Nights of Lust

Can Josef find redemption for his immoral actions from a wicked vampire queen before his enemies find and kill him?

Former cop Josef Staganov started doling out his brand of justice when he discovered his bosses involvement in organized crime. Until working undercover to bust The Syndicate gets him addicted to the drugs they’re pumping into the vampire community. Hellbent on revenge, he wants to take down the crime organization before it kills him. When he’s rescued by a vampire queen and her girlfriend, he refuses their help.

Vampire queen Livia has had Josef in her sights since he reappeared thirty-four years ago. Now, the criminal organization keeping drugs out of her territory has tasked her with executing him. Livia must choose between saving her partner’s offspring or her soul mate’s life.

Can Josef and Livia fight a two-front war, or will their sacrifices be in vain?

Endangered is the captivating first novel in the Nights of Lust series. If you hunger for bold women, tortured heroes, and dark drama, then you’ll devour Sascha Illyvich’s this novel. Buy Endangered and jump into the drama today.