Building a Mystery(romance)

Some of you may have seen on twitter or facebook my talk of trying to write a novel in three days, starting TUESDAY!  YES!  Going to rock out the words like a buas heh.

I’ve mentioned briefly trying to cross other genres with romance.  I’ve managed to get a decent foothold in science fiction/fantasy when I wrote books like Siddella’s Surrender and Bound to Her, made a good entry into contemporary romance with A Christmas Favour and Stuck, but now I’m trying my hand at something else.

I needed to write two stories for agent Saritza Hernandez, neither one in paranormal since both she and Marisa have plenty of that from me.  We all feel that I can expand into the contemporary market with ease while growing as a writer.

In April I began plotting Liliana’s Awakening, a novella dealing with growth and finding passion between two penpals who become lovers.  The trials and tribulations of crossing the cultural bridge even in today’s day and age make for the beginning of a great story about love knowing no bounds.  I was very proud to write the story and happy I had the inspiration I did because the happily ever after I may have written (had to put that in there!) needed to be written for my heroine.

I completed the first draft just ahead of my proposed schedule of finishing the novella by June 1st (I finished it May 28th) and am letting it rest while I plot something new.

This month I’ve been focusing on crafting a romantic suspense novel, currently with a shit title.  Honestly, I have NO idea what to name it since I’m still plotting it, but I’d read in an article on Ghost Woods where author Michael Moorcock talked about his basic tips for writing a 60,000 novel in THREE DAYS!  

Imagine if I could do that a few times a year…

The fun you would all have as readers LOL!  Anyway, I’ve spent the entire month of June preparing, trying to figure out how and where to drop bodies,  why the bodies drop and how I’d kill the vis.  I’ve crated three dynamic characters I hope you’ll get to meet very soon, all in the name of writing something outside my comfort zone!

I have one more day where I need to figure out some loose plot points, then away with the fairies I go!

Cleaning House – Signed Books for sale

An erotic science fiction/fantasy romoanceMy loyal readers, I’m cleaning house! I have in possession:

2 Copies of the 2nd Edition of Heavenly Bodies, 7 copies of My Sexy Valentine, an anthology I edited, two 1st Editions of Heavenly Bodies. All books $30 to get SIGNED copies.

Heavenly Bodies: “Real erotica, full of pain intermingled with pleasure. Love makes the sexual scenes more powerful. Sensuality Level: Scorching.” raves Ann Leveille of Sensual Reviews. Two exceptional novellas of fantasy and eros by the author Coffee Time Romance calls “Amazing!” and rates “Four Stars!” In “Sacrifice,” Ares, the God of War, is banished from Olympus, falls in love with a mortal woman and is called upon to make a very unusual sacrifice if he wants to keep her. In “Echo s Odyssey,” the wars of faery are over, but for the assassin Echo and his lover Alexandrya, a new war is just beginning. They return to faery expecting to be reunited with the third member of their triad, the princess Serenissa, only to find she and faery itself are threatened by even greater peril. Heavenly Bodies is a pair of erotic, romantic adventures dealing with carnal love between humans and gods and fairies with their heavenly bodies! Sascha Illyvich is the author of the novels “The Gift of Her Submission,” “Light and Shadow” and “Dark Traders,” among others. His short fiction has appeared on Literotica, and in many anthologies, including “Nectar of the Gods” and “Caught in the Middle.” “The sensual tone of the story flowed … the language and situations were believable. Fans will enjoy [his] heart-touching romances.” says Coffee Time Romance Reviews. “Sascha Illyvich is a wonderful, erotic storyteller. He turns you on and tugs your heartstrings- at the same time!” Sabrina Smith Moses, author.

Caught in the Middle: In ‘Swingtime’, Cody invites Lanie to one of his special parties and she finds a wildness within herself and an attraction to Cody that explodes like a firecracker. In ‘Charity’s Auction’ Char wins her ex Dexter in the hospital’s auction. He drives her to also bid on his nemesis and to plan a very naughty night. Caught between a vampire master and an alpha werewolf until they learn to settle their differences, all Jasmine can do is submit, and enjoy being trapped ‘Between Tooth and Paw’. Two dangerously seductive master vampires, one sultry werewolf in heat, and the primal spell of the full moon-it’s definitely ‘Mating Season’. In ‘Magical Menage’ non-practising witch Madison Montgomery can’t decide between the vampire and werewolf…is it possible to have them both? In ‘Trouble for Three’, a night out with the girls turns into more than fun when Anneke hooks up with two hot men bent on seduction.

