Five #Musical breakdowns I LOVE #writing to!

When I talk of writing to music, it’s not just the lyrics that move me but the actual music itself.  Listening to heavy metal for the last twenty years, I’ve heard the imagesgenre evolve.  My tastes have evolved, having gone from speed and thrash metal to Djent and Progressive death metal, more for the feel of the music.  It makes me feel the scene harder, makes me write deeper, makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something in the world of words I’m creating. This will probably be an odd list for most of you because my tastes aren’t typical.  Those of you who have followed my career already know and understand this.  Honestly I won’t lie, I’m not sure “breakdown” is always the proper term, since I know two of these tracks don’t really have a breakdown, but more a crescendo of sound, to my ears anyway.

1. Immerse by Fellsilent.  Around 1:55 the breakdown begins and we have harmony from a normally screaming band, then at 2:28 the screaming comes back in mixed with the clean vocals, while that simple high hat keeps the time.

2. Messenger, by Textures.  The song is pretty sedate in general, clean vocals, a good groove but what I’d consider the breakdown here, makes for good lyrics in romance, creating angst.  “I’m a messenger, I’m not supposed to be here.”

3. Dagger, by Vildhjarta.  How can this NOT be on this list?  It’s in a few of the top Djent breakdowns for being sick as hell, but it’s also lyrically something I identify with as a writer.  “Not that it would matter more but this must be made clear.  This is not a confession, this is more like a betrayal.”

Devildriver_wallpaper_Flames4. Fate Stepped In by Devildriver.  Yeah, it’s all a fray when Dez kicks in and starts singing, the drums, the guitar work, the image from the video  of them doing this live with the lightening in the background, awesome.  But then, melody, silent melody until the vocals kick in and we’re all wondering what the fuck’s up with vultures.  Great for imagery by the way because my iTunes used to have the tracks from this album out of order so Forgiveness Is a Sixgun is the next track and inspires western/confrontational themes.

5. Born In Winter by Gojira.  Yeah, that’s why the French flag was on a recent blog post LOL!  This song is mostly calm and tranquil words with dark chords and powerful lyrics, but once the power chords start, the song kicks into overdrive.  Slowly though, and I suppose it isn’t really a breakdown, but a point in the song that inspires me to keep pushing, keep writing.

There you have it.  How many of you can relate and with what songs?  Leave a comment below!

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Interviewed by the SEX GEEKS! YAY! Erotic Romance and Erotica

We talked how I got started, earlier career choices, chopped up the shit for about half an hour!

Listen here

DragonCON 2013 ROCKED!

We kicked it off late Thursday night once I landed and was escorted to the hotel by two of my fabulous readers.  In fact those readers are in SF this month to put on a play, more details about that in a moment.

DSCF3283Friday morning had me getting my badge from a friend I knew off Fetlife, then had me roaming around until 5ish where we had the cigar herf.  I missed the hotel, thought we were on the Hyatt smoking deck.  I was told No, I said Hilton and if anyone knows the layout of that area you know it’s practically a pain in the ass to get to by going through the Marriott, so I went around.

Cigar smoking resumed, scotch was consumed, then I met up with author Cassidy Kindgston, who was scheduled to be on our Friday night panel.  Aliens and relationships, which “I” moderated *cough* if you can call it that.  The original topic was supposed to be slightly different but with DragonCON being what it is, and authors being who they are, we had to alter things for the panel to make more sense.  Kiernan Kelly, Adrienne Wilder (Sp) and crew rocked it.

BDSM/GLBT Books in Literature…I sort of went off.  On a particular famous author.  They said it was because I was drunk. Sadly, no.  That’s not it.  Stress, vehement annoyance, and more stress…but the rest of the panel kicked ass.

Then I disappeared, ended off doing gods know only what…oh wait I found another one of my readers and we snuck off for some personal time.  She’d become a great friend along with a hell of a supporter since I met her last year at Frolicon and she wanted to discuss a number of things to push my books, plus just chop it up old school because we hadn’t seen each other since Frolicon and I needed to seriously reconnect with Katie Sparkles.

Saturday, woke up late, made it on time to the Social Media Panel moderated by author Anthony Francis.  (You can check out his work here) and covered a LOT of ground on dos and don’ts of social media.  Btw, I had a ham sandwich.

