Edits back for Paula’s Craving – Out soon from Decadent Publishing!

545746_447297821947469_213044086_nNaturally I have no cover art yet, but the book has been off for edits for a few weeks now and I have them back in my hot little hands.  First round, with some expected changes, unexpected plot twists and new material.  The scene I’m about to pull will end up here for you after my street team has seen it.

Dana, my editor at Decadent has done a wonderful job of pointing out weak spots and as we go through the story to enhance it, I think it’ll turn out to be something impressive for readers of contemporary romance.

Some back story for you folks:

Paula’s Craving was originally titled “Cliff” a romance novel I started when I was 15 years old, based on the idea that a shy teenager who saw himself as damaged goods thanks to his upbringing, was spotted and friended by a girl a few years older than he.  She shows him through his clumsy teenage body how to enjoy life and change his outlook.

Well that book couldn’t have been published due to sexual content among the characters at the time but back in October, as I faced my first of two life changing events (both heart related and traumatizing in their own right) Paula and “Cliff” needed to have their story told.  It screamed at me for a few weeks actually.  I plotted, planned and had to realize the core issue still remained.  “Cliff” had grown into Ryan, captain of Industry, but he hadn’t ever let himself be for the mistakes his parents made.

Yet when he stumbles into a hotel bar and sees Paula, he takes his one chance at temporary happiness by bedding the woman he’s pined for over the last 15 years.

Paula knows better and determined woman that she is, chases after Ryan.  The rest of the plot, I’m changing so you can’t know yet LOL!

Until then, I hoe you eagerly anticipate the release of Paula’s Craving, a short contemporary romance about people learning to accept themselves as they let love in.

About saschaillyvichauthor

Sascha, who was proclaimed by the publishing industry as The Gentleman Playboy of Romance, started writing eighteen years ago. His erotic romances have been listed under Night Owl Romance’s and Road to Romance’s Recommended read lists, and he’s been nominated for a CAPA by The Romance Studio. Recently, Torn to Pieces was a USA TODAY Recommended Read. Sascha is a trained and experienced public speaker, and enjoys giving talks and teaching, particularly on aspects of romance, erotic romance, and writing. He was the former host of The Unnamed Romance Show on Radio Dentata, and is fond of doing guest spots and interviews, on both traditional radio and podcasts. Sascha writes for City Lights Publishing, Red Sage, Sizzler Editions, Totally Bound, and Decadent Publishing. Find him at http://saschaillyvichauthor.com
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