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Video Updates


How To Write – Five Traits for Better Heroes

In this video we discuss the five things  writers need to utilize for better hero creation! Vlog Highlights: 2:40  Needing a Flawed character 3:14  If the hero isn’t reliable, then what? 3:42  The difference between change and growth 3:56  Talking the intelligence quotient 4:44  Why I tagged Lucifer in this video – Because of a […]

Erotic Author Update – Video

[youtube=]   An enthralling contemporary fantasy, and a passionate erotic romance. Marco and Selene. Werewolf and witch. He is the sexy, rebellious young werewolf whose anger and violence are legendary. She is a sexy, mature witch into whose care the elders of his pack have given Marco. At once she realizes he is more dangerous […]

Former Student Defends Mrs. Buranich

[youtube=] It’s high time people defended something right for once. The American dream is based on freedom to pursue one’s passion as long as it serves man and hurts no one. WRiting erotic romance AND teaching English for over 20 years…yup I’d say she’s a patriot. Judy Mays Website Buy Celestial Passions – Brianna

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