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Have you noticed the new website look?  Like it?  I love it. When I was talking with my writing coach, we decided on a more homogenous look for my brand because authors these days, contrary to what author Skye Warren says, are their brand and that is partially cosmetic.

And because we wanted to stay in the romance world, I couldn’t go with all blacks and shit right?  LOL!

So we have the brand new logo as seen above, FB and Youtube banners and yes, there will be swag eventually.

I’ve got aLOT coming down the pipeline in the coming months.

I’m still making my way through this job at Triple Impact and it’s been fun, but a LOT of training has happened in the past few months as we’ve switched from Federal sector to Private, and back again.

Those who know, are aware I was with the wife back in February for the first time. It was a little tough at first because neither of us just….it’s been so long. And I won’t mention too much about my past relationships but there’s going to be some adjustments, all for the better. Plus, we’re still in love.

Readers have been completely on board with this marriage, which we’re grateful that others can believe in our love too.

I have so much more to say, but right now I’m actually at work so…more later!

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