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Jet setter and playboy Devon has a BDSM dark side he wants to make reality, only catch is the girl who would serve him perfectly left him years ago and is afraid of what living with him means. He’d given up all hope until he’d spotted Shelly waiting tables in the casino he happened to be sitting in. Using the 1NightStand service to find her, he sets her up in a park, and has her bound to some playground equipment with only a blindfold on. Can his Dominance teach her the meaning of true love?

Devon spotted her, several feet away.

Shelly stood, bound to a rung on monkey bars. Gray shorts clung to her and the black sports bra did little to hide the size of her lovely, round breasts. Hair cascaded down her back. Standing with legs spread, blindfolded, and arms secured to the monkey bars, she looked ready, inviting.

He stopped ten feet away from her, eyes drawn to nipples that poked the fabric.

Slowly, he drew closer.

The sun had just set beyond the horizon. A car passed occasionally in the distance.

Devon scanned the area for potential threats or discovery. There were plenty of trees and bushes to cover certain acts, but the dirtiness of fucking her on the playground equipment….

Well, that was a turn-on.

Hopefully, she’d feel the same.

Devon took a step closer. Then another, and another, until he could hear her breathing.

Clear, pale skin begged for his touch. Her hair appeared even thicker than he remembered. He wanted to touch it. Ached to feel its silky smoothness through his fingers.

But not yet.

“You’re Marcy now, hm?” He deepened his voice, hoping to disguise it.

She gasped, lifted her head. “That voice.”

Her throaty gasp hardened him so that his cock strained against his leather pants, making him itch to unzip himself and plunge into her.

But he couldn’t do that just yet.

“Yes. This voice. You know me, Shelly.”

Another gasp and rattle of ropes caught his attention until she spoke, “They told me I was getting a surprise if I’d only go along. I didn’t realize….”

She stopped.

He hated that she did that. “You always stopped talking before giving away your major point, dear.” He set a hand firmly against her warm skin, palms itching to taste more of her.

She was hard this time, flesh not nearly as soft and malleable as he remembered. Still, she was soft in the way only a woman could be. “You’ve had a hard life since we separated.”

She didn’t respond verbally, but the shake of her body into his hand, clued him in.

“You always had that way about you, Shelly. Why,” his hand roamed up her spine, fingers walking up it slowly, tiptoeing so light he could barely feel her, “do you do that defensive movement?”

“Because what you’re offering is putting me there.”

“I’m offering only,” his fingers crept up her neck, brushing through her thick mane, “what you need.”

“Ha!” She snorted. “You never offered what I needed. Only a misogynistic viewpoint of what you thought I wanted and needed. Just like this entire scenario.”

“Are you going to tell me,” he leaned into her body, so close he could smell her, taste her almost, “that if I slipped my finger beneath your shorts—”

“I wouldn’t cry rape?”

He feigned surprise. A hand cradled her ass, cupping her before giving it a firm squeeze.

Shelly squirmed against him but settled her ass into the palm of his hand like they’d never been apart. Her jaw tensed, muscles in her neck flexed.

He shook his head, “I didn’t think so. Besides, I’d never hurt you.”

She scoffed and turned her head away from him.

“I mean it. You and I were good together. Can be good again.”

“That’s why you hired an agency to bring us back together? What kind of coward—”

He brought his hand down against her ass.

She yelped and arched into the pain.

It must have been an unconscious act because she quickly moved away from his hand.

“I already had the ‘I’m a coward’ speech with myself. But you disappeared.” He stepped close enough to her now that he could smell the spicy scent of her arousal beginning to flow between those long, pale legs. His pulse quickened. “But I had to do something, and you obviously agreed to it.”

She sighed heavily. “Yes, I did.”

“You had to know it was me. You avoided coming near me, so you must have seen me.” He leaned closer, nostrils flaring at her scent.

Heat radiated off her, so much that it made him feel even warmer, standing a mere few inches away.

She shook her head. “Yeah, I did know you were there. But I had hoped I was seeing things. You haven’t been around.”

“You were the one who left me, as I recall.” It was hard to keep the curt tone out of his voice, even with her bound and practically naked before him. His hand moved from her ass to the small of her back, touching exposed flesh. “If you knew, then why did you come?”

“Madame Eve offered me a chance at the one thing I wanted. I hoped….” She didn’t finish her sentence.

His fingers walked back up the length of her spine, carefully caressing her flesh while raven colored silken strands fluttered between his fingers. “You wanted one more taste, too. Admit it.” His voice remained gruff, low. “You wanted to see for yourself that we had a chance.”

“Close,” she lowered her head, blatantly fighting the urge to arch further into his touch, “I wanted one last tryst, yes. When I received a text from Madame Eve telling me she’d been watching me, I freaked out. I wasn’t even aware of her service. I’ve been working here for two years now.”

He sighed. It had been two years since they last met, since last their flesh fell upon each other’s and hearts beat in tune before she walked out. “Yeah, Madame Eve is something else.”

Shelly nodded.

“Will you look at me if I remove the blindfold?”

She nodded again. “I can do that. I’d rather you release me.”

“The freedom I wish to give you,” he paused, reaching for her blindfold and tugging the knot free before moving to stand before her, “is the sort of freedom you’d cherish if you’d give in.”

Slowly, Shelly’s eyes widened in an emotion Devon couldn’t quite read.

Her arms still hung above her head, pushing well rounded breasts out beneath the tight, black sports bra. Her nipples were hard. He ran a hand over one.

She shuddered.

“You’re still lovely as ever.”

She sneered. “I’ve lost weight since last we…. I’m not what you think I am.”

He tilted his head slightly, dropped his voice to an almost whisper, “What do you think I believe you are?”

She shook her head, “You think I’m some sort of….” Her eyes lowered, she blinked then looked back at him with what seemed like steady resolve. “You think I’m some sort of toy to be used and….” She started stammering. “And a doormat.”

He gasped, “You got that how?”

She glared, thrust her bound wrists at him. “Isn’t it obvious?”

“You still agreed.”

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