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As you my lovely readers know, I have a ton of things going on at any one moment.  The agents Saritza Hernandez and Marisa Corvisiero have their hands full with a client like me.  I don’t have the typical writer’s life but I’m also more business focused than a LOT of writers, both old and new.

You have to be, in this changing environment.

In the works, most of you know I’m promoting my paranormal releases from Total E-bound and Sizzler Editions.  To be fair, I started off with BDSM romance this week but it turned out beneficial to switch gears for a moment as I’m trying to attract a more mainstream audience.

Plus I’ve been sick, sick sick! I spent my entire 4th of July weekend in bed.  NOT fun.

As of this writing my head is still stuffy, but I have a lot of promotions to do.  The Bound for Romance anthology just came out, new WriteSEX post, new blogs to design/redesign, so that’s what I’m doing all weekend.

Lastly, I have a few copies of Heavenly Bodies left for anyone wanting a signed copy of the 2nd edition, email me or leave a comment and I”ll tell you how much and what to do 🙂

An erotic science fiction/fantasy romoance

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