MMBarField-Sascha-MJI did spend a LOT of time with authors MJ FLournoy and M M. Barfield.  They signed with Sizzler Editions recently and have releases coming out soon.  Hot romances and erotic tales.  Hell, even got a picture ;)

Showed up LATE accidentally (I blanked totally) on the Pronoun Hell panel so T. C. Blue moderated and kicked ass.  And yes, I stand by what I said.  She’ll deal.  *snicker*  Then off to a third panel that day.  I progressively sobered up as the day went on LOL!  Seriously, we had the WriteSEX panel with the same as above mentioned, only Stella Price joined us in the fray to answer questions and cover important points on how to write and function in the business of Erotica.

In those first few days it was pretty awesome, unfortunately I didn’t get to bed until 6 AM in most cases.  I do have to send a special shout out to not only my fellow panelists, but my readers, my kinky non industry friends and loved ones for helping me during what’s actually a pretty stressful time of the year, especially now.  As to why I can’t reveal, but I’m about to move to Charlotte, NC.

Ponder that for a minute.

Me.  In the South. Now I’m FROM Texas but we’re not really the South. We’re Texan.  Moving in with my mentor Morgan Hawke for a few months, I need the creative recharge.  And to put some things back on straight again.  But that’s another blog post.  I have some great news, a free book coming out VERY soon, which will be a surprise to ALL of us if you’ve been following my career and stance on certain aspects in the publishing industry but I’m learning a LOT still, after 14 years.

This free book will be a menage featuring two very sexy hunks and one incredibly mouthy yet sensual woman, based on an old friend who wanted her story told…so I wrote it.  And now I’m selling it…

Excerpt to come later this week!

DragonCON 2013 Tentative Schedule

The fabulous Kiernan Kelly and I have assembled the DragonCON 2013 panels schedule for writers attending the EFF Track.  Come by, see us, watch us drink!  Oh, and learn a few things about digital publishing while you’re at it…

Oh and we have Jennie Breeden from The Devil’s Panties with us!  I’m excited!

For those of you familiar with the layout of the hotels, it’s going to be FUN watching some of us hustle back and forth…DragonCON won’t buy us Segues.

Fri 10:00pm Hil201 Interracial Discourse in Erotic Romance
Kiernan Kelly,  Adrian, Me, Fionna Zedde, Stephanie Burke

Fri 11:30pm – BDSM Authors (me, and others)

Sat 10:00pm Hil201 WriteSex
Kiernan Kelly,  Stella Price, Stephanie Burke, Sascha Illyvich

Sat – 11:30 GLBT Panel (Kiernan)

Sun 7:00 PM Down and Dirty Marketing for Authors – Crystal Ballroom
Jennie Breeden, Randal Schwartz, Gail Z. Martin, Sacha Illyvich, Kiernan Kelly, Cage, TC Blue

Sun 10:00 PM Pronoun hell
Kiernan, Adrian, Me, Cage Allen, TC BLUE, Me, Kayelle Allen(?)

Sun 11:30pm BDSM 201 Crystal Ballroom – (Yes I’m possibly wearing the pink thing I wore for Bill and LaDonna’s wedding…)
Romily (moderator), John F Sokol, Sascha Illyvich, writergirl, Kiba32b, Sir_Crovax, AtlLoki, saltygoodness

Mon 1:00pm Hil201 Kirk’s Communicator: Where Do I Submit?
Jennie Breeden, Scott Sigler, Sascha Illyvich (moderator), Adrian, Kiernan Kelly, TC Blue, Cage Allen

Surrender to Love – a short blog update

Livia’s guest post on Heather Long’s blog gave us some insight into the mind of the female dominant, basically from a lessons’ learned perspective and was  a lot of fun to see, wasn’t it?  I hope I’ve converted a few new readers!  You’re going to be seeing a lot more of Livia, Bruce, Siddella and others from my Decadent books online as we start off an unofficial blog tour over the coming months.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you all!


Sascha has a new Personal Assistant!

I’d like to take a second and ask you to welcome my new personal assistant, Katie Sparkles to the fold.  Since my previous PA had to return to the work force for personal reasons, I’ve been floating aloof because she did so damn much for me.  She let me breathe, freak out, but mostly she let me write for you.

Katie Sparkles is going to take over and already has Diane’s blessing.  I couldn’t be happier to have someone doing the tough nerve wracking things for me once again so I can do all of the above and knock out only the hottest, heart warming romance novels you’ve all come to enjoy.

Please join me in welcoming her to the team!

