Male POV Class being taught for Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Chapter of RWA

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Don’t miss any of these great class brought to you from the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Chapter of RWA!  Classes start Monday.

Check our full sizzling summer lineup here:



Writing from the Male POV to Create Stronger Heroes – Sascha Illyvich

$15.00 for FFnP members and $20.00 for non-FFnP members

June 10-16, 2013

Erotic Romance author Sascha Illyvich shares with us tips on how to create more memorable heroes, avoid some common pitfalls and have more fun with our writing!


We’ll cover a large range of things from emotion to action, archetypes and pairing, along with some basic plotting techniques that will help create memorable heroes much faster!



Leslie A. Dow

FF&P Workshop Coordinator



5 Questions and Answers

Frolicon Speaking Schedule UPDATED

Had a few last minute changes to make to the schedule and I just received my official schedule on the FL thread.  Cigar Herf on Friday at 4:-7, also with help from some friends who are doing a whiskey/cigar info class then too.  Smoking on the deck.

And on Saturday I’ll be at Bill Pacer and LaDonnna Allison’s Wedding as the maid of honor and YES there will be a FEW pictures.  I’m wearing pink…

50 Years: The Future of Wiring 10:00am 11:30am Junior Suite Sascha Illyvich
Annabel Joseph
Angelia Sparrow
Jenna Barton
Lord Cailleach
Editors and Agents Tell All 11:45am 1:15pm Junior Suite Trinity – Moderator
Angelia Sparrow
Sascha Illvich
Lord Cailleach
Never Write with Your Former Top 3:15pm 4:45pm Junior Suite Angelia Sparrow – Moderator
Gabriel Belthir
Sascha Illyvich

Saturday, March 20, 2013

WriteSEX 10:00am 11:30am Junior Suite Sascha Illvich – Moderator
Shakir Rashaan
Annabel Joseph
Jamie Thornsen
It Came From Fandom and So Can You 11:45am 1:15pm Junior Suite Jenna Barton
More Than 50 Shades 1:30pm 3:00pm Junior Suite Jenna Barton – Moderator
Annabel Joseph
Shakir Rashaan
Sascha Illyvich
Jamie Thorsen
Male POV 3:15pm 4:45pm Junior Suite Sascha Illyvich – Moderator
Shakir Rashaan
Jamie Thornsen
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Interview yesterday went up at All I Want and More

Over the next few weeks I’m promoting an oldie but goodie, one of my earlier contemporary romances, “Stuck”

The fabulous folks at All I Want and More decided to have some fun.  Questions answered included something about me that can’t be googled, what’s on my nightstand and well…you get the Bad Boy of Romance around a voracious reader and I think we know how this all turns out…

Might have had her naked by the time you read this.

The link for that interview is here.  By the way, she was under me after you read and clicked on that link

Then, while searching for something else, I came across this:  Review of The Playground by Sascha Illyvich from the ladies at The Forbidden Bookshelf

Says the reviewer “A fully enjoyable read and Iʼll be checking out more from the One Night Stand series, as well as from Sascha Illyvich.”

A beta reader got back to me with some badly needed corrections for Stalker, and I’m pretty thrilled about that.  Yeah, there’s a back story on why it’s in my hands again. And I’ll save that for another blog post!

I’m pretty pleased with how things have fallen into place while I’ve been busy on another project.

Writers might be interested in my upcoming Passionate Ink workshop – BDSM In Romance:  Understanding the Lifestyle

Erotic Author Writing tips Class – Male POV August 15-28

I start teaching for Orange County RWA chapter online on August 15th.  Wondered what men think about?  How irrational we are? Or what we think in the bedroom?  This class is for you.  If you’ve ever wanted to learn how NOT to stereotype your male heroes this is the class for you.

I’ve revised the opening few lessons to make my students think a little m roe about what goes into a character, so this boost will provide more insight and facts on the Male mind.

