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When I created the characters for my Opeth Pack Saga, the first story was what called to me first.  I had a young punk who desperately wanted to rebel against everything he was taught, though he had no idea why.  This became Marco, a trouble maker the Pack Elders sent to America, (well dumped him there anyway) as prophecy dictated he wasn’t in the right head space to achieve goals needed for his pack.

Enter Selene, former pack witch and woman who is fed up with the pack bullshit.  Her disappearance angered the Elders but she remained loosely tied to the Opeth pack anyway.

How about a sexy excerpt?


Marco woke and groaned. He finally opened his eyes and winced
at the throbbing in his head. He surveyed his surroundings. To his
right was a cherry wood bookcase filled with books on two levels and
the top level held a few pieces of clay pottery. Through the window,
he could see the purple hue of the sun on the horizon.
Apparently, it was almost dusk. The thin white curtains covering
the window let in just enough light to accent the color of finish on the
round table.
Marco sniffed the air, and sneezed. That damned floral scent was
heavy. His head throbbed from the intensity.
“Bless you,” a feminine voice rang out from behind him.
Marco stared at the redhead standing before him. Dressed in a dark
blue velvet long sleeved shirt and skintight blue jeans, she walked
closer swaying her hips. He lay splayed out on the plush white couch.
She stood over him her fiery red hair was pulled back in a ponytail
that swished around her hips. His body reacted by tingling; the beast
inside him would have howled if it were out.
“How did I get here?”
“You kissed me, and I had my knockout lipstick on. You fainted.
You do look yummy for a young pup,” she purred.
Marco licked his lips.
“So, what’d you do to get this punishment from the elders?”
Marco sat up. “What’s it to you?”
“Easy there, big boy. I’m here to help.”
She took a seat beside him, crossing those luscious thighs. He
couldn’t stay defensive when confronted with her body. Smiling at
her bare feet, Marco licked his lips.
“Cute,” he pointed at her glittery green toenail polish.
“Thanks. I try.”
“So, what am I doing here?”
“I’m helping your pack watch over you for the first month of your
“How’d I get that lucky?”
“Let’s just say they owe me.”
Leaning back against the soft cushion, Marco sighed. Running a
hand through his hair, he realized it was still dirty. “Could I get—”
“Shower’s down the hall and to your left.”
“Thanks.” Marco didn’t acknowledge the feeling of a little probe
inside his head, saying instead. “How’d you know?”
“I have my ways. Besides, as cute as you are for a young pup, you
smell of trash. Why the hell they had to throw you in that alleyway
for me to find is beyond me. What’d you do?”
“Tell me your name first.”
Marco sniffed the air, the scent of daisies stood out, among other
things. “You want me, don’t you?” he asked, easily recognizing the
scent of her arousal.
“Get in the shower, boy.” Selene licked her lips.
Turning around, Marco felt a hand shove him down the hallway.
“Hey,” he protested but was shoved past off-white walls with a few
pictures he didn’t stop to look at.
Her slender arm pushed beneath his, opening the wooden door in
front of him. Light spilled onto a lavish purple rug that sat on gray
“You’re very well to do,” he muttered before his vest was yanked
off his shoulders and tossed aside.
“Look, lady I can undress myself.” Marco spun around to face her.
Who did she think she was, undressing him as though he were still a
Her mouth plundered his. Her soft lips melted his rough edges and
he let it happen. Suddenly he didn’t care that he was being ordered
around. In fact, he rather liked it because it was her, Selene.
Wrapping his arms around her waist, he easily hoisted her onto the
black countertop. Marco felt her thighs circling around his waist,
pulling him into her. “I’m not gonna pass out again, am I?”
“That depends, if I’m too hot for you or not.”
Feeling her breath against his skin when she giggled, he arched his
hips toward hers. “Oh, we’ll see,” he promised.
Grinding his hips harder, he felt her lips vibrate against his ear. She
purred, making the hair on the back of his neck stand on edge. Her
fingers gripped a patch of hair and forced his head to hers, their lips
pressing against each other so hard, she forced a breath from Marco.
Her strength surprised him.
“Wolf, take these off.” It was a command she growled against his
neck as he felt her tug his jeans. His heart began racing when he felt
her hand snaking down his stomach.
“You’re hard.”
“You’re quick.”