There’s a lot going on in the Sascha Illyvich universe as always.  Soon there will be the standard work load post but I’m going to change things up a bit in hopes of bringing in some of my writer friends to share the pain LOL!

Until then, know I’m working on an exciting new 1NS for Decadent, hoping to get the details right so I can set the climax in beautiful Fiji!

Crap, I actually have to do research that doesn’t involve killing someone or taking down a government or spies or guns or…

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Dungeon time! Frolicon Scene Report

Dark Sensualities and Primal InstinctsBack from Frolicon but still in Georgia!  I’m here for another day and a half to de-stress from such an exciting, emotionally exhausting (in a good way) liberating convention.  Imagine having several hundred of your closest, kinkiest friends around who are bi, gay, straight, poly, cis(wtf is cis) etc and just having a LOT of fun we couldn’t have otherwise.

The joke for me is this:

Discover on Thursday that writers track panels are in room 622.  the same room as the Atlanta Swingers party that night…so we start off with hilarity only to realize that we’re spending two whole days in this room.  And in between at night, the Dark Room Party.

Watch where you sit LOL!

Hanging with author Shakir Rashaan was a blast as always.  The 50 Shades panel was awesome in that someone brought us drinks, so we got our drink on while shit talking the book, giving out the good points and what that author has done for us as erotica authors.  We got to celebrate Shakir’s new contract with Zane, and Simon and Schuster, which was awesome.  My news with Red Sage, talk contracts, writing tips, publishing tips, Male POV, chop it up writer style basically.

There was cigar herfing involved.  I’d say about 50 or so cigar smokers gathering on the deck to partake in what the brothers of the leaf call Herfing.

Talk of JR Ward’s Lover at Last book release happened, in relation to NY not taking on the GLBT or M/M market, talk of WriteSEX happened, pimping yet again the ability to make money in erotica if you’re smart about your business plan and author platform.

I can’t mention the sexy parties, but let’s just say, they were sex!

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Frolicon Speaking Schedule

tumblr_m9fhc7i3eX1r1dcylo1_1280Hey Folks,

That time of year again for Frolicon.  Yup, I’m speaking on several panels this year again, occupying both my Friday and Saturday.  Don’t worry, I’ll manage to slip some fun in there…

Friday March 29 2013

50 Years: The Future of Wiring 10:00am 11:30am Junior Suite Sascha Illyvich
Annabel Joseph
Angelia Sparrow
Jenna Barton
Lord Cailleach
Editors and Agents Tell All 11:45am 1:15pm Junior Suite Trinity – Moderator
Angelia Sparrow
Sascha Illvich
Lord Cailleach
Never Write with Your Former Top 1:30pm 3:00pm Junior Suite Angelia Sparrow – Moderator
Gabriel Belthir
Sascha Illyvich

Saturday, March 20, 2013

WriteSEX 10:00am 11:30am Junior Suite Sascha Illvich – Moderator
Shakir Rashaan
Annabel Joseph
Jamie Thornsen
It Came From Fandom and So Can You  11:45am 1:15pm Junior Suite Jenna Barton
More Than 50 Shades 1:30pm 3:00pm Junior Suite Jenna Barton – Moderator
Annabel Joseph
Shakir Rashaan
Sascha Illyvich
Jamie Thorsen 
Male POV 3:15pm 4:45pm Junior Suite Sascha Illyvich – Moderator
Shakir Rashaan
Jamie Thornsen
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DragonCON 2012 Panels Part 3 – 50 Years: The Future of Writing


Moderated by Sizzler Editor/Author Sascha Illyvich, this panel featured Sizzler Author and occasional cover artist Kiernan Kelly, PR Person Gail Z. Martin and author Cynnara Tregarth.

We discussed the future of publishing, lessons learned from our mistakes and what we’ve accomplished to date, all while taking questions and speculating just how far publishing can go.

Click HERE for audio

Special thanks to Scott and the folks at EFF for hosting us.

The Real 50 Shades

I had an incident the other day that required me to think really hard about fiction vs. reality in the BDSM realm.  The run in involved a fan of that 50 Shades nonsense that’s passing for erotic fiction these days.  The person loved the book and from what I understand, Christian Grey is quite the dominant.

Only he’s fantasy.

The thing about that is that in reality, those men do exist and those scenarios do happen, frequently.  There are whole sites dedicated to the fetish world.  The problem with this was, the person I spoke to saw pictures of what “I” as a top do for my bottoms.