For more details:

Ever wonder what the hell Sascha’s thinking?  I AM the bad boy of romance writing.  But there is a method to my madness.  Indeed, especially when it comes to PR, flirting and the like, but with my writing there is a definite balance of character creation that stems from learning what’s inside the female mind and applying it along with the male mindset to the premise concept and plot of your novels.

We’ll cover why men come off as angry, aggressive and how the behavior affects plot and drives the stories.  We’ll discover why gay men aren’t really that different in terms of mindset than your average straight guy.  We’ll even cover some of the bisexual male mindset though that part is still in development.

Visit Orange County RWA’s website to sign up! Click on the link above or click on classes when you get to the main site.

I believe the cost is only $15 for RWA members, $20 for non members.

What others have said about Male POV:

Thank you Sascha for a most informative class”   Joan Maze, Erotic Romance Author


“Thanks for the POV class, and I’ll definitely be here for the undies class.
:)” Jacquie Rogers- Erotic Romance Author


“The information you provided as well as what the other class
members said was really helpful. I’m sure both my hero and my villain
will be improved by what I learned even though I was unable to do the
exercises except for the first one.”  –  Carol Jo, Erotic Romance Author


“This has been a very informative, excellently crafted and helpful class” – Barbara Karmazin, Erotic Romance Author

“Sascha, thank you so much for this class. After taking this class, I
realized that I know my male characters better than I thought but now
I can keep them consistent and on task to reach their ultimate goal.

Thank you so much for your help. I can’t believe the week went by
sooo fast!”  Laura Major,

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Learning the Erotic Romance Industry Part II

image copyright held by original owner

Last Friday I left with a few tips on who to read, how to get involved in learning the erotic romance industry from the author’s standpoint. For the purposes of this blog, I’m going to reference Rebecca York, because I found her work when I moved to California and hit up the library and she as a paranormal romance author had stories that were intriguing, captivating and of course, sexy.

Her stories for me, were the first beginnings of learning structure of not only the romance novel, but the paranormal story Powerful characters, strong story lines that could go on and on, and serialization were what I picked up from her. It’s my hope that my Total E-bound release “Bound to Her” in the Over the Moon Anthology pays homage to her work.

The tips for learning this industry are simple:

Make some friends. You’ll need the support system for things like going to Romantic Times, Romance Writers of America Nationals, RomCon, and other large industry conferences. Plus that support system will keep you together when you’re ready to throw away your career, no matter HOW long or short it is.

Social Media – Learn it. Use it. Master it. It’s that simple.

Read editor blogs like mine and Guide to Literary Agents The information there is jam packed with tips outside of my experiences. Also, don’t forget WriteSEX

Take classes on craft, marketing and education. This advice hails from the importance of learning and expanding your ability to write about various genres, cross genre write and refine your voice. Unlike investing and “Get rich quick” classes, the real profits belong to both the instructor AND the students.

Continue to write and grow. Reading other romance authors gives you something which to work from, now it’s up to you to use your imagination and go forward into the wild blue yonder!

