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In I Will Submit to You, Master,

Mistress Jackie is a strong Domme, but Master Collin is stronger!  Can he convince her to give into her true nature as a submissive?

Master Collin stepped through the door, shutting it with a soft click.  “Good afternoon sweet submissive.”

Jackie’s eyes riveted to his body, the sheer size of it.  Collin wore only a pair of black jeans, carried a whip in his hand.  His dark curls bounced over his ears and hung down just a little in front of his eyes, which gleamed even in the darkness.

She could easily make out the flames dancing in those eyes, the intense heat from them alone could melt steal.

Collin stepped closer, uncoiling the whip.  “You didn’t answer me,” he threw the whip out in front of him and pulled it back, trailing it behind him before flicking his wrist to make a tiny ‘pop’ sound.

Jackie stirred.  Looking up, she met his eyes and nodded.  “You’re right.  I was distracted.”

He looked around, waving a hand at the dungeon.  “This is my wife’s creation.  We had converted it into a spare bedroom many years ago but decided that we had enough spare bedrooms upstairs.  So it became our play room.”

Nodding, Jackie kept her eyes trained on the whip.

Collin moved it with snakelike precision, flicking it this way and that.  “I see something has caught your attention, Miss Jackie.”

The familiar use of her proper name would have comforted her but the tone Collin used made her sound more feminine than she really was.  “I hate the way you say my name.”

He lowered his chin and smiled.  “I know.”  Throwing his wrist forward, he cracked the whip gently to one side of her.

Jackie flinched, jerking her hips to one side.

Collin laughed lightly.  “Do you know how to use one of these?”

Lifting her chin, Jackie tried to avert her gaze from those dangerous eyes of his.  “Yes, I do. I’ve left some pretty marks on many a submissive.”

Collin cracked the whip a little harder on the other side of her body.

She jerked her hips in the opposite direction.

“With this one toy and a bit of control, I can warm up, inflict pain, and cool down a submissive, bringing them to a point in their heads where they crave not just the sting, but the caress of my lash.  I’ve seen what you’ve done to submissives and I have to say, your handiwork is nothing short of torture.”

Stiffening, Jackie felt her heart beat louder.  She clenched her fists together, aware that his gaze had traveled up and down the length of her body.  “Fuck you,” she spat the words out callously.

He grinned and worked the whip around his leg behind him.  “I’d like to. And I will but it’ll be when I say and only when I say.”

She rolled her eyes.

Stepping closer to her, he spoke dryly.  “I see you’re amused by the thought.  So,” laying the whip out in front of him, he dragged it back behind him and threw it forward, “I’ll show you what I mean by warming up.”

The whip popped just in front of her thigh.

Jackie tried not to flinch but couldn’t help the involuntary movement.  She kept her eyes on him, watching his muscles work with each throw.

Collin threw the whip forward again, taking a half inch step towards her.  The whip popped again, brushing her thigh just below her pussy.

Sucking in a breath, Jackie bit her lower lip.

He chuckled and threw the whip again.

It cracked a tad louder and brushed the same spot on the other thigh.

Again Jackie gasped.

An eyebrow rose. “Surprised?”

She nodded. “Yeah.  Real.”

“You should be.  It takes real talent to master a large bullwhip like this one.”  He cracked it again just at waist level.

Jackie forced herself to remain in place just to show she couldn’t be scared.

Setting up for the next crack, Collin drew the whip behind him and threw it forward.

The popper connected with her hip.

Stinging pain forced a breath from her.

Collin brought the whip in front of him and threw another crack that connected with Jackie’s other thigh.

Flinching, Jackie clutched the ropes that held her hands bound to the cross.  Warmth radiated from that last hit.

Another hit connected higher up on her hips on the same side.

The pain annoyed her but wasn’t anything she couldn’t manage.

Collin set up for another throw.  Using a side arm motion, he swung the whip again, crossing her rib.

Exhaling sharply, Jackie closed her eyes. Heat emanated from the point where the whip connected.

Collin took a full two steps back from Jackie.  “I could do this all night, but it only shows you one side of the whip. Do you understand?”

She snorted.  “I understand you like to hear yourself talk.”

Throwing his head back in laughter, he set a hand on his hip and threw the whip again.

It cracked with a loud boom that echoed in the tiny room and made the candles flicker.

Jackie squirmed away from the sound, forcing her body into the hard wood of the frame.

The music increased in volume.

“I could do that all night too, miss Jackie.’  He licked his lips and rubbed his chin with a hand. “But,” he sighed softly, “I’d rather not.  I’m not as full of myself as you might think.”

She tilted her chin up defiantly.  “Show me.”

Collin made a clucking noise with his tongue.  “I figured a skilled mistress like yourself would certainly know the difference between showing and telling.  And I’ve so far showed you one aspect of control.”  He reached for the zipper on his jeans and drew it down slowly.  His cock fell forward, heavy and huge.

Jackie couldn’t take her eyes off the swollen head that seemed to glisten with drops of precum.  Her heart thumped loudly in her chest in anticipation of what he planed to do with that lovely cock.  She fancied herself riding it and shook the notion from her head.  She was his superior, not his equal or submissive, damnit!

