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Shifter Spies Series

He’s a broken ex-spy who survives by not getting involved. She’s a high-profile singer who needs his protection.

Puma-shifter Derrick is plagued by nightmares from his days as a spy. Still struggling to cope with the traumatic memories, he throws himself into work to stay sane. But his latest gig protecting a gorgeous death metal vocalist has all his worst demons screaming with desire. Worse, she’s his fated mate.

Sonja is no stranger to ominous threats. With a voice that can control shifters and humans alike, she knows she’s a powerful weapon… in the wrong hands. And tired of always looking over her shoulder, she’s happy to put her trust in her sexy new guard and do her best to ignore their red-hot chemistry.

Intent on defending the stunning singer and her unique witchcraft, Derrick’s past mistakes come back to haunt him when she is kidnapped. And when Sonja finds herself at the mercy of the dangerous Anti-Shifter League, her only way to save everyone’s skin could lie in the power of her magical songs.

Can Derrick and Sonja pick up the beat and drive hard to the ultimate happily ever after?

Protecting the Siren is the thrilling first book in the Shifter Spies Paranormal Romance series. If you like smoking-hot attractions, wild women, and broody heroes, then you’ll adore Sascha Illyvich’s luscious tale of unexpected love.

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A shifter working for the government. A human aligned with a madman to usurp powerful enemies. Can they work together to save millions of lives?

After being put in charge of the CIA’s shifter division, Max didn’t see his latest opponent coming. During a rescue mission, his fated mate reappears, posed as an undercover captor. He knows she’s working an angle, but to what end? And how will her involvement jeopardise the millions of lives at stake?

When she took the job to eliminate a high-ranking official, she had no idea her fated mate would be working against her under the CIA’s control. Tired of his secrecy, Shayla uses their bond to her advantage when seeking information about her latest target, until Max discovers her plans.

Fearing for her safety, Max attempts to protect Shayla while fighting against their shared passion. When she nearly dies, Max realizes he cannot live without her and must choose between the career he thinks he needs, or the woman he knows always has his back.

Can they get past their sins and find peace together?

Protecting the Sinner is the thrilling second book in the Shifter Spies Paranormal Romance Series. If you enjoy feisty heroines and passionate heroes, you’ll adore Sascha Illyvich’s heart-melting tale of opposites attract!

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For peace, he made the world, including his Fated Mate, believe he died. Now, she’s at his door demanding his help.

One last heist included lying to his fated mate about everything, but Roman knew how the life of a spy worked. Go in, do the job, disappear. Only, he hadn’t counted on working with the one human who made his puma purr from passion. Ada believed the shifter she loved to be dead certainty escaped her. When threats on her life resurfaced, she sought him out and realized that not only was Roman not dead, but there was more than one mystery to the man she’d worked closely with. If you want fast-paced action, Second Chance Love, and Fated Mates, click here to buy Protecting the Saint and start reading now!

Heroes determined to save the world at any cost but will give up their very lives for their fated mates.

Can a witch, an ex-arms dealer, and a high-end thief, provide sanctuary to the men who fight not only for shapeshifters everywhere but the nightmares their internal demons inspire?

If you’re craving brooding heroes, feisty heroines, and steamy love stories, click here to download Shifter Spies Box Set to join our lovers now!


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