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This actually came back to me a few weeks ago but I haven’t had time to schedule or even write a blog post for my own site LOL!  Yeah, I’m THAT busy. Anyway, got the final cover proof for Endangered, my upcoming Red Sage release. Drum roll please… Ah screw it.  Cover’s the first thing […]

A little backstory and an excerpt from Endangered

The way things are looking right now, Endangered will probably see a winter 2013 release date from Red Sage.  We’re hoping to give them time to make the biggest splash they can in reviews, and promo while I pimp myself out all over the internet for this book. Thought I’d share a little back story. […]

Question for Readers on BDSM and Stories

Working on ENDANGERED and Separated Self, I realized that the books started out with obvious D/s when I brought in Livia and forced her onto Josef.  Not that she needed forcing, heh heh. The thing I realized early on is that the plot encompassed the D/s dynamic but only briefly.  There were still villains who […]

Paranormal Vampire Erotica

Dark Traders came out years ago from Sizzler Editions and had been my first vampire release, technically.  The other story I wrote was much shorter for a different publisher that went under as the e-book business model they were using didn’t work for them. I was skeptical but at this point REB had been around […]

Vampires in Erotic Romance

Vampires have been a staple in erotic fiction for the last ten years.  When Sherrilyn Kenyon said nobody was buying paranormal that was  a half truth.  The facts were that e-book authors were selling paranormal and couldn’t write it fast enough.  Thanks to e-books, some of the hottest careers have been launched (mine included!) because […]

Paranormal Romance

Most of my readers know me for being a sensual BDSM erotic romance author but I’ve dabbled in paranormal romance for the longest time.  In fact, since the e-book industry started nearly twelve years ago I’ve had a hand in some paranormal romance story or another, once I figured out a few keys to writing […]

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