My Sexy Valentine: Unexpected surprises and four very special carnal adventures lie in wait for four sets of lovers on Valentine’s day. These four short novels will make you laugh, cry, smolder, and send you running for a cold shower. In the first novel, “Bachelorette” by Em Petrova, a spirited woman is deserted by her fiance on the very day her wedding was to take place, but five delectable Frenchmen have a plan to comfort her out of her Valentine’s Day blues – and bridal garments. In the second novel, “Only When I Lose Myself” by Michael Mandrake, Adrian is in need of someone to be his special Valentine and discovers that in janitor, Matthew Gianopolis, a janitor with superior intelligence but poor social skills, he has found it. In the third, “My Valentine Prince” by Ike Rose, a blue-collar college educated hunk who fought class prejudices to raise up the corporate ladder must choose which of two men is to be his Prince Charming: his rich ex-boss boyfriend, or the sailor who gave up his career to love him forever. In the fourth, “Cupid’s Arrow” by Daisy Harris, the god Cupid swears off love, but when a girl he shoots doesn’t swoon as expected, he learns that to woo her he’ll have to break his rule and fall in love with her himself.

Paypal or money orders accepted.  Email thesilverwolfprince at for details and information.

I’d  like to clean out these books so I can make room for more stuff coming in print in 2013!  We’re going to talk about putting the two Siddella books together I think and for those waiting ever so patiently, I may finish the Mistress Turned series.  It’ll be a quick yet logical ending to the series starting off with I Will Submit to You, Master followed by I Want to Serve You, Master.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next as I return back to the office on January 7th…officially anyway.

Character Traits in Erotic Novels

Sexy short erotic romance

Do you rub off on your characters?  Do many of them have similarities?  Mine do.  Most of my heroes have expensive taste in fine wines and tobacco.  Many drive luxury cars when the need arises for them to do so in my romance stories.  My heroines and I have taste in lingerie and erotic fantasies.

Take my heroine, Katalin, from Light and Shadow.  She has a yearning for a higher sense of enjoyment, living life closer to fantasy than reality.  In her story, a light hearted BDSM tale, Stefan whisks her off to New Orleans to offer her an illusion he’d like to make into reality.  Only, the real world interferes and she runs off into a dangerous part of town where she hurts herself.  Stefan chases after her and the story progresses from there.

Her Shelter – a holiday themed Paranormal Romance story

Very similar to Stefan is Reinhold from Her Shelter.  While Stefan is not a wolf as Reinhold is, he is a definite Alpha on a learning curve with his mates.  Both men share that trait as I have in the past.  Reinhold’s connection to Stefan is that he aspires to give those in his care a fantasy come true in the form of a better life.

Most of my heroines tend towards the curvy side, as that’s the type of woman I’m generally attracted to though if you saw my twitter stream you’d see I flirt with pretty much everyone.  Reinhold has that affect on the women in his life.  They flirt back and enjoy his rich, sometimes ribald humor.

Then there’s my love of drink.  I can’t find one hero I’ve ever written for ANY publisher that didn’t enjoy fine wine, whisky or woman. I guess the latter has to be incorporated since I am a romance author, but the wine and whisky aren’t a part of the stories.  Or are they?

These character traits lend depth to my romance stories and give the characters more than just dialogue and action. I like to think they tie me to the theme of whom and what I write about.  What about you and your characters?

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More Menage and sexy man candy

I thought I’d drop an excerpt from the upcoming Total -bound release “Torn to Pieces” in which Iolite and her two handsome men must find a way to work together despite the past between Jackob and Kerian.

Also, I”m switching things up a bit here. Tuesdays and Thursdays I’ll post, so I’ll have less work but still have an active blog for you lovely readers!

Normally I prefer sexy men with longer hair but this guy caught my attention, hopefully he will grab yours too.  Many of my men are true alpha dominants but not Kerian.  Jackob is more the alpha Dominant over his pack, having to use the rough hand sometimes to uphold pack law, but Kerian tired of the brutality in his pack and chose to go a different route.

Now in this upcoming erotic romance from Total E-bound, Kerian must ask himself if he can let go of the past in light of all the explanations from his lover over past actions that seemed damning and conflicting with high moral standards.  Will he, with Iolite’s help?

Excerpt from Torn to Pieces

He slid a pair of sunglasses over his eyes, grabbed the keys from his pocket and locked up the two doors in the kitchen before exiting the house. Locking the front door, he gave it a tug to make sure it was secure. Tomorrow was a holiday for humans, but the wolves didn’t celebrate.

In Albuquerque, with a sick pack, there was nothing to be thankful for.

Not with the rival packs vying for dominance, anyway.

With a sigh, Kerian straddled his motorcycle, slipped fingerless gloves on and revved the engine. Pulling back out of the driveway, he darted into the street and raced off down the highway towards I-40.

His jaw ticked.

Kerian pulled into the far right lane and made his way downtown towards Central Avenue and 6th street, where Iolite lived.  He hadn’t seen her in a few weeks and the need for her tightened.

The drive downtown wasn’t bad, just filled with the usual pre-holiday traffic. Wind blew against his face, whipping his hair about this way and that.

Kerian wove in and out of traffic until he came to the exit for Rio Grande Avenue that would lead him down to Central.

Turning off the freeway, he slowed for the light, feeling his heart race faster as he neared Iolite’s.

She’d been a beacon of light in his otherwise bleak life. With his parents dying off from whatever disease had ravaged the packs and their old alpha succumbing to old age, the pack had suffered a great deal.

Once their alpha did pass, Kerian took the reins and the others in his pack accepted Kerian’s rule without question. He had a bloodline destiny to be ruler of the pack.