He gripped himself and began pumping.  “I can’t control this, it seems to have a mind of its own.  Just like you’re still so wet I can smell it from here.  But I can control the whip and the way I respond to your body.”  He stopped stroking himself and slowly put himself back together.

Jackie swore her mouth was watering now.  She knew she was soaked and cursed her traitorous body.

His voice remained cool, though Jackie could hear the strain in it.  “Control is a complex thing, Miss Jackie.  One moment we have it, the next we need something from someone else and must cede control.”

Easing her grip on the rope that gripped her flesh, Jackie shook her head as though trying to shake the image of his magnificent cock from her mind. “If we have everything we need, and can control our lives from start to finish, then we must never cede anything.”

“True, but when we die isn’t in our control. I mean we have some semblance of control over that fact but…”  He brought the whip around and threw it again.

The strike cut across her ribs.

The pop stung and brought immediate heat to the area.  Jackie hissed out a breath.  She hung her head and inhaled deeply.  Hair fell in front of her, auburn curls bobbing annoyingly in her face.

The whip soared through the air again, catching her on the side of her breast.

She hissed in a breath and squeezed her eyes shut tightly.  Tears threatened to sting the backs of her eyes.

The whip flew through the air, brushing her hair back.

Opening her eyes, she looked up to see him setting up for another throw.

Another strike caught her across the nipple.

A jolt of pain/pleasure spiked through her. Her pussy grew damper.  Clenching her thighs together was futile, leather restraints at the ankles held her legs firmly in place.

Pain shot through her from the next blow that caught her on the other nipple.

Panting, Jackie moaned, throwing her head back at the same time.

The whip cracked loudly in what Jackie knew was several feet away from her. She jerked anyway.

Seconds later, another strike caught her across the thigh.

Crying out, she strained against the cross, bucked and clutched the ropes.  By now her flesh was warm to the touch, the fire of lust radiating outward from her belly.  Even her toes curled in anticipation of the next strike.

Two more strikes landed on her breasts, digging into the flesh.

Tears fell from her eyes in a steady trail.

Her hair fell down around her face again.  She sobbed.

Tensing her muscles, she waited for the blow to land.

Instead, the whip popped loud enough to sound threatening but caressed her skin just opposite of where she’d been cut.

The sweetest caress of the whip fluttered over her stomach, tickling her.

Her laughter came out as a choked sound through the sniffle and tears.

The whip flew through the air once again, darting over her nipple light enough that she wasn’t sure that the fluff of the cracker even connected.  Another spike of pleasure shot through her.

Collin cleared his throat.

The movement drew her focus back from her body and her head to Collin instead.  “I believe I’ve proven my point about control.

Jackie turned away from him, shutting her eyes.

Not more than a few seconds later, Collin’s body pressed against hers so tightly that she wasn’t sure any light could be seen between them.

The warmth of his body upon hers sent her heart racing even faster. By now she was panting harder and straining more against the restraints.

His eyes narrowed, forehead pressed against hers.  “I love the rise and fall of your lovely breasts when I whip them. Do you like when I whip them, Jackie?”

His gruff voice filled her ears, rumbled through her body.  Deep baritone growls came from his chest sent liquid pooling faster between her thighs.

He cupped her and slid a long finger inside her.

Her breath hitched.

He growled low again.  “I demand an answer, little girl.”

She tore her face away from his, yet felt the contact so close on her body that it burned still.  “No, I don’t like it!”

Fingers tweaked a hardened nipple into a harder peak.  “Your body lies to you, Jackie.”

She squirmed against him, thrashing about.  The only thing her movements did was draw him closer to her.

He pressed his hips against hers, nudging her with the thick cock behind those rough black jeans.  He wriggled his finger inside her, brushing over her clit.

She sobbed and gripped his fingers with her muscles.

His lips curled upward in a smile against her lobe.  “You’re sucking my finger hungrily, little girl.  I like that.  I guess that means being whipped aroused you, doesn’t it?”

His question was met with an angry stare.  By now she fumed, despite the raging lust that had built inside her.  She was damned if she was going to answer him with a positive response. He had no right to make her question her status or how she felt about her own body.  “I hate you!”

He shoved another finger inside of her. “You’re so tight, Jackie. Why?  Never let anyone close enough to fuck you?”

She spat out the words. “Piss off.”

Collin growled.  He reached up with one hand and undid the restraints holding her hands back.

Jackie felt blood return to her limbs.

Collin stepped back and undid the snaps on the leather restraints holding her feet in place.

Stumbling, she fell forward into his arms.

He caught her by the elbows and held her up.  With one hand, he tilted his chin to hers.  Lowering his mouth to hers, he kissed her hard and fast, conquering her with his lips.  Plundering her mouth with his tongue, he swept it across her swollen bottom lip.

She opened for him despite intense hatred that she had difficultly maintaining. The way he tasted, oh goddess! The coffee and spice from breakfast along with his natural masculine musk threatened to overwhelm her senses.  Her knees trembled beneath her.

He supported her with his own weight, lowering them both to the floor.

Her ass brushed against the concrete first.

Collin’s strength was demanding, yet gentle and guiding.  “Damn you,” she cried against his mouth.

“Why?”  He pulled back and forced her to look at him.


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