Here’s another excerpt from Bound to Her

Letting out a breath of relief, Luka smirked. “It’s not that. I was checking to see if you were okay. What happened?”
Setting a hand on her voluptuous hip, Michele turned towards his liquor cabinet. Walking over to one of the open bottles of bourbon, she picked it up, took the top off and took a long sip, gulping down quite a large amount before returning the bottle to its former place. “Fucking sitting in the car waiting for my sister,” she glared at Tiffany for emphasis, “and this asshole comes up to it, sniffs it then transforms. I’m not about to fear you assholes, so I shoved open the door and transformed, as well. We grappled and fought for a moment before he apparently realised whose house he was in front of. He said something about needing to kill you before the full moon in a few days. The rest you know.”
A closer glance at her eyes revealed she was holding back information. Luka filed that away for later when they had more time.
“So, what’s the deal, anyway? Why is someone slightly more psychotic after you?”
Resting against the table, Luka grinned. The unmistakable scent of arousal came from Michele, wafting towards his nose. “Because I’m the ruler of this territory.”
Her eyes widened. She looked at Tiffany and groaned. “You’ve been serving the head of all of the packs in this area?”
Tiffany nodded. “Proudly for the last year.”
Michele snorted. “He’s still a loser.”
Snickering, Luka kept his attention focused on Michele. “You want me. I can smell it. And according to the pendant, you and I need each other.”
She made an unladylike noise. “What the pendant or anyone else says has no effect on me. I am not part of this territory.”
A brow rose. “Do you live in this area with your sister?”
Michele turned her head away. “It doesn’t matter. I don’t want anything to do with wolf politics.”
Luka stepped closer to Michele, keeping his eyes on her body. He watched how the ovals of her eyes narrowed with each step he took. He no longer needed the necklace to tell him what his heart already knew. Whether she wanted it or not was another matter, but he had to get her in his bed and at least make it appear to Lajon and the others he had a mate who would balance him.
He jeered. There was no way this young vixen could balance him. She was all aggression and attitude.
Still, he couldn’t stop himself from cornering her.
She lifted her hands in front of her. “What are you doing?”
Catching them in his, he spoke with his voice dropping lower with each word. “What I need to do in order to make sure you’re healing and will continue to live.”
The panic in her voice caused it to squeak. “I’m fine, I swear it. See?” She pulled away the collar of the robe and bent her head to expose her neck.
A cough sounded behind them.
Luka glanced over his shoulder at Tiffany.
“I’m still here.” She crossed her arms in front of her and tapped her foot.
Luka glared.
Tiffany smirked and wandered out of the kitchen.
The husky tone in Michele’s voice couldn’t be missed. “Goddamn it! Why did you have to send away the only thing keeping you safe?”
Returning his focus to Michele, he cocked an eyebrow. “Keeping me safe?” He stepped closer and was now mere inches from her. He reached out to touch her cheek with a tender hand. Her skin was soft, supple and smooth.
Her head jerked.
He caught her and forced her mouth to his in a heated kiss that started out hard, conquering, but eased to a softer pace with each taste of her.
Her mouth opened for him, letting his tongue slither in and out, around her lower lip.
Luka tasted her, picking up the bourbon spice along with her natural honey and rose, perfumed scents he could find himself easily intoxicated by if he didn’t take some modicum of control.
She sucked in a breath and clutched his arms, pressing her body against his. “Damn you,” she growled against his skin.
Chuckling into her flesh, he stepped back, taking her with him. “Damn me? What for?” He resumed his assault on her mouth with his.
She pulled from the kiss, running her hands up and down the expanse of his shoulders. “For making me want another wolf so badly. It’s been so long…”
He captured her again, clutching a fistful of hair. Tugging her head back, he licked a trail down her jaw, swirling his tongue over the sensitive part of her neck.