Kerian gritted his teeth at the memory of his latest loss.

Unable to tell anyone in his pack that he swung both ways and preferred having a mate of each gender to just one female would cause any wolf a lot of problems out in Albuquerque.

With humans, being bisexual was one thing. Most humans had no real pride or sense of self worth. But those who were comfortable with themselves still didn’t possess the begrudging pride of the wolf.

Jackob sought him out one night four years ago. Truly, his first gay experience, Jackob had been kind with him. He’d been the one to show Kerian how to have mind blowing anal sex.

He’d taught him things about his human body most sex experts didn’t know.

In short, he’d been a stellar lover.

Until Kerian discovered that Jackob’s pack had been the one who recently raided several banks downtown.

Jackob swore he had nothing to do with it, but Kerian had suspicions.

Jackob’s inability to answer questions with anything other than word games irritated Kerian.

Fucker. After a year, Kerian could not look the other way.

His heart still ached at the thought of his missing lover. Jackob would absolutely adore Iolite. She’d been the most understanding woman in his life and Kerian needed that.

Jackob probably did too.

It’d been way too long since he’d seen Iolite. Jobs and pack business had kept him away even though they lived within an hour of each other. His house in Rio Rancho was a straight shot down I-25.  The pack needed closeness to the mountains where they could gather herbs and find shelter from the elements outside of fears of human discovery.

Turning down Central Ave, Kerian pulled onto 6th street around the large stone building that had been recently converted to condos. Iolite’s unit was on the third floor and had a great view of downtown. What she was doing here was beyond him, the music from numerous clubs and bars often kept her awake at night. But she felt safe knowing her wolf wasn’t that far away, she’d said.

Kerian parked the bike and hopped off, rounding the corner onto Central. He cupped his hands to his mouth and shouted, “Hey, Iolite!”

She’d been standing on the balcony apparently. Her doors were open, letting in the cold.

She appeared at the rail.

“Iolite,” he smiled.

She waved a hand in the air. “Here I am, Kerian! Come on up!”

He grinned and, with a salute, walked to the front door of the building. Once inside, he headed towards the elevator, smirking at the brown and orange color scheme that had been chosen for the interior.

Once upstairs, the doors opened.

Before he could step out, a pair of arms clasped around his waist. Flinging herself into him, Iolite’s body was warmth against his. Her hair smelled of patchouli and sandalwood, her underlying scent, rose.

“Hey now,” he laughed, pulling her tighter into his body. The doors started to shut on them.

Dressed in hip-hugging jeans and a gray sweater, her hair flowed like a large soft blanket behind her. Silvery hazel eyes sparkled. Ruby red lips puckered together and blew him a kiss. “This could be like that book I read,” she winked.

He arched an eyebrow. “What book?”

Hands slid down his back and around his chest. “Goin’ Down Anthology. Four sexy authors writing hot romances.”

With a grin, he held her hands in his, the softness of her skin a complement to his roughness. “I like where this could go.”

Her mouth seized his. Soft, pliant lips caressed his mouth, her sweet lips opening to invite him in.

Kerian’s tongue swirled around her mouth, tasting lush honey and wine as it explored her, stroking her tongue along with the rest of her.

Her tongue matched his stroke for stroke before wrapping around his and sucking.

Hands clasped his shoulders, tugging desperately at his shirt.

Kerian cupped Iolite’s face in his hands, caressing her mouth with his before plundering her with his tongue. Exploring every inch of her brought his cock to a hardness he hadn’t felt in a long time, and the warmth of her body pressing against his sent shudders through him.

“Mmm,” she pulled back from the kiss and hit a button on the elevator. The doors shut again. Dragging her mouth down his skin, she inhaled deeply and sank to her knees.

He heard the zipper on his jeans being yanked down. His cock sprang free into tiny little fingers that gripped him.

Kerian gripped a fistful of hair silken hair and inhaled sharply.

Velvet heat engulfed him from her mouth.

He jerked against her, unable to respond verbally.

She laughed, sending vibrations up the length of his cock.  Her tongue swirled around his shaft and stroked the underside of him.

Flames raced up his body along. His fist tightened in her hair.

Iolite shifted but kept him deep in her mouth, only to pull back oh so slowly on him and drag her lips up his length.

Kerian clenched his free hand into a tight fist.  Gritting his teeth together, he managed to groan out, “You’re killing me, babe.”

She nodded, bobbing up and down on his cock. Fingers slid between his legs, cupping his balls.

The wolf inside wanted to mount her and claim her as his but the human encouraged sharing.  Right now, Kerian couldn’t care about being anything but inside her. The way her mouth moved on him made him jerk his hips against her mouth.  He apologized silently for thrusting harder than he intended.

His cock slid out of her mouth with a loud pop. “It’s okay, silly.” She kissed the tip of his cock, smiling wide as it jumped in her fingers.

She sank her lips around him again.

Kerian hissed, stumbled against the wall of the elevator, “I want inside you!”

She shook her head, swirling her tongue up the length of his shaft again before letting him slide out of her.

