Laura Stamps – The Sex Witch and Small Press

Here we go with another incident of nonsense on Amazon since they opened up discussion forums for authors and readers to connect. I think btw it’s a brilliant move by the book giant especially from MY standpoint (the author)

Now the book cover on the left has come out from the wonderfully talented and fairly robust author Laura Stamps, aka the Sex Witch.  To summarize, the book in question received a bad review from an author with a book by the same name.  Said new author commented on the character and quality of Laura’s work as well as her fans and Laura’s personality.

Basically it’s a big pissing contest.  Thing is, it’s going to sadly go nowhere as of now.  The language that this other author uses definitely speaks of hostility and sounds very defensive. However I would like to make the point that when this discussion spirals into the hills of small press authors being ungrateful, that’s when no problem occurs as the e-book industry itself is booming and only just getting to be huge.  “Small press” or e-book publishers (like Loose ID, Ellora’s Cave) have too much going for them to worry about individual authors unless those authors are causing major problems.

Fact:  A negative review will not actually hurt an author who has done their homework.  I love Laura so she knows when I say this it’s in her beset interest.  The ONLY writer I know with a bigger ego than me is her!  Her sales are proof that the ego is deserved, but so what if you’re knocked off the best seller list?  The next book will fix that, right?

Laura has done her homework as an author.  I’m pretty sure that after twenty three years of being a writer, she should know better.

But that’s just on her ego. I can’t complain really since I AM the Bad Boy of Romance.   My one response on the entire issue pretty much makes the issue cut and dried:  One party’s verbiage looks very defensive when no initial attack was made and the other person has simply responded, not reacted to said review.

Yeah, I’m piggy backing on this for two reasons: One I support Laura and her work.  Two, I think it’s pretty obvious watching my traffic increase…

To find Laura’s books on Kindle click here

To follow the Amazon Discussion, click here

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2 Responses to Laura Stamps – The Sex Witch and Small Press

  1. The attitude that I’m seeing is like high school…I think people need to grow up…Reviews are now not being looked at seriously because of “the pissing contest” as you put it going on..

    • A reviewer’s job isn’t to really say whether a book in fiction is good or bad, it’s to give an idea, an objective opinion rather than bash or praise. But that’s hard to do. And yes, it’s what it is. Oh well. Still means I’m selling!

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