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Houses I walk by when I’m headed to Highland Cigar Company.  See, the train doesn’t get me all the way there but it does stop at Inman Park/Reynoldstown.

First, some brief history: Our Beginnings

Further toward North Highland Avenue is this beauty – I’d LOVE to smoke cigars and relax on that porch with bourbon and company.

Inman Park is Atlanta’s first planned residential suburb and also Atlanta’s first electric trolley neighborhood. Created at the cusp of the twentieth century, this ideal Victorian neighborhood — curved streets, generous residential lots and verdant parks — was built upon the wrecked land of Atlanta’s Civil War battlefield, two miles east of Downtown Atlanta. – From Inman Park website.

That being said, it’s a brief walk, about .7 of a mile from the MARTA stop to Highland and during the Spring and Fall months, the walk is quite enjoyable.  Large sweeping trees overhead, beautiful Victorian houses, plenty of landscape? Yeah, that’ll get me in the mood for a #SundayNightChillSession all right!  The neighborhood is pretty large with both implements of modernity and history, including a park, the Church and a series of lofts in some of the older buildings that have been repurposed.

The remodel on this is gorgeous!

Anyway, the houses in this area are iconic, with gorgeous Victorian style architecture. I truly enjoy the walk through the neighborhood and for the last two years, have done the Inman Park Tour of Homes for a relatively low fee.

I needed to do something to shake up my normal cigar/booze routine and this just seemed cool.  I’ll throw up a few pictures in another post later about interiors, but being able to see some of the houses restored to either former glory or modernized with impressive designs was awesome.

The second photograph is actually the finished product. When I first arrived here, they were rehabbing the house and about four months back maybe? I saw new owners moving in.  It was pretty and the exterior looks amazing.

Even going into the old church was astounding.  I really loved the stained glass windows and will have to find those photos to accompany the exterior to the right of this post. Oh and both my youngest Girlfriend and I got to ring the bell last time she was in town and we did the tour of homes.


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