She moaned, pulling him tighter against her.
His cock bobbed against her stomach, and despite the robe and his slacks, he could still feel her heat. “You know the rules of this game, then?”
She groaned. Her hands reached his ass, squeezing. “Yes.”
Luka gripped her thighs, heaving her off the ground. “Yet you hate it and are still giving in.”
Nodding, she said, “It’s just sex.” She locked her legs around his waist and reached between their bodies. “May I?”
He nodded, shaking against her. “It’s more than that. You feel it, too, don’t you?”
Another groan. Her hand reached the snap on his slacks, undoing it and unzipping him quickly. Her body pressed into his with deft movements that had her panting, begging for him.
The strength it took to hold her with one arm while she clutched onto him would amaze anyone. Grabbing himself with his other hand, he found her heat, intense enough to travel up the length of his cock before he’d even pressed it against her nether lips.
Michele tensed her thighs, pushing herself off him just slightly before slamming down on his cock.
Both of them shuddered and moaned into each other.
Luka positioned them so she was against the wall, wrapped around him still. The scent of lupine and rose carried through the air, wild and free.
Her wet pussy clenched him, welcoming him with a tightness that didn’t want to let go.
He tangled one fist around her hair and suckled on her neck, tasting and biting the skin so sweet. “Goddamn, you’re slick.”
Michele bit into his shoulder and cried out. “You’re well on your way to becoming that way too, bud.”
Luka started bucking against her, using the wall and her round ass for momentum.
Each thrust made her breath catch. She squeezed her legs together around him and tossed her head against the wall.
Luka kept suckling on her neck, careful to avoid the wound on the other side. Hands on her plump ass squeezed her while he enjoyed the feel of her pussy caressing the length of his dick.
Her juices coated him, making her tight passage even wetter and his throbbing cock even harder. She burned him with her kisses, with the way her muscles clenched around his body.
They fit together perfectly.
Rhythmic movements had them slapping against each other with an almost trancelike sound with nails gripping, claws digging into flesh and teeth scraping against skin.
Each thrust upwards sent Michele’s head lolling back and forth against his shoulder and the wall.
Luka maintained his pace, keeping in time with the way her body deliciously jerked against his, allowing him to drive himself in deeper and deeper with each thrust.
Her moans grew louder, her grip on him more desperate.
The familiar sensation of tightness started low in his balls. Luka slowed down, adjusting his angle to penetrate her with less intensity but more focus on her clit.
Strong thighs wrapped even tighter around his waist and seized him. “I don’t want this.”
H e was panting, his heart racing, his breathing becoming laboured. “You need it.”
Between deep breaths, Michele shook her head, her hair falling over her face to darken her features. “No. I can’t be tied to another Alpha.”
Luka reached between them and pinched a nipple taut.
Her head fell back against the wall. Her skin was sweat-covered and reddened. “No, please no, Luka!”
“You need to come.” The demand in his voice couldn’t be mistaken.
Michele growled but stopped when her breath caught in her throat. Panting, slamming onto him, she hurriedly picked up the pace.
Luka spoke in stuttered speech. “Orgasm. Is. Nnnear, isn’t it?”
She didn’t respond verbally. Her body bucked and tensed up around him, muscles clenching the base of his cock.
With each withdrawal, vice-like pressure rubbed him and pulled his own orgasm closer to the surface.
Tweaking her nipples again, he dipped his head down to her neck and flicked his tongue around her satiny skin, tasting the saltiness and earthy musk that had appeared during their fucking. It wouldn’t take but one word and a call of the wolf’s power to bind her to him.
Did he dare?
She wasn’t in love with him. Didn’t seem to want him. But her body certainly didn’t reject his.
The pack, the greater good, needed this. Needed a leader with a mate. He’d just have to force her hand if the humans were to be saved.
“You love this?”