Throwing her head back, she pressed her breasts against his chest.
Marco cupped them through the thick material of her top, squeezing.
She moaned, when his thumbs circled her nipples into tiny peaks.
A hand ripped open the snap of his jeans, yanking down his zipper.
“No boxers? Nice,” she purred and licked his lower lip.
He bit at her tongue catching it between his lips – a little game. He
made quick work of her shirt then unhooked her bra and helped slide
it down her arms while below his cock sprang free. The bulbous head
bobbed proudly against her jean-clad thigh.
“Shower, now.” Two hands forced him away.
With his pants falling around his ankles, Marco spun around and
stumbled over his pants before kicking them free. Nearly falling in the
shower, he grabbed the curtain rod, shoving the large purple shower
curtain aside to reveal black tile.
He felt the sharp crack of her hand across his backside. The slap
echoed off the tiled walls. Stinging pain raced through his body from
his ass.
“Ouch!” He looked back to see Selene grinning.
“Shower,” she repeated.
Marco climbed in the black tub and switched on the faucet. The
stinging cold blast of water hit him in the face. Yet through it he
watched Selene undo the snap on her blue jeans. His jaw dropped.
She shoved the jeans and white panties down to reveal a smooth,
hairless beauty with plump lips. How he wanted to sink his tongue
between them! His cock ached to be inside her.
Reaching out, he gently touched her round stomach. Even with his
bumbling strength, he managed to caress her.
She moved his hand from her stomach and took a step toward him.
She looked radiant, standing before him with her hair pulled back,
lustfully bright flames dancing in her eyes. Tugging the hair tie free,
she whipped her ponytail around, freeing the mass of hair so it flowed
around her shoulders. Long, thick locks blanketed her pale skin,
except for her pert nipples.
His mouth watered. Those glazed over sea-green eyes staring into
his, said plenty. She was a female in heat. Selene’s buxom breasts
bobbed with each inhaled breath and she went willingly when he
pulled her into the bathtub and crushed their bodies together. Their
lips locked and water sluiced over them. He felt her heat instantly.
Flames danced over his skin, eager for her to engulf him.
“I’m dying to be inside of you.” His voice was a low growl.
“Not yet, lover,” she whispered, puckering her lips for a kiss.
Her moist red lips burned his flesh, trailing kisses of hot fire down
his torso while sharp teeth nibbled his skin. Marco, arching against
her mouth, felt his cock throb against her breasts. Hot kisses ignited
his body, made him harder. Sweat formed on his brow and he gasped
with each touch.
Her breasts crushing against him, her mouth assaulting his body
sent his senses spinning out of control. Her lips touched, she bit and
sucked his most delicate flesh, making Marco groan in pleasure. His
hands caressed her smooth shoulders, gripping handfuls of her
soaking wet mane. Tugging her lips from his chest, he plundered her
mouth with his, taking control of the kiss, taking control of her,
driving his tongue between her lips.
The temperature of the water had changed, heating things up more.
“You’re trying to dominate me?” Selene threw her head back in
laughter but Marco’s lips sank into her neck, sucking her skin. Her
fingernails raced along his spine to send shivers even as hot water
splashed against his back.
“Yes,” he muttered.
“Fat chance,” Selene pushed him away.
Her slender fingers clutched his cock and Marco growled, the
pleasure driving him wild.
“Do you feel powerful holding such a large cock in your tiny
Selene nodded, quivering as his fingers slid inside her, his hand
pressed against her sex. Her heat scorched him, searing his fingers.
Her molten core was ready and waiting for him.
“Give yourself to me,” he growled.
“Not yet.” Selene nibbled his ear, her tongue trailing down over his
neck in circles.
“Anticipation, wolf.”
“I don’t like waiting.”
“I know,” she grinned. “You’ll wait. And you’ll like it.”
Shuddering at his touch, she gripped his body tighter, her
fingernails digging into his skin. “Oh, tease … me.”
Her fingers massaged his hair which sent shivers racing through
His fingers swirled around her pussy and he savored her moans and
shudders. She was wound tight, her pussy a burning entrance for his
cold steel cock.
He stopped and stepped away from her. He could tease too.
“What about protection?”
“We don’t need it. I’m too old to conceive. Now,” she stepped
Their eyes met.
“What?” He backed away from her with a sheepish grin on his face.
“Fuck me, wolf!”

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