Pumping his now slicked cock up and down, Iolite licked the head like a lollipop before sucking him back inside her.

Kerian sucked in a breath. “Goddess you’re hot, your fucking mouth is so hot, Iolite!” His balls drew up against his body.  Heat flushed his cheeks and sweat formed at his brow.  Kerian’s eyes shut and his breathing picked up.

Iolite had the kind of mouth that could make a man or wolf forget all about his duties or cares.

She sucked and slurped harder, faster.

The tight coil of tension neared a breaking point with each thrust of her on him.

Iolite jerked him out of her mouth. Lowering her sweater, she exposed creamy globes to his delight.

Her voice dropped to a husky note, “Come on me!”

Character Traits and Development!

Image subject to origional copyright owner

Character Traits and the Author

Do you rub off on your characters? Do many of them have similarities? Mine do. Most of my heroes have expensive taste in fine wines and tobacco. Many drive luxury cars when the need arises for them to do so in my romance stories. My heroines and I have taste in lingerie and erotic fantasies.

Take my heroine, Katalin, from Light and Shadow. She has a yearning for a higher sense of enjoyment, living life closer to fantasy than reality. In her story, a light hearted BDSM tale, Stefan whisks her off to New Orleans to offer her an illusion he’d like to make into reality. Only, the real world interferes and she runs off into a dangerous part of town where she hurts herself. Stefan chases after her and the story progresses from there.

Very similar to Stefan is Reinhold from Her Shelter. While Stefan is not a wolf as Reinhold is, he is a definite Alpha on a learning curve with his mates. Both men share that trait as I have in the past. Reinhold’s connection to Stefan is that he aspires to give those in his care a fantasy come true in the form of a better life.

Most of my heroines tend towards the curvy side, as that’s the type of woman I’m generally attracted to though if you saw my twitter stream you’d see I flirt with pretty much everyone. Reinhold has that affect on the women in his life. They flirt back and enjoy his rich, sometimes ribald humor.

Then there’s my love of drink. I can’t find one hero I’ve ever written for ANY publisher that didn’t enjoy fine wine, whisky or woman. I guess the latter has to be incorporated since I am a romance author, but the wine and whisky aren’t a part of the stories. Or are they?

These character traits lend depth to my romance stories and give the characters more than just dialogue and action. I like to think they tie me to the theme of whom and what I write about. What about you and your characters?

Ghost of Christmas Future

The ghost of Christmas Future…

Can a strong Alpha learn lessons of the heart from someone who refuses their own emotions or will the Ghost of Christmas Future be forced to interfere?

New pack alpha Reinhold struggles with control over his pack, trying to provide the best for them while maintaining his relationship with the Sisters of the Moon.

Mistress Crissy is the solid, logical member of three sisters that have been granted possession of all wolves in this world by Diana, Goddess of the Moon. Her connection to Reinhold is purely lust based, or so she thinks until he pulls a stupid stunt and injures himself and her heart.

Can either of these two see heart to heart or will it take a little intervention from the ghost of Christmas Future to force them both to realise that they need each other as Mistress and switch?


