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Yay it’s finally 2011 and I’m back to work for the first full week, or second week of the year. I needed the week off and it drove me NUTS! I spent a lot of time watching Burn Notice and Metalocalypse reruns. The muse didn’t sleep though. I had blogs to write for WriteSEX, guest posts for other places, this website to maintain, etc. And I was busy subconsciously plotting a romance novel that’ll be some sort of weird time travel maybe targeted at Loose ID. I don’t know yet.

Basic plot is this: A woman and her husband ring in the new year judiciously and then when she wakes up, she finds herself in the bed of another man, and it’s maybe ten years later. Her husband is dead and she’s wanted for murder. But the man she’s in bed with now is her soul mate.

I haven’t figured out all the details yet but the idea may bear fruit this summer for an epublisher.

In other news, “Submit to Him” may end up on Lori’s desk at Ravenous Romance, courtesy of my e-agent. That story I never finished is a continuation of my Reinhold Wolf/Witch set of flash fiction pieces I started two years ago courtesy of Maura Anderson and Cynnara Tregarth. The basic plot is that The Moon Sisters, three powerful witches were given control of all of mankind’s wolves as a gift for all their hard work. Each sister falls into one of the roles in BDSM, Sub, Switch and Dom, with Reinhold the wolf having a soul mate and being a switch himself. “Submit to Him.” is the tale of Theresa and how she is the baby of the family. Reinhold has now come into his true power as a Dominant and decides to push Theresa’s boundaries to a place just beyond comfortable in order to show her his love.

To make matters worse, THeresa’s a brat and the only other person who could intervene to make things easier would be Reinhold’s soulmate, who is NOT a submissive by any means.

Here’s an unedited excerpt:

