katarina doesn’t know. Her heart aches for both her stubborn lovers and forces her to find the courage to venture to America and bring Nicholaus back. Once the threesome reunites, sparks explode but secrecy threatens to tear the triad apart, as does Prophecy. Will Nicholaus remain with the two women who hold his heart, or will his lack of control make him return to the States, alone forever?  

Follow the pack!

Éva doesn’t remember who she is. Years after she’d been brought to

America and abandoned, she only knows that she is a witch with a special purpose but no idea what that purpose is. Even her companion and lover János is stumped.

Álmos has been tracking a hunter across America over the last six months and has finally narrowed him down to Hayward, California. He thinks he’s found the hunter’s next target, only it’s a couple that draws his every desire. Something about both woman and man…but they’re in danger! Can he protect them and convince them to bond with him before the hunter gets them, or will it be too late?

Follow the Pack!

Franciska and Troy have finally found their third mate, only to realize she’s working with the Nobles in an attempt to stop the Opeth Pack from opening the path to Heaven.  They need to convince her she belongs with the Opeth Pack and with them, in order to move forward and begin the march toward final peace.

Megan has been working with the Nobles since the day she discovered they’d killed her two mates.  Her goal:  To usurp them, but time has made her complacent in her objective, until a mysterious woman comes aboard, Megan’s arousal is renewed until she learns the newcomers’ secret.  Can Megan protect her new friend while sparks heat up between them, or will the Nobles get wise and eliminate them all?

Hunt or be hunted!

Setting out to stop her loved ones from being killed, Aurelia must finally show her presence and reveal that she is indeed, part of a love triad.  Only the choice she makes with her power causes dire circumstances for the Opeth Pack as tension builds in the relationship.

Viktor has always been able to calm Bianca’s fiery temper, even as the stress of Prophecy has brought the fight to the Opeth Pack wolves.  But Bianca’s limits are reached when Aurelia shows up and only adds to the complications surrounding the Pack.  With eminent threats looming, danger hangs in the air for the entire pack but can this triad’s love stand the greatest test of all? 

What haunts your pack?

The end of the world is near, but Les wants no part of it. He’s determined to run and hide, covering his mistakes and sins with bravado to protect the secrets of his heart. If he fails, his entire pack will be eradicated by the Noble threat.

Genesis, the beginning, is Les’s mate. She wants only to give him the love she’s harbored since their first night, when she found him and knew he was hers. But his stubbornness has him eluding her, and she’s determined to bring him to Paradise with her, once they open the Gates.

Can Les and Genesis fend off the Noble threat and enter Paradise? Or will the end of the world, and all the pain of the Opeth Pack, consume them?

Tell me, are you haunted?