The world came into focus as he opened his eyes. He wiped the sleep out of his eyes and stretched, looking down at his body with a yawn and an amused grin at the sight of the bruises he wore that reminded him of last night. Still, the milky taste of his own seed in his mouth irritated him.
Soft sheets surrounded his naked body and beneath him a firm mattress. Looking to his side, he noticed Crissy was gone. Where had his Mistress gone off to, he wondered. Like the other two sisters, Crissy was an enigma all herself. But unlike Lynne, who was the more emotional one, Crissy had boxed up her emotions and put them away.
Reinhold knew that game well. He’d done the same thing until Katiera had come into his life. The fact that Mistress and submissive shared a trait like that endeared her more to him.
Sliding off the bed, he padded into the large bathroom that was directly in front of him. A weight pressed against his neck. He saw the collar, black and red with a dragon emblem on the front in between two D rings. An O ring protruded from the centre of the dragon. The leash was gone.
Pliable leather was soft beneath his fingers. This collar was completely different than the posture collar Lynne made him occasionally wear.
Grinning, his cock hardened slightly at the thought of being inside Crissy again. Then he remembered his punishment last night. She’d tried to humble her wolf by making him eat his own cum out of her sopping wet pussy. The thought had horrified him, but he’d did it anyway. Reinhold wasn’t one to complain much, whining was for sissies. A part of him had been excited that Mistress Crissy took her role seriously and had punished him. But this wasn’t about that, ultimately. It was about her getting what she needed from him.
Or so he let her think.
Walking into the bathroom, he looked around and saw the black and forest-green tiling, noted the silver showerhead and ornate curtain hanging from the matching silver rod. Peeling it back, he turned on the water, testing it until it hit just the right temperature. Reinhold hadn’t been able to heal himself to full strength in many weeks due to his hectic work schedule with his business and the pack.
A wolf’s power came from the Moon, but if the wolves didn’t rest and hunt during the full moon, then his body would become weaker, and he’d have to eventually have a spiritual healer come in and play with light energies to cleanse him.
Reinhold had no time for that. The determined wolf had a pack to take care of, the human had a business to run.
The hot spray hit his back, easing some tension from his body. With a tug on his hair, he freed the braid and let water sluice down on him, soaking his hair.
Steam filled the bathroom quickly, letting his mind settle into a light fog that he used to think his way out of business predicaments. He was here for a week, and it didn’t bode well. There were two commercial deals that needed to be funded with documents finalised before the end of the month. There were babies who needed to learn how to hunt with the Alpha.
Reinhold took a very active role as Alpha, training Katiera in her duties as mate, alpha and head honcho when Reinhold was absent. She was a mystery all by herself, but…
He let out a long, slow breath. Scents of jasmine and vanilla filled the room from the lather in his hair. Must be Crissy’s scent.
Unsnapping the collar, he set it on the counter. The water wouldn’t ruin the leather, but he’d want to dry it off before he put it on again so it’d remain clean.
“Showering early?” The shower curtain pulled back quickly, and Crissy stood before him, wrapped in a large black and green towel. Her hair had been piled atop her head. Silver and purple eyes sparkled, but the rest of her face held that same emotionless expression she’d worn when she showed up last night.
“Yeah. What of it?” He turned his face back to the steaming water, inhaling the spray along with her woodsy scent
She dropped the towel and stepped in behind him.
He remained still even though his body hardened. Arousal thrummed through him, forcing him to clench his fists. She wouldn’t like it if he stepped over the line by taking her. She was the aggressor, that much he’d tried to remember from last night.
Funny, the wolf being prey for a human.
The two stood in the shower for a moment, each soaking themselves beneath the spray before he returned to face the wall. Crissy stood behind him. His body became oh so aware of her luscious figure. Breasts pressed into his back before her hands circled his waist.
He felt heat on his back and fingers parting his hair.
Crissy’s hands ran over his shoulders, fingers working into his sore muscles. More tension dissipated from his body with each stroke down the plane of his back. He moved to face her, but her hands gripped his shoulders.
“Stay,” she commanded.
“But I want—”
“You still don’t get it. It’s not about what you want. It’s what I want.” She spoke curtly.
The wolf inside him growled with annoyance. Reinhold made an undignified sound but kept looking into the black and green tiles before him.
Her hands rubbed down his shoulders, smoothing over knots in his back before circling around his waist.
His cock stiffened to full attention.
“Keep your hands to yourself,” she uttered.
He nodded, swallowing the lump in his throat that had formed from anticipation of being touched and stroked. The wolf inside wanted its mate, and recognised the scents pouring off Crissy’s skin, vanilla and dirt, scents of the sensual wolf.
Lynne had once told him his own scent was masculine, rich and dark, a compliment to both her and her sisters. The thought pleased him, bringing a smile to his face that widened when Crissy’s hands slid down the small of his back over his ass. Cupping his cheeks firmly, she dug sharp fingernails in.
Spray splashed off his face and down his neck. He arched forward, placing both hands against the wall.
Nails raked gently along his inner thighs, causing a shudder to race through him. His cock bobbed and began to throb, desire to bury himself inside his Mistress coursing through his body.
But it wasn’t about his needs.
Her nails traced her name on the backs of his thighs before returning to his ass and giving him a light squeeze.
Gritting his teeth, Reinhold let out a breath. “You’re killing me,” he muttered.
“Good. That’s part of the point.” Crissy cupped his sac and tugged lightly.
Her gentle touch nearly made him cum right there. His knees went weak. His body shook from her touch.


Excerpt from Bound to Her

Paranormal Wolf erotic romance

Can Luka convince Michele that she is his mate, or will his being single cause the regional packs to turn against him?

Luka has finally united the local and regional packs of Northern California, but Lajon the Eldest says Luka needs a mate to balance him out.

Michele hates the fact that she’s Lupine and wants nothing to do with her heritage since the accidental killing of her parents. Yet the necklace Luka wears intrigues her despite her disposition towards wolves.

Can the two lovers share passion and learn to be together from the heart or will the work Luka’s put into building an alliance go to waste?