BUY from Total E-bound

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CRUSH the Industry

So you’re probably wondering why I posted a video of Dethklok song “Blood money/Crush the Industry” on a writing blog. Well this is my monthly “Fuck the Writing industry” post LOL! Seriously, the industry itself is in such a state of flux still and will be for another two years until a number of things occur. I’ll outline those momentarily.

What this has to do with MY career is the real issue on THIS blog.

Because of the shakeup from the e-book revolution, many authors are left thinking, which is the problem since they SHOULD be writing. We have great stories to tell and we need to put in the hard work for our stories to shine. In my last post about editing I discussed the need for authors to really work, make their stories something unbelievably good. The other need for authors to keep in mind is that this is a business. Granted if you’re able to write full time (or even part time) it’s a business of love, but it’s still a business.

Fostering this belief I teach classes for writers to help them with their technique or a specific skill can be learned and they can grow their author platform. In my world, this means I have to develop the workshops deeper and go further. For business sense and author platform (which this site is a part of) go talk to my publicist.

One of the things she and I discussed was the need to blog weekly, which I’ll cover in an editing blog soon. I needed to talk about writing, the process, what the breakdown is for me, how I write. The problem is, I don’t ever get writer’s block. I never have plot issues. I don’t have character development issues. Why?

I plot very methodically and with a sound goal in mind. To write a well written novel that sells due to appeal to my audience while expanding it slowly. What does this mean? You might think it means I”m cramped in style and storyline but I’m not. New material takes time to plot and come up with world building and character creation but from the very beginning of a story I know how things will go. I’m a little anal in that area and it allows me to come up with stories on deadline, on spec if needbe and NOT have to deal with dreaded writer’s block. IF I can’t write for a day, it’s because I’m mentally drained.

Back to the industry issues.

First, there is a FLOOD of misinformation around. Pay attention to who is saying what. I’ve heard from people who no longer have literary agents that literary agents aren’t taking first time authors because they can’t sell. Except that by the definition of “first time author” in print, Marisa shouldn’t be able to sell Covenant of Wolves series to NY or her contacts. Go with a successful results based opinion of the industry and you’ll do better.

Second, E-books are here to stay. Print is relevant still to an author’s career but money is money. It comes from all sources. Deal with it.

Next up, I heard a rumor that Chick Lit is being forced out in the open again because the industry can’t recognize its head from it’s ass. NY is slowly moving in a direction it needs to go to, but it’s going to take time. E-publishing however, is still making a LOT of authors a LOT of money. Look back to my interview with Treva Harte of Loose-ID on Radio Dentana

Lastly, the amount of new e-publishers cropping up needs to stop. I went on record for supporting Decadent Publishing during whatever lame ass debacle they were involved in because I know the owners. I still have a policy of give the publsher 5 years, if they’re still around then submit to them. Do NOT settle for less. That means you have to work if you want into a bigger better paying (read, larger buying audience) publisher. This is in NO way a slam on the crop of newer publishers, its meant to make YOU the writer think hard about your career. Being a best seller at Noble Romance is great, but means shit compared to a best seller at Samhain.

So yes, I’m pissed at the Industry. Oh well, what else is new?

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New release and POV From the Editor

As many of you know, I’ve been editing stories now for Sizzler Intoxications, the new Erotic Romance line Sizzler Editions. It’s been fun and a learning experience when it comes to dealing with authors both old and new.

For starters, the newer authors don’t always need guidance and hand holding. Thank GODS! The ones that do, usually just need a well placed kick and some more sound advice so being flexible in communication helps here.

Having to corral authors into getting you information such as “where do you live” should be done up front for contract purposes. Also, it’s important to make yourself reasonably available during business hours, and if needbe, outside of those normal hours since most of us don’t work a regular 9-5 in our author schedule. But set boundaries. Or try to ;)

New authors and old ones are REALLY excited when you send them the contract. That’s a good feeling all around. As an editor, anyone I okay for publication gets just that, a chance to make an impact both financially and emotionally towards their readers and themselves. I’m encouraging new talent, guiding instead of being guided, meeting some really neat people and bringing something to the table that was needed.

For starters, my first published anthology has no story in it from me but rather, four talented authors, two new, two old hat, of erotic romance centered around Valentine’s Day.

In this anthology we have:

Em Petrova
Michael Mandrake
Ike Rose
Daisy Harris. You’ll have to read the editing blog to get info about their stories but they’ll gladly share if you catch them on twitter or other social media outlets.

In other news, I updated my RomanceWiki page with some new information and background. This is an important part of an author platform. I’m half tempted to move part of it to the regular wikipedia but we’ll see.

And for those who remember “Forced Pleasure” my two bdsm novellas about women needing to submit to loving dominants, I’m almost done with the second story. I’ll post an excerpt later next week :)

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How to get Published Part II

By Sascha Illyvich

Last week we discussed the first few things aspiring writers needed to know about this business. Let’s recap:

1. Write
2. Decide if this is a career or a hobby.
3. Decide your genre
4. Decide the medium you want to be published in. Traditional Publishers are falling flat, e-pubs aren’t. Ultimately, you will probably end up in both if you sell well.

The next step I’d take as a new writer would be to learn my craft. Through our first step, we tell stories. Next up, we need to find critique groups. Again, this being geared towards romance writers, I’d suggest Charlotte Dillon’s Resource Page for starters. It’s a good primer for research, getting down formulas for query/synopsis letters and again, that all important aspect: the actual writing.