Leaning back in her chair, Theresa took a sip from her diet soda and looked at the screen. So far the rendering of the cover she’d done looked good but it lacked something.
She touched her chin “What is missing?”
She stared at the cover and saw the image clear as day. A man with long dark hair hanging down past his hips stood with a sword in hand, bare-chested. She’d made sure to capture just the right amount of muscle tone in the drawing to reflect her choice in men. He was lean, tanned and held a fierce look in eyes so richly coloured that she found herself getting lost in them if she stared too long.
Black acid washed jeans hugged hips that she’d drawn for nothing but pure pleasure, the man was sin incarnate.
The question she held firmly in her mind was, where was her sinful lover?
Just once she’d like to be pushed beyond her limits without one of her sisters being around to watch and make sure that the baby of the family didn’t get hurt.
Just once, she’d like to be fucked so hard and raw that it hurt to walk the next day. Was it too much to ask for a little blood, either?
Or how about restraints? Lynne hadn’t been a fan of anything harder than silk rope but Theresa wanted metal.
For the love of Loki, she wasn’t a human like any of her previous lovers had been. She was a witch, bestowed with powers from the Goddess Diana among others. She held a certain sway over nature. Reverence was something she maintained but damnit, couldn’t she get even one of the wolves to notice her?
Spinning around in her chair, she twirled stands of blood red hair in her fingers while pondering the problem at hand.
The cover model needed a mate.
Someone who was soft in all the places where he was hard.
She swallowed the lump in her throat and noticed her nipples pucker against the cotton of her shirt.
Shit, she’d even managed to grow damp between her thighs, soaking the crotch of her new panties.
“Gods be damned!” She swivelled back to face the image on screen. Leaning forward, she set both hands on the keyboard and began manipulating the image to make room for a wild female.
The door opened softly behind her so that she barely noticed.
Theresa waved a hand back at whoever had come in, though the scent of lupine filled her nostrils.
Awareness of the male Alpha of the pack she and her sisters owned filled her with anticipation.
He was a frustrating bastard, always ordering Lynne around and was never present when Crissy needed help.
Not that her older blonde sister ever would admit that, but it irritated her none the less.
A hand settled on her shoulder.
Fingers began to massage her aching muscles.
It was then that she noticed her aching lower back. “Mm, that feels good.”
Reinhold remained quiet while his fingers continued to apply pressure to Theresa’s tired shoulders.
Slowly, she leaned back. Letting his fingers work some of the tension out of her neck felt good. Theresa let out a long breath, releasing stress with it. “You’re after something.”
“Ruiner.” Reinhold’s fingers continued to work up her neck and down again. He stepped closer.
Tingles went up and down her spine. Her nipples remained hard and her panties soaked. She clenched her fists together but his strong fingers continued working the knots from her neck so that she let her hands down by her sides.
Warmth flooded her when wetness filled her core. She hated how turned on she was right now but the wolves were a natural aphrodisiac for the Sisters. The other two had succumbed to Reinhold at one point or another.
She broke the silence between them. “I hate that I can’t tell you to stop.”
Reinhold chuckled, the low rumble in his voice seeming to careen down his arms into her.
She hated how the low masculine sound made her feel.
“You hate the feeling of comfort and familiarity, Theresa. I’ve watched you. You’re an interesting woman.”
She nodded. “That I am. And I’m nothing like Lynne or Crissy so don’t think those charms you used on them will work on me.”
“You’re right,” his fingers continued moving up into the base of her skull, “you’re not like them. You’re a beauty in your own right, with your own needs and desires.”
She nodded, though focus on what he said became difficult. “That’s right.” She made sure to speak steadily, not letting her voice waver anymore than it already was.
His voice dipped another notch lower, “You’re a woman with unspoken needs, Theresa.”
Glaring, she slowly turned around to face him in order to tell him off. How dare he assume she had needs that she hadn’t told him about. He was merely a wolf for her to—her mouth dropped open when she saw the size of his erection staring her point blank.
She licked her lips unconsciously.
“Kneel, sweet redhead.” He stepped back from her and set his hands on his hips.
She couldn’t help herself, nor did she want to. Theresa found herself kneeling before the Alpha’s proud cock. He was smooth with a bulbous head that begged for little kisses. His shaft needed her teeth marks along the underside while she swirled her tongue over his head.
Shaved balls hung low between powerful thighs built just like the image on her screen. Her mouth watered.
He gave the soft command. “Take me in your mouth, sweet redhead.”
The voice of reason screamed in her mind for her to stop, but she found herself reaching for him, weighing the feel of his cock in her nimble fingers.
His swollen cock bobbed up and down at her first tentative touch.
He smiled, but kept a stern gaze on her. “You either want it or not. If you do not, I will walk away and not bother with you, third sister.”
She swallowed rejection.
He would abandon her? Reinhold was the wolf here, not her. He was the owned one, not the other way around.
“You’ve got five seconds. One.” He dropped his voice, “two. Three. Four.”
“All right!” She took him in hand and tugged his cock, loving the smooth velvety feel of him. Pumping him once kept him focused on her hand for a moment, long enough to distract him from counting.
“Good girl.” He set his hand in her hair, tangling fingers in her curls. “I love that you’re so quick to obey.”
A wry grin crossed her mouth. “Who said I wasn’t horny and waiting for you to show up?”
“A wolf knows when like calls to like. And I know when we should connect deeper. Now take me in your lovely mouth, sweet redhead.”
Irritated, she half felt like biting his cock off.
The stern look in his eyes held lust and wanton fire that distracted her from annoyed thoughts. Opening her mouth wide, she tried to pull him closer but he remained where he was.
“You come to me, little girl.” He gazed down at her through half open, somewhat angry eyes. “Never the other way around.”
Nodding, Theresa scooted forward, keeping her eyes on his when she took his precious cock in her mouth.
Sealing her lips around him, she savoured his girth and smoothness. Her panties grew sticky with juices flowing and she felt embarrassed. Shifting her weight, she reached for the towel on the desk.
He slapped her hand away. “I didn’t say you could do that. So don’t do it again.”
She winced. Pulling back from him, the desperate need in her voice gave away her feelings. “I am so wet, Reinhold I…”
The one look in his eyes spoke volumes. He liked her aroused. She salivated for the taste of him. Licking her lips, she took him in again, letting her throat relax so she could savour all of that delicious cock.
His hands tangled in her hair, easing her onto him until she’d taken him in and pressed her lips against the bass of his shaft.
He smelled rich, lupine. The sticky sweet head of his cock became covered in precum that begged for her lick it off.
Yet he slid his dick past her lips again.
“I like a hungry woman.”
She looked up at him; saw the abandon in his eyes. He wanted her. Desired her, was hard for her.
Fingers slid down her skull and caressed her jaw, cheeks. Brushing strands of hair out of her eyes, those fingers dipped beneath the top she wore to caress her already heated skin.
Working more tension from her back, his hands pressed and pulled her onto him until they’d established a little rhythm.
Removing a hand from her made her whimper.
Then his hand came down on her ass.
She squirmed and squealed with his dick still in her mouth.
I’m aiming for a March submission though my agent has a better blurb and the entire 5k of what’s written so far. I think I promised her like 40k or some shit LOL!

So that’s it. I’ve got edits to do and I NEED to finish “Forced Pleasure” The lovely Francine has three hard, aroused, males surrounding her and she’s restrained and naked, partially 😉

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  1. Sascha welcome back..I’m glad you took some time off…You need the rest…I love Burn Notice…It is the bomb..
    Ok the story sounds fantastic…I can’t wait for this book to come out..

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