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Just a short update this week via video blog. I’m tired. and it was pipe time. But I talked a good bit about story writing from my perspective. The importance of it, and of course I have my pipe handy to point at you 😛

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  1. Nice update, Puma/Witch story sounds great. Interested already. Your witch sounds like a type of empath…is she…or is it just because she has been absorbing negative energy for so long,…through the concert scenerio, that she has just lost the ability to control
    that energy and release it safely? Looking forward to reading this story…

    1. At this point I’m going with “she’s young and talented but troubled’ but it could morph. I haven’t really plotted this out as far as I’d like to, but yeah she is an Empath.

      Thanks 🙂

      1. Yep! Sure am! And left you a note on FL. But yeah…cleaning up some, so that makes me happy…kinda. The end result will. And you have given me ideas for my story. It’s about halfway done now. ^_^ Hope you like lotsa girl/girl.

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