Romance Novel Review: Killing Moon by Rebecca York


Killing Moon By Rebecca York

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“KILLING MOON (ISBN: 0425190714, Berkley Sensation, June 2003). introduces Ross Marshall, my werewolf detective. He’s on the trail of a serial killer, who shoots him at the beginning of the story. Out of his mind with an infected bullet wound, he’s treated by a beautiful young doctor, Megan Sheridan. He’s drawn to Megan–and she to him–yet he’s vowed never to pass on his werewolf genes. As he becomes more intimately involved with Megan, she helps him figure out his genetic heritage. But the killer turns his attention on them. And Ross finds he must reveal his violent nature to Megan if he wants to save her. The setting is always important to my books. KILLING MOON takes place in the DC area because that’s where I live, and I also felt that setting a story here adds extra cachet.”

This was one of the first paranormal romances I’d ever actually read and part of what got me hooked into the world of wolf shifters.  I wanted to write like this and to tell tales of hot, angsty alpha men and seductive women.  And Rebecca’s characters deliver the goods here that I’ve used sort of as a bible to how I write my wolves.

The book itself has tight writing, an intriguing plot and of course steamy sex.  Vividness of images and characters make this a book and world you want to stay in more and more. It wasn’t the first book I read of the series, that was Crimson Moon which I picked up solely based on the awesome cover.  I’ll review that later.  Right now I’m aiming for paranormal readers here to see what I’ve read back in the day!

I know it’s an older book but I was going through my collection and realized I still had a ton of books I have read but never talked about.  So this is a combination of a book review and a little history about your humble author 😉

For those interested in MY first wolf story, Wolf Magic can be found on Amazon for Kindle

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