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So far I’ve had trouble with the ending of the Mistress Turned Series.  At the end of book 2, Jackie is kidnapped and the problem I had was that at the beginning of book three, I knew who the kidnappers were, and why they were holding her hostage.

The problem was that I had two routes I could go which were typical in BDSM erotica books. One, was the rape into the Deux Ex Machina (or Chekov’s Gun) scenario, which frankly would have made me sick.  I’d have had to drink a TON of alcohol (more than usual) in order to write that shit and it probably would have sold like hotcakes.

The other route was that I could have had Jackie fight back, but then what?  Overpowered by four men, OR outsmarting them could be done but was also typical of the genre.

I talked to my publisher at Renaissance E-books and we came up with a much better solution.  You’ll have to stay tuned and be sure to pick up “I Want to Submit to You, Master” and part II, “I Will Serve You, Master” to read the entire story.

The long term problem though is that I’m bored with the story.  And if I’m bored with a piece, it can’t get finished.  Or won’t.  I’m through forcing stories.  If I return to it, there will be an update.

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