This is relevant to the writers world from several points of view.  First, the marketing aspect.  If you’re truly a fetish person AND a fetish writer, even if it’s erotic romance, you’re going to have a hard time selling to the mainstream unless you can pull off what E. L. James did and let the world know you’re not really kinky and that it’s really twilight fanfic gone mainstream without ripping off Twilight blatantly.  Many fetish authors aren’t fetish and couldn’t really deal in the fetish world.

For our writers, a few definitions:
Top=the one doing.  Not necessarily a Dominant, but not the one being done to
Bottom=the one being done to.  Not necessarily a submissive but not the one doing.

Dominant and submissive can imply a power exchange.

The writer in me wants to go into my local dungeon, notepad and pen in hand and ask questions, take notes.  Basically, the writer in me would put the Kinky Kontingent under a microscope. The Dominant in me wants the writer in me to understand what I do is intrinsic, taught to me and there’s much more going on than what’s being seen.  The Writer in me yearns to understand the reality of a beating.

Let’s take a simple spanking scene.  Just a short few swats on the ass, and break it down.  This is adult content FYI and strap on play.

Ronan groaned, pressing his mouth against Valerieʹ shoulder. Grateful for the contact, Valerie continued to buck against Siddellaʹs cock, enjoying the contact of skin against skin while Siddella rubbed Ronanʹs swollen cock up and down her cheek.
Ronan slapped Valerieʹs ass cheek with his bare hand.
The sting burned, forcing Valerieʹs eyes shut. ʺItʹs your body, my prince,ʺ she cried through pain that was sure not to destroy her now.
Ronan slapped Valerieʹs ass again, hitting the other cheek.
Pain flared over her globes, her nipples hardening even further from the sting.
ʺYou like the spankings, donʹt you?ʺ Ronanʹs voice was gritty, hoarse from coming but his lips were firm against her skin. He licked a trail of fire up her arm, sending a shudder through her.
Valerie began purring. ʺYes, I like when your hands are on
me, my prince.ʺ

In that little bit of a scene, what happened was this:  Ronan had already established trust with Valerie AND Siddella.  Valerie trusted him from the earlier bit in the book where we established that she had a goal and so did Ronan.  Even Siddella had a goal but hers was minimal in this part of the story.  An emotional bond was deepened by his question.  Her response, both physically and mentally reinforced that bond.  Later on there is a little aftercare that helps the subs in question come to grips with what was done so they understand that Ronan is guiding them from his heart.  The lesson Valerie had to learn involved parts of her life at 40+ years of age. Aftercare addresses the actual mentality going on.

But all you’d see in reality was the spanking, and her taking the dildo in her ass, and if you stood by close enough, you’d hear their dialogue.

In Reality: people play all the time like this and harder only after they’ve talked extensively.

In FICTION unless the book is a pure BDSM story where the heroine or hero is TOTALLY NEW, then we have to focus more on a deeper plot.  In Gift of Her Submission,  three different heroines are entering the kink world at three different stages of their lives.  Siddella has been kinky all her life and yearns to explore love through pain, Valerie’s explored some but as a cougar she wants more, and Casey, is totally new to all of Ronan’s charms, yet seeks out comfort in a non traditional method.  A little bit of dialogue and talk happens throughout the stories, interweaving Ronan’s past into you the reader.

Cover for Menage Bound, a romantic bdsm tale of an impending threesome

In reality I (and good dominants/tops) DO NOT  PLAY WITH SOMEONE WITHOUT TALKING TO THEM TO LEARN WHAT THEY WANT, NEED, CAN HANDLE, CAN’T HANDLE.  This does include some sordid past shit like abuse, but I only need to know what NOT to do to trigger something in the bottom’s head, unless we’re friends. But the bottom must trust me extensively.  And as good with whips as I am, if I don’t feel comfortable with a certain tec

hnique or toy, I will NOT use it on them until I have done my research and actually played with the toy.
In fantasy, the kink still has to make make sense.
In reality, I don’t know why my bottoms laughed when I mentioned that the pill I was about to lick off her back fell off her ass.  (Well, I do know, it was funny!) But that could be a fetish all itself.

I felt like a monster after my incident.  But I’ve been told by others both Scene aware and Non that I’m not.  YOU can however as an author use that as a plot device to craft a proper evil dominant.  The evil guy always gets the plot lesson wrong anyway and that’s the reason for his or her demise.

If you’re curious about Gift of Her Submission, it’s on Amazon for a song!
If you need a menage fix, Menage Bound is here for you.


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