I’d also suggest you visit the Erotica Readers and Writers Association. They have very active mailing lists. You’ll learn craft, network, and find out about upcoming calls for submissions.

At this point we have our target market, we’ve received some feedback, we’re ready we think to submit to publishers. If we went the e-route, an agent like Saritza Hernandez may be a good idea but isn’t required. More on why I chose her later. Most of the old standby e-publishers do not require agents to query the way many traditional print publishers do but turnaround time is lengthy in some cases. After you submit your manuscript to an e-publisher they’ll evaluate it in the SAME MANNER as a traditional publisher will. Upon acceptance, a contract is issued, signed by both parties and then the process of taking your story from your fingers to your readers for a profit begins.

While you’re waiting for acceptance (or that dreaded rejection) on one story you ARE still working on another one, right?

Of course you are. You’re improving; you’re learning your craft. Each book gives us a new skill, lesson or piece of the puzzle that helps us become better writers. At the same time you’re crafting your environment and figuring out just how you write best. You’re doing more research on your characters, growing your story lines; do you see a pattern here? And then you’re submitting your finished stories to other publishers.

If you went the traditional route, the only step not included would be the solicitation of an agent who would represent your story or perhaps your entire line of work. Robert Raymond Brown of Wylie Merrick picked up my publicist’s entire stock of work because he saw how marketable she is, even among the changes happening. She’s still money. Some agents will only pick up the one book from you and gauge future representation based on your track record and how well you work together.

In the end, this is a team effort. Your agent, publicist, publisher(s) all have one goal.

Side note: For SEO purposes I will probably go over the query process in another article. But this is the basic “how to get published guide.”

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The “How to Get Published” Post ~ Part I

By Sascha Illyvich

All authors get asked this question from time to time and it’s one most of us have to scratch our heads to answer. The reason being is that for many of us, that first publication step was so long ago. And so very important that we shoved it all in the back of our minds after the storm known as the whirlwind of being newly published.

We tell our friends and family (if we’re not blushing!) and everyone who would ask. Then we do what our mentors tell us, which is get your ass back in the chair and crank out another story.

Of course we don’t crank out stories; we craft them meticulously and polish them until they sparkle so some editor can shoot them back to us with revisions, comments, changes. But that isn’t the point. I’ll lay out the path to publication here because I’m getting an increasing number of followers in social media asking me for advice, tips, tricks, miracles and even the occasional bit of editing help. I can give the editing help but barely. I’m starting a new line for one of my e-book publishers in addition to my own writing. So this post is dedicated to one of the better paths to publishing and career writing.

The first question I ask any new writer is where do you see your writing in five years? Meaning, are you in this for the career and to make money? If not, all else means little to me and ultimately to you as well.

Once you know you’ll be making a career out of this, I suggest you continue writing. You know what you like, who you want to be like, and who your target market may be. The best way to figure out who your readers are, however, is to post short complete stories (or scenes, I’ll explain in a moment) to sites like and the like. By the way, this guide is geared towards erotic romance authors but it applies to authors of all genres in general. Find out who your audience is, as those readers will turn into buyers once you sell. You need to build your audience.

Target your publishing options. Are you avoiding E-books because you’re too stuck up and don’t realize they’re the wave of the future? I too like holding a print book, especially when it’s mine! But there is no reason to avoid what you can’t fight. E-books are here to stay and with many e-publishers delving into Print On Demand (known as POD) while traditional publishers such as Harlequin and Simon and Schuster are creating e-book lines, it would be egotistical to think you must go into print. That means researching the houses you’re targeting and emailing other authors, who are where you want to be. This is key. Get all the information you can about the house. E-publishers are in flux right now as are print and (this information is good until it’s not!) and finding a house that is reputable is NOT hard. But houses and writers are not always a perfect fit but once you find a house or three that works with you, for you, go with it!

I know the above information seems harsh but I’ve worked too hard as an e-book author.

Next week we’ll cover more tips and tricks for aspiring writers!


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