Workshops – Male POV and Why Kink

Coming up Sept 24th on a private yahoo loop – Why Kink

Do you like to write BDSM? Do you want to learn more about the lifestyle from a real DOM? Check out the class coming up in informedwriter yahoo loop on 9/24 with Sascha Illyvich called Why Kink. Class cost is $20.00 and will run M-F. The instructor will post lessons around 1p eastern and will be available off and on during the day for questions. Payment needs to be made to me by paypal at before midnight 9/23 to be eligible for class. Class will be held via yahoo loop. For questions email me at  This is the prequel to my BDSM for Romance Authors class.

In October I’ll be teaching online for Outreach International Romance Writers of America chapter.

ates: October 1 – 15, 2012


Fee: OIRW Member $10 Non-Member $15


Course Description:


In this workshop, learn the ins and outs of character creation from a side of romance we rarely hear from, the male romance reader/writer! Kinky Erotic Romance author Sascha Illyvich shares with us tips on how to create more memorable heroes, avoid some common pitfalls and have more fun with our writing!


What you’ll learn from this class:

Male Archetypes and how they affect our characters

How (il)logical men think and why they act the way they do

How to take any male character from any movie/story and modify him to fit your story

How to get your man to express his true “self”

What men REALLY care about and how to work with that for your characters*

A man’s self view*

The GAY MALE Viewpoint*

The Male Cycle of Emotions and how it compares to the female cycle of emotions

A man’s journey in life

What men really think


Instructor Bio:


Sascha started writing thirteen years ago, releasing poetry and an occasional short erotica story before focusing on kinky erotic romance in various subgenres. His books have been listed under the Road to Romance’s Recommended read list, as well nominated for the CAPA.


He is also the host of the Unnamed Romance Show on Radio Dentata and continue to write for Renaissance E-books, and Total E-bound. Readers can find his work, plus free reads at

He is also part of the WriteSex Panel, a blog group that’s defining erotica for writers in any genre! Find us at


Workshops are open to all. You do not have to be a RWA member.

To register, go to

For more information, contact Maria Connor, 2012 OIRW Campus Coordinator.

Frolicon 2012!

was AWESOME!  I was able to pimp my panels, get some education, co-top with a friend I respect more (You reading, Vince?) now and consider a good male friend.  Hanging out with Cecilia Tan was as usual awesome, filled with fun, bullshitting, industry gossip (you reading, erotic romance industry?  I haz sekrits…bwahahahaha!) and be taken care of by two of the most loving and practical people I’ve met since I started doing conventions.  This is my public adoration, thank you for Barefoot Bill and LaDonna as caretakers, hosts and more.

If you attended my male POV send me an email at wolfprinceeditor at so I can forward you my notes and class info in case you’re interested in taking the class online when it’s offered through RWA or my private loop.  The fee will remain low, $25 or so because I want this class to be accessible to as many writers of romance and erotica as possible.  The value is as I’ve been told, priceless.

Also, since I showed up and was running on very little sleep, too much alcohol and the like, I’ll share the notes etc.

The Duckstock party kicked ass.  Duck Juice is…a creeper!  LOL!

Co-topping was AWESOME!

What I want to know is how the fuck did it get to be 11:55 local time while I wrote this post…swore I only smoked two cigars.

Teaching BDSM to Romance Authors March 19-23rd

I haven’t done this in awhile, but I’m also performing an experiment.  Anyway,

Kink and bondage are highly popular, marketable stories. Many folks think that once a book is written the author’s job is done. Not so. As any seasoned author knows, once we finish writing, we have edits, cover art choices, more edits, and of course the hype. Marketing, promotions. PR Hell as it is known in some circles. That’s the toughest part of any author’s job IMO and will make or break any author dumb enough to rely solely on the publisher. Our job as authors is a business and needs to be treated like such, even if we DO get to have a little more fun than any corporate schmo.

So, in order of author responsibilities after we’ve written the novel of course:

1. Establish the Brand (I’m Sascha Illyvich, paranormal erotica/BDSM romance author)
2. Maintain the Brand (Primarily through PR, I write about wolves, fae, vampires, but you’ll never see me write a western!)
3. Grow the Brand (I write paranormal romances, which puts me in with the anime crowd who likes dark fantasy, the BDSM crowd because my characters engage in mental dominance AND the romance crowd because my stories have a HEA!)

This workshop will focus on Number 3: Grow the Brand. What authors often fail to realize is that in including different elements like spanking or light bondage that they are writing for their normal audiences but with a little more effort could target not just the fringe readers; those who are closeted about their darker desires, but those who are a little open with their darker desires.

What we’ll cover:
• Definition of BDSM in all forms
• SSC vx. RACK
• Explanation of the BDSM symbol
• Mentality of the various players (there’s truly only three but variants are fun!)
• Definition of a Scene
• Structure of a Scene (music, equipment, etc)
• Basics on toys and reasons we use them (hint, it’s for our fun!)
• Sub and Dom/me Space
• The Club Scene (along with a story about real estate and my ego beating lol!)
• Role play
• Definition of Fetish
• Basic types of fetishes while debunking some of the more common fetish myths.
• Fakers – Those who claim to be everything to all people!
• ABUSE defined – crossing the line between BDSM and Abuse
• Where to go to ask questions and not feel embarrassed
• How all of this relates to romance writing
And of course, resources galore!

Click here for cost and details.


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