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Interracial Vampire Erotica by Sascha IllyvichVampires have been a staple in erotic fiction for the last ten years.  When Sherrilyn Kenyon said nobody was buying paranormal that was  a half truth.  The facts were that e-book authors were selling paranormal and couldn’t write it fast enough.  Thanks to e-books, some of the hottest careers have been launched (mine included!) because the authors jumped on a popular trend.

Dark Traders was a stab for me at the intro of this genre despite the fact that I’ve been known as a BDSM author, writing stories of sexy girls captured, bound and tortured sexually until they screamed their orgasms and begged to be at their masters’ feet.

I wanted something different as an author.  Again with the concept, what if vampires controlled the stock market?

Miranda Raven isn’t just any heroine.  She’s a bitter, burned vampire with a score to settle with the man who turned her.  Sexy hitman Jet.  He’d only been doing his job and his former employers discovered that not only was she still alive, but she was planning on taking down X Corp.  Something about vampires having morals.

But her only problem is that she can’t keep her fingers off Jet.

And he has no problem with that.  He’s a badass.  Think Brock Sampson from Venture Brothers. Think The Rock in any movie he’s been in where he wasn’t a chump.  Think Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious or XXX.

A real badass.

If you want more, I suggest you BUY DARK TRADERS

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