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I promised I’d deliver a Christmas themed story to one house for an anthology, I promised the folks at Decadent I’d have more work for them and with that, I’ll end the year writing and spend more time editing, reading and relaxing.

I think I’ve done pretty well as an author overall this year.  Spent some time talking with both agents Marisa and Saritza about next year, talked to Jean Marie Stine about promotions for Sizzler Intoxications and have a lot going on already.  I haven’t had a lot of releases and that bums me out but the stagnation on the release front doesn’t mean that I haven’t been writing!  Paranormal Erotic Romance featuring hot werewolves, a sexy witch and more!

The Decadent 1NS series has two more titles from me coming once I sit down and write them.  Covenant of Wolves 1: Stalker(Dub M ix) is being shopped around to different publishers by my wonderful print agent, Burning for Derrick I’ll start editing at the end of October! Yay me!  LOL!

It’s been a good ride this year, quite frankly.  I’ve achieved a great deal of back end success.  Much more to come!  Hopefully by the time this has been posted I’ll be halfway through edits on Burning for Derrick!

How about an unedited excerpt?

Derrick woke up in a soft bed. His body ached, his stomach was sore and there were bruises on his forehead and pain in his back.  No doubt he had a few bruises.

He moved to brush strands of hair back from his face and tried not to grunt.  Then he saw the beauty next to him.

Sonja lay beside him still wearing his trench coat, jeans as she had the day before and a top that begged for removal because it was holding back beautiful breasts.

He licked his lips.

Then he stirred.  And pain set in.

Sonja’s eyes opened. She shook.

Quickly, Derrick reached for her, caught her hand and rolled onto his side so he faced her.  “Shh,” he pressed two fingers against her lips.

Tears streamed down her face.

He wanted to kiss them away.

Stilling his mind, he leaned over her and did the one thing he could think of that could distract her from whatever horrors raced through her head.

He kissed her.

She sobbed into the kiss.

Derrick tasted the sweet plumpness of her lips with a soft press of his mouth against hers.  He kept his eyes open, gave her hand a gentle squeeze.

Sonja shifted against the bed and his body.  A hand reached for his face, small yet lithe fingers stroked along his chin.

He hardened instantly at her touch.  Careful to steady his reaction against rising hormones, Derrick pressed his body against hers, feeling the softness of her breasts beneath his jacket.  “You’re still wearing my coat,” he teased while licking her chin.

She laughed and kissed him back, taking his face in her hands while moving beneath him.  “It fits. Perfectly in fact.  I think I’ll keep it.”

He chuckled, a low sound that widened her eyes. Was she scared?  Judging by the way she kept her hands on his face, probably not.  He bent down, nipped her exposed neck and waited a moment. Her pulse beat steadily.  His puma wanted to taste the creature beneath it.

Hands fisted in his hair and dragged his mouth to hers again.  She tasted of fear, yet the powerful thrum of lust rested just at the shoreline of emotions.  He could smell it, taste it.  And with a thumb and forefinger, he caressed a trail of heat down her collarbone into exposed cleavage.

She shuddered, arched her breasts upwards and into him.

Derrick pulled back from the kiss and looked at her.  Red hair sprawled beneath her and fanned out.  Her round face held some color, lips were primed and plump for more kissing.  And the blue-silver of her eyes sparkled. “Maybe you should wear only my coat.”  The possessiveness in him surprised him, but didn’t stop him from making a claim on her.  It didn’t matter that they were two different beings, at this moment all that mattered was the heat between them.

“Patience, cat.  We have some time.  Right?”  An eyebrow arched.

He didn’t know, truthfully.  Derrick wasn’t even sure where they were or how they got here.  All he remembered was that he’d taken out the man who was about to shoot her point blank.  He couldn’t have let that happen. At the thought, the urgency of their sexual encounter reared its head.

He’d almost lost her and that would be bad for so many reasons.  The security of the world could be at stake, but something deeper made her more important to him.

The way she he kept stroking his shoulders distracted him.

Nails raked along exposed skin and goose bumps appeared on his flesh.

Derrick parted her thighs with his leg and pressed into her heat.

Damn but she was hot even through her jeans.

She hissed, gripped his shoulders tightly and lifted up to catch him across the throat.

The puma inside growled.  Derrick fought the beast back down.  Sonja may be a witch but to his knowledge she was still a human, probably unfamiliar with dominance acts.

She bit his neck again.

A shiver raced through him and he realized he didn’t care if she was aware or not.  She was driving him mad with little things.

The third time she’d reached for his neck, Derrick backed off and rose above her.  “I need,” he started to speak.

She shifted and cupped him.

He almost lost it.

The puma’s tone changed.  Even the beast inside recognized the core principle that it and Derrick shared.

They were both male.

“I know how to play dirty,” she laughed breathlessly, “And I’m not afraid of the big beast, either.”

“You must not be that bright,” he dipped his head down and flicked his tongue over a breast.  He found the hem of her shirt and pulled it off, only to have it caught by his coat.