Glancing at his wet bar, he mentally perused what he had on hand. Vodka? No, too cold for now. Scotch? He wasn’t in the mood for a cigar.
Bourbon? Nodding, he walked into the kitchen and retrieved a glass from the bar, filled it with two ice cubes and poured himself a drink.
Bringing the liquid up to his lips, he inhaled the charred American oak aroma. He took a sip and pondered his next move. He only had a few days left before the moon cycle came full circle and Diana chose a mate for him.
He didn’t want her doing that.
Despite the fact all wolves belonged to Diana, they were still sovereign. At least as Northern California’s pack Alpha, that was his stance.
The fact was that if Diana chose his mate, he’d be relegated to being the pack beta. Leaders moved before it was time, she said. Not when the time was up.
Taking a larger sip of bourbon, he let the alcohol slide down his throat and warm him. It was winter outside, and regardless of the fact he’d been born a wolf, the creature comforts of humans still amused him.
Setting his glass down on the marble countertop, he picked up the phone and called for Tiffany to come over. The conversation was brief. He spoke, she listened.
He spoke more. She agreed and happily scheduled time to come over.
She was the perfect submissive, it seemed.
Except the necklace he wore didn’t respond to her presence, either. Could it be because she was human?
He shook his head. That couldn’t be it. The necklace warmed around certain humans, but even the pack’s elder magicians couldn’t figure out why.
The dame who’d just left had tried to top him, which was amusing. But he was good enough to recognise when a sub was trying to control things from the bottom, a trait many humans had that annoyed him.
A few minutes and two bourbons later, his doorbell rang with the grandeur of a wealthy man—by growling.
Luka threw on the shirt he’d left on the countertop, walked through his enormous living room and reached for the front door. When he opened it, he saw Tiffany standing in a large overcoat with her eyes lowered. Hair had fallen in front of her face
He reached to move strands of hair behind her ear. “Come in, honey. And no, I don’t need a submissive right now. I need my friend.”
Tiffany straightened, looking at him with a deep kindness.
Luka caught a reflection of movement in her pale blue eyes, just to her left.
He cocked a brow. “What’s this?”
Heat visibly crept up Tiffany’s face. “My sister. She wanted to meet a real wolf. She’s never seen one and I-I thought you’d be okay with this.” Tiffany took a tentative step back as though in fear.
Luka shrugged. “Let’s see her.” Crossing his arms over his chest, he waited for Tiffany’s sister to appear.
The other woman came into sight. She was a bit taller than Tiffany, probably five foot six, Luka guessed. Her complexion reminded him of mocha, rich and heady in taste. Her auburn hair flowed in long rivulets down her face and stopped just short of her hips. She brushed a thick cord of hair back and revealed plump breasts that begged to be teased and taken into a watering mouth.
Bedroom brown eyes sparkled with something more than interest, but Luka couldn’t place the emotion.
It smelled of lust. Hot and tangy.
But he couldn’t be certain.
She stepped forward and slanted her mouth. “You’re a real wolf, eh?”
He nodded. “What’s your name, kid?”
Stepping in front of her sister, the other woman extended a hand. “I’m Michele. Pleased to meet you. But so far, aside from a scrumptious chest and washboard abs, I fail to see how you differ from any human.”
Luka’s chest warmed. The pendant! He adjusted the collar of his shirt and peered down to see the thing glowing. Heat that spread throughout his entire being radiated from the diamond-shaped stone. Magick seemed to swirl around the pendant in colourful light that penetrated his clothes.
Michele’s eyes widened at the sight, and her sensual mouth opened. She stepped back carefully.
Tiffany reappeared and ran a hand through her hair. Tossing her head back, she looked up at Luka. “Something the matter, my lord?”
Michele reached out and teasingly tugged strands of Tiffany’s hair. “Why call him that?”
Luka scoffed. “Because, little girl, she’s my submissive. Much of the time, anyway.”
Tiffany blushed.
Her sister poked her in the ribs.
Giggling, Tiffany stepped closer to Luka.
He reached out for her, pulled her into his arms and cuddled her. “All the time she’s my confidante.”
Michele snorted. “Submission is for the weak.”
Luka cocked a brow. “Really, now?”
Michele nodded. “Ever seen a submissive leader?”
He smirked. “That’s the point. They’re not usually leaders. But yes, I have.”
Michele stepped forward, forcing her chest outward to emphasise her size over Tiffany’s. “Do tell.”
Luka licked his lips. She was giving him quite the show of cleavage. He recognized the trick of pushing her chest out to appear more dominant.
The pendant hanging beneath his clothes had heated up so much that his skin grew hot. He pulled it out and dropped it, letting it dangle on the outside of his form-fitting shirt.
Michele eyed it with curiosity. “What’s that thing?”
Luka flashed a fang. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”
Tiffany wrapped her arms around him. She stood up on tiptoes and whispered. “I told you my sister was special.”
He nodded. If the pendant was glowing and reacting to Michele, that meant something was up. Was she his chosen mate according to the magick of the pack’s pendant?
Luka shrugged. He’d have to do more research, first. “What brings your sister along with you, aside from her curiosity to meet a flesh and blood wolf?”
“I wanted to see who my sister was hanging out with. She needs to be in school and work, not surrounded by rogues.” Michele crossed her arms over her chest and threw her head back, exposing the line of her neck. Dark skin begged for a touch, just a taste.
Luka contained himself. Just because the pendant was responding to her presence, it didn’t necessarily mean anything.
The fact that his cock had stood at attention the entire time, however, was a different story.
Shrugging it off, he waved Michele inside while escorting Tiffany with his arm around her. “She’s safe. I make sure she gets her studies done. As for work, that’s not my problem.”
Michele caught Luka by the arm and spun him around to face her. “What do you mean, ‘that’s not your problem’? If she’s got duties and responsibilities to other commitments, then she should tend to those first and not some asshole who is forcing her—”
The pendant grew even hotter against his skin.
Luka held up a hand and pressed two fingers against Michele’s soft mouth. Her lips were plump, juicy just like he’d figured. She was aroused, he could smell it. Her hair covered her breasts, but her top was stretched tightly enough that even with her curls, he could detect her nipples becoming tiny buds.
What he wouldn’t give to suckle them while he drove himself inside her.
But, she was anti logic, it seemed. “First off,” he pulled his fingers back, “she’s not in any danger. I’m plenty well-to-do as you can probably see. Even you’re not blind.”
Michele made an undignified noise. “Money isn’t everything.”
Luka snorted. “No, it’s not. But in case you haven’t been looking, her studies are fine. Now, what can I do for you?”
“Tell me why you wanted my sister to fuck you.”
Luka gasped. While he’d trained Tiffany, they’d never had any sort of contact more intimate than when he’d hugged her earlier. He just didn’t view her that way.
Michele, on the other hand…
He licked his lips. “I’ve never had relations with your sister.”
Michele shoved a hand forward, pressing it against Luka’s chest.
He laughed. “You think you could actually shove me?”
Michele dropped down to one knee and threw a leg out in a sweeping motion.
Luka stood solid where he was, the hit connecting with enough force to annoy him. As he glanced down at Michele, the wild sweep of her hair spread out over her back made him think of how lovely she’d look taking his cock in her mouth.
Still, he managed restraint. “If you’ll get up and knock off the silly nonsense, I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about my relationship with your sister.”
Looking defeated, Michele stood and brushed stray hairs from her face. She smirked. “You’re strong. You’re a wolf, huh?”
He grimaced. “Wanna see me get furry and fang-like?”

