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Nika has trained her body into a deadly weapon – the better to take what she wants from any world, especially the well-protected planet Belton. But the moment she sees Lt. Brendon Marshall, her weapon is turned against her. A man like him could incinerate a woman’s priorities with one look. And since he’s guarding the very object of her desire, it could be so simple to use him and never look back. As long as she can ignore a more intense pleasure than she’s ever known – and a wilder need than she’s ever imagined.

As a reader I was quickly intrigued by the opening sex scene between the unnamed woman and Lt. Brendon Marshall. The pace was pretty quick and characterization developed. I did feel the universe was outdated but that’s my problem, not Miss Stevens. The plot twisted with predictability for any writer but as a reader I’d have hoped that Molly would have listened to Emmett in the secondary sub plot but ultimately that secondary plot helped to bring out more from Nika’s character. Give this book a read if you want SMOKING HOT SEX!

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