“You’re going to make this difficult, aren’t you?”

“You just said I wasn’t that bright.  So I think I should.”

He was determined to strip her until all she wore was that playful grin.  “Fine.  Two can play this game, Sonja.”  He slid away and reached for her with one hand.

She scrambled to get away but his height gave him an advantage.  Capturing her wrist, he pulled her to him, brought his mouth down on hers and wrapped his arms around her curvy frame.  She felt so good in his arms, so soft, supple.

Her body rocked against his.

He thrust his tongue past her lips and into her mouth.  Hands gripped his shoulders again but he forced her hands at her sides.  Using the added strength of the puma, he shoved the coat off her shoulders and down her sides so that it bound her arms.

Then he pulled back from the kiss and started licking a trail down her jaw, over her neck until she mewled.

“Perfect sound,” his voice filled with gravel as he continued to lick and kiss her neck, collarbone.

She struggled against him.

He’d done his best to keep his negative thoughts at bay.

He had to.  She was able to read his mind and all he wanted her to see now was the simple fact of unchained desire.

He pushed the coat down the length of her arms, exposing flesh and ridding her of one more protective layer against his sensual assault.

When their mouths met again, he let her tongue past his lips and let her stroke and suckle him.  With the coat finally pushed off her arms, he could now reach for the hem of her shirt. He tugged at it and broke from the kiss. “Do you want this, Sonja? I’ll stop,” he had to choke those words out, “if you want.”

She nipped his bottom lip.  “Fuck me, Derrick.”

The desperation in her voice couldn’t be missed but neither could the sultry emphasis she’d put on the first two words.

Derrick lifted her shirt up and tore it off her head, exposing beautiful round breasts that made his mouth water.   His cock stiffened painfully.  “My gods you’re lovely.”  He pushed her back at arm’s length and stared at her.

She let out a heavy sigh, “Are you going to ogle my tits like one of my rabid fans or are you going to play with me?”

He loved her demanding, breathy voice.

Now she was pushing him down onto the bed so she could straddle him.

“You’re wearing too many clothes.”  Her voice dropped dangerously husky.

Part of him wondered if that was her natural voice or any vocal training .He’d remember to ask later.


Her hips enveloped his thighs.

He reached for her and caught her breasts in his hands.  Sitting up, he gave her breasts a squeeze.

She moaned and began fumbling with his shirt.  “You can take this off,” she tugged at it, “or I can yank it off and you’ll need a new shirt.”

Before he could respond, she’d ripped the shirt off him, exposing him.

She let out a low whistle. “I guess we’re even now.”

“Are you going to stare at me,” he chuckled, “or are we going to fuck?”

Her mouth curled up in a smile.  She pushed her hands against his broad chest, batted her eyelashes and scooted her ass over his crotch.  “We’re going to fuck.  Now.”

Derrick braced himself.

Sonja slithered down his body, covering his chest with kisses and bites.  He’d shivered against every one, especially when she moved back up his chest and took a nipple in her mouth.

She bit down, applying gentle pressure and suckling, just like he’d do to her momentarily.  Yet the sensation shot through his body and sent all thought flying out the window. Logic too failed him.

He’d started to lose control of the feelings he’d carefully held onto and walled up, but there wasn’t any way in hell he was going to let Sonja take them from him.  Nor would he let her fix his mind with her voice.  “You’re only allowed to use your body to do this, sweet Jesus!”  Her teeth grazed against his now exposed hip.

When did she slide his jeans down?

It didn’t matter. He was hard and hot and now in her grip.

“How did you?”

She arched a brow.  “Witch, remember?”  Then she bent forward and stroked his cock with her tongue while her breasts pressed against his thighs.

His balls drew up against his body and the warmth of her mouth enveloped him.

He hissed through clenched teeth and gripped the bed sheets tightly.

Her mouth worked up and down the length of his shaft.  Her tongue snaked around the thick head of his cock, making his breath race.  His heart beat faster and faster in tune with her sucking.  “If you don’t stop I’m going to come.”

She popped the head of his cock out of her mouth and grinned, “That’s the point.”

Not if he could help it.  Somehow, for some reason the urge to sink himself inside her was what he needed most.  “No.”

She lifted her head and let strands of hair fall on each side of her face, giving her the look of a witch bent on seduction, “You’re cute telling me no, babe.  But,” she gave him one last lick, “I am dying for this.  So,” she slid up the length of his body so that her breasts pillowed against his chest. Their eyes met.  “Fuck me, cat.”

He couldn’t ignore the commanding tone in her voice.  It wasn’t filled with magic, it was just…her.

Sultry, sensual and slightly dominating.

His hands caught the waist of her jeans and tugged down.  “These are coming off.”  He couldn’t maintain control for much longer but he needed to lose himself in her, not in front of her.

With a hard yank, he had her jeans and panties down over her ass.  A hand came down on her rump.

She hissed and bit him again.

“You’re taunting a wild animal.” He growled, rolled them both over so that he was on top now.

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