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Writers Workload Post

The Workload Post

This will probably be a recurring post from time to time due to all the wonderful projects any writer has going at one time. The purpose of this post isn’t my usual “show readers how hard I work” post though. It’s aimed at showing authors how to slow down and maximize their time.

Recently, I was working on seven different erotic stories. They ranged in length from 20k, to 100k and then there is a series I was querying agents for, plus the radio station, the anthology I’m editing, twitter and all the other miscellaneous bullshit I do. My publicist and I were taking a look at the market, at my marketing plan and seeing some results and it became time to retool things for better results. This website is actually a product of our previous conversation to steer more readers here as we expand just what I write as Sascha Illyvich, rather than just the BDSM niche crowd I so dearly love. The site may be less flashy than but it’s certainly more open to a larger audience. With blog updates once a week that discuss the writer’s journey I’m on, hopefully you’re entertained and kept up to date on not only a writer’s career but my career.

That conversation by the way, was painful. The outcome was that I cut down to two writing projects, the anthology for Jean Marie of REB, and now I’m taking the summer off of querying.

This laser focus we’ve managed to assemble is the pinnacle of any writer’s marketing plan. I recently spoke with Kayelle Allen and had to yell at her for doing everything I told her not to do. She had scheduled chats both live and loop, set up a few blog posts and was spending time spinning her wheels so much on promotions that she had no time to write. And I can almost predict that while she’s being more prolific online, her targeted marketing efforts are draining and killing her ROI.

FYI, I know a lot of authors hate talking about Return on Investment when we start off with such low pay but if you’re going to grow your career, this is an essential thing to look at.

I am not a marketing machine. That’s Debbie’s job. And Diane’s job. They’re my machine in a sense that helps me figure out just what is needed as an author so I can do as I want. That would be writing for both the contemporary and larger romance markets for those who know my true desires.

The big trend in our changing industry is SEO and social media and while annoying, it is a must. How much time spent there is debatable depending on how much you find it’s helping you. I’ve found for me that I can be on twitter on and off throughout the day thanks to my cell phone and still get a ton of writing done. (Well, 10 pages at least anyway LOL!)

The question I ask you about your marketing efforts would be twofold. First, how much traffic is coming to your site and buying your product? This is measured in your checks. No, we don’t care about demographics. We have a way to check that but for the publisher it’s too tedious a task. Besides, it’s blatantly obvious in most cases. My readers (currently) are those who like Male Dominant stories with females submitting to them. Who cares about the gender? I don’t need to. I’m not an economist, I’m a writer.

The second part of that question is how much time are you spending writing? Are you stressing over deadlines because you’re overworked on writing projects OR because you do too much stupid PR? Again this is measured by your royalty checks though your readers list, twitter followers and fans who actively comment on your posts may or may not help. I have little comments here so far. I’m also still thought of as a BDSM writer.

I write in a variety of erotic romance genres but I also write what sells and ONLY what sells. There will be another post on how I get to write what I want and still make money coming soon.

Lastly, I’d ask you this: Is it still fun? Is this what you enjoy doing? For me, the answer is a resounding yes. I mean what other job can afford me time off to go smoke cigars and drink while working? And take time off when I need it, not before? And what other job can I do well that impacts so many readers?

Sascha Illyvich

Lessons for New Generation of Authors

I’ve been spending a lot of time talking with my publicist and discussing the work habits of this new generation of romance authors.  The astounding thing is that observing this generation of new authors gives me both good feelings and bad.

