New #Romance #Novel Release Schedule!

New Cover Art for my upcoming Decadent Publishing Release

New Cover Art for my upcoming Decadent Publishing Release

Hey Folks,

This post has been a long time coming but I’ve been busy as hell with all sorts of things, during which I’ve submitted stories, had acceptances and been stuck in edits HELL!  Granted, it’s needed but man does it suck LOL!

What I’m posting is proposed so far.

As of now:

His Reign (Opeth Pack Book 1)- October 2013 from Secret Cravings Publishing
Paula’s Craving – before the end of 2013 from Decadent Publishing
Raining Kisses (Opeth Pack Book 2)- January 2014 from Secret Cravings Publishing
Kisses Fall (Opeth Pack Book 3) – April 2014  from Secret Cravings Publishing
Fall into Us (Opeth Pack book 4) – July 2014 from Secret Cravings Publishing
Endangered (Nights of Lust book 1)- September 2014 from Red Sage Publishing
Untitled Opeth Pack book #5 – November 2014 from Secret Cravings Publishing
Haunted (Opeth Pack book 6) February 2015 from Secret Cravings Publishing

Plus I think I’m about to submit something to Assent Publishing, see what’s goin on there.  I think it’s good time to get busier, so you’ll be tuned in here to hit up the newest news, or catch me on Facebook at my fan page: 

The last three Opeth Pack books have to be written still.  I’m so screwed LOL!

I CAN reveal for those who have followed the series since it first got traction some time back is that Les is getting his book…and we’re actually going to lengthen and draw out the stories, dig deeper into the Prophecy and the relationships.  Looking forward to sharing with you lovely readers!

About saschaillyvichauthor

Sascha, who was proclaimed by the publishing industry as The Gentleman Playboy of Romance, started writing eighteen years ago. His erotic romances have been listed under Night Owl Romance’s and Road to Romance’s Recommended read lists, and he’s been nominated for a CAPA by The Romance Studio. Recently, Torn to Pieces was a USA TODAY Recommended Read. Sascha is a trained and experienced public speaker, and enjoys giving talks and teaching, particularly on aspects of romance, erotic romance, and writing. He was the former host of The Unnamed Romance Show on Radio Dentata, and is fond of doing guest spots and interviews, on both traditional radio and podcasts. Sascha writes for City Lights Publishing, Red Sage, Sizzler Editions, Totally Bound, and Decadent Publishing. Find him at
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4 Responses to New #Romance #Novel Release Schedule!

  1. Mary Hardin-Moore says:

    Wow, Sascha! Speechless! So happy for you! And I guess I better increase my book budget!

  2. Tawania says:

    That’s a great line up, but it looks like you’re going to be busy.. Congrats!

  3. Just busy as hell pimping new releases!

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