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Xana, Warrior Princess
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How many of you remember the episode of Hercules where Kevin Sorbo and crew ended up in the future?   It was interesting having the characters fulfill modern roles of lawyer and judge if memory serves, while trying to figure out how they got where they were. Somehow I keep thinking Xena, Warrior Princess was involved too but it’s been so long since I’ve seen either show that I honestly forgot.  Yet I still proudly wear my Gabrielle Bard of Potidaea shirt around the house!

I never really got into a lot of trends in fantasy TV. I’m not a Trek junkie, except for TNG because of the hot dark haired and shapely Deana Troi.  And Beverly because she’s a redhead and I have a personal redhead fetish.  I never got into Star Wars, much past watching the movies and I still haven’t seen the current first three. Hell my current reference point for Star Wars is Geeksta/Nerdcore rapper MC Chris.

But Xena and Hercules appealed to me, more as a writer.  So it’s not a surprise that when I was creating another erotic romance story for I can’t remember which publisher originally, that Sacrifice ended up being written.

Sacrifice is the story of Ares, the Greek God of War and how his power keeps mounting such to the point that it almost threatens Hera’s.  She decides to banish him out of Olympus and send him to a 1950’s San Francisco where he’ll reside until he dies.  Oh yeah, he’s been swapped with a drunken yet highly successful Sam Spade type character named John Mars, famous PI.

After Aphrodite pops in and explains some things to him, including why he’s powerless and what to do about it, in comes Linda and she wants this famous Dick to investigate the murder of her father…except that once Ares as John Mars spots her, he has other ideas on what and where to investigate.

The rub in all this is that they both fall for each other but Ares being who he is, hasn’t figured out what the lesson is before he totally fades away and is replaced by this John Mars persona.

But once the relationship is established, Ares and Linda have a choice.  What will they do?

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