For starters, with the growing E-book revolution (and it IS a revolution) and social media we’re able to get published faster but so many authors don’t take a hard look at the houses they’re submitting to.  If they did, we’d end up with less crap out on the market. The lesson here is to not only research the house but other authors who WRITE for that house. This will avoid mistakes.  Take a new publisher that has been courting me lately.  They don’t have a solid reputation entirely due to mistakes made because the owners didn’t understand the business model of the E-book industry from the outset.  They admitted this and this has been confirmed by a friend of mine who is one of the most respected names in Erotica today.  And other authors have come forward to share good experiences about this house as well as a few bad ones.  That’s fine.  Talking to the authors of the house gives you a well rounded view of how they operate.

Total E-bound has a huge and successful stable of happy authors. Before I signed with them, I looked at the website, got some feedback from some of the authors and felt that I had done my due diligence.

Next up, work ethic.  Raise your hands if you’re a new generation author and you struggle to make that word count every day while trying to promote your books with all the Web 2.0 nonsense.  Tell me it’s a pain in the ass.

It is. But I do it and have done it for years. I’ve had to grow and learn to utilize different technologies while still embracing the old ones.  Not only do I have to do that, I have to recognize and jump on opportunities that come my way all while writing, doing PR, blogging, doing my Radio Dentata show and attempting to keep a clean house.  I threw that last part in because for the sake of argument (and let’s face it, my S. O. is NOT) I am Alpha Homemaker.  So I cook dinner, do dishes, clean (somewhat) all while maintaining a successful writing career.

The key is determination and the fact that even as technology improves and makes our lives easier, we need to do the things that make us successful regardless of what they are.  Otherwise we’ll get lost in the shuffle.

Work Ethic:  I’ve seen too many new writers get by on turning in stories that are basically crap other than the bones.  Listen.  I had to bust my ass (uphill in the snow both directions) to get a good first draft finished and then sold.  This goes back to my earlier point about researching the Houses you write for.  A bad house will take a crappy first draft.  A good one will reject it with comments.

Piracy Complaints:  Saw this one coming didn’t you?  How many of us reading this have had our work pirated?  I have.  I was flattered on one hand and pissed on another. Sure I’ve spent time chasing these jackanapes but it’s useless.  Another blogger/author posted a great blog about piracy and she’s right in suggesting that we’re not going to convert pirates to readers or shut down the sites.  Let it go. Hell, call it free publicity and don’t forget to write off the loss as a tax deduction.

Writing and Excerpt sharing:  The concept of an excerpt is NOT to give me 500 words of your 10,000 word story.  That will NOT get a book sold no matter HOW great an author you are.  Christ himself would NOT sell the bible on 1,000 words.  Give us something of value to entice us.  If your story is 5k or less, why?  Learn to write longer.  Take the shorter pieces and sell them to e-zines, throw them up on Literotica for free marketing or put them together in a short story collection.  Then give us a lengthy excerpt from the story.  Otherwise, you’re wasting your time and mine.

If you have a 10k story, that excerpt can and should be 2500 words of HOT. And DON’T GIVE US THE ORGASM.  If you’ve got more than 10k, that excerpt should be no more than 5k.

I know some of this seems harsh but I’ve been around a long time.  And I’ve at least been tactful here compared to my blogs on Midnight Seductions about cross dressing or fellatio!

What say you? Care to share other lessons for this new generation of authors?

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This week’s Writing Goals

So far it’s been a pleasant week of writing. Mondays I have all afternoon to write so I worked on the opening chapter of “Submit to Him” a story I’m writing for a beloved friend who is related to Cynnara Tregarth and Nikita Gordyn. Submit to Him ends where “Her Shelter” left off, with Reinhold learning how to be a better switch and Mistress Crissy understanding that her wolf prince is indeed not just a submissive, but his dominant nature must come out as well.

I saw my cardiologist on Wednesday, cranked out 3k on “Dark Desires” my menage story for Total E-bound, and came home to end up at Grants Tobacconist.

Thursday I wrote another 2k on the menage story and plotted out the first act of “Blood Bound” my mainstream erotic romance for the Dark Elementals Series.

Friday saw no real work done but thanks to email I was able to shoot the shit with M. Christian about writing in general, business issues writers deal with and talk about agents. I’ve got a good feeling about Lori Perkins and her co-agent Marisa. I’m looking forward to working with them to grow my career!

New Site Launch!

Hello Readers,

My name is Sascha Illyvich and I’m an erotic romance author.   I’ve been published electronically for about ten years, with last year marking my first venture into print publishing with the release of “Heavenly Bodies” out now from Renaissance E-books.

I’ve been writing for Renaissance E-books and Total E-bound for most of my career and am happy with both publishers.

My writing spans the erotic romance genre and erotica, something I attribute to my success and versatility as a writer.

Here we’ll discuss the writer’s journey with weekly updates regarding said journey. My career has taken an interesting ride over the years and I think it’s time that readers started to truly  understand just how hard authors work, and what’s entailed in the path to publication.

Yes I’ll share snippets here too :)

So